12 x 5 maths

The 12 x 5 Maths given to us from the Sumerians
The Sumerians say they were given their 12 x 5 system of maths from the Anunnaki which translates as those who from the sky came.
We get the 12 from the 4 fingers of the Left hand and the 3 division on each finger.
We get the 5 from the digits on the right hand – the 4 fingers plus the thumb.
Time is 1 second. We have 60 in a minute (12 x 5)
All geometry is based on base 60 and is probably the key to understanding the Universe.
Pythagoras found all music notes using the system of 5th’s and if you half the length of a string then its pitch doubles or the frequency is double.
Most ancient instruments vibrate at 432 Hertz. The Rockefellers got this music tuning changed to 440 Hertz.
Pythagoras found the number 432 using maths and not music instruments.
A triangle = 180 degrees.
Circle and Square are both 360.
Pentagon is 540.
The numbers all add up to 9.
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There are 2160 days in the Great Year which takes into account the wobble caused by the Earths tilt.
2160 miles is also the diameter of our moon.
2160 /2 = Octagon
2160 / 3 = hexagon
2160 /4 = pentagon
2160 / 5 = 432 (Hertz)
2160 / 6 = 360 (Square / Circle)
216 is half 432
We have 43200 seconds in the day and 43200 in the night.
432 x 432 = speed of light
5 x 12 maths gives us the 12 inches in an imperial foot
12 are a dozen.
Using the Formula F = 1/T
If we assume the 1 is the biggest number then this is the great year of 25,920
And if we assume time is 1 minute or 60 seconds we then get:-
F = 25920 / 60
This then gives us the magic number 432 Hertz
12 x 12 = 144
= 1440 = 144,000 etc
We have 144,000 casing stones in the Egyptian Pyramid.
144,000 chosen ones go to heaven in the bible but we must remember that the Bible is a cloak this is just another way of saying the number 9 which is the number of enlightenment based on Vortex Vector maths. The number 9 is the number of the source or the unified field where only stillness exists. This is the root of our origin the original consciousness that from this all everything came.
There was never a big bang just silence which the Egyptians called Nu
The factor of 9 is the singularity the point in the middle of the ring.
144,000 / 432 = 333.33 to infinity


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