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Grenfell – full of economic migrants

Looking at the tragic list of those who lost their life’s in the grenfell inferno. Very few of the surnames are English. Most seem to originate from countries that have no welfare
,social housing,child benefits or a free NHS. I would thus conclude economic migrants. How many more have we given free homes to at taxpayers expense? How many were working and paying taxes?

As we say a dog born in a stable is a dog not a horse. Being born in England does not make you English only those with Anglo-Saxon history are English.

joys of immigration. my family fought for uk to stop it being invaded. this is treason

Record 6,200 foreign criminals including killers, sex attackers, robbers and drug dealers are living in the community instead of being deported

  • Record numbers of foreign criminals are living in the UK without being deported 
  • 6,231 foreign offenders were in Britain in December despite committing crimes 
  • The Home Office said more than 41,000 people have been removed since 2010

A record 6,200 foreign criminals are living in the community instead of being deported.

Killers, sex attackers, robbers and drug dealers are among the thousands released back onto the streets at the end of their jail sentences.

Although they are due for deportation, the offenders are not kept in prison. Many then simply slip off the radar.

Others challenge their deportation orders, often using human rights or asylum laws.

In total, there were 6,231 foreign national offenders living in Britain in December who were due for deportation. This was up 10 per cent on the figure in December the previous year.

Nearly a third – 2,032 – have been out of jail for more than five years. Another 1,502 have dodged being removed from the country for between two and five years.

Conservative MP Philip Hollobone said: ‘There is no excuse for these deplorable figures. If foreign national offenders are subject to deportation they should be deported straight away.

‘It is easier to deport people straight away as once you leave them in the community things get more difficult as years go on.’

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Sir Ed Davey added: ‘Yet again the Government have got their immigration priorities wrong.

‘At the same time as treating British citizens from the Windrush generation so unfairly, ministers have failed to get to grips with foreign criminals. We need a common sense approach that puts the public and the taxpayer first. Where someone is a threat, we can’t afford the risk they might abscond.’

Britain can deport EU criminals who serve time in jail while non-EU offenders must have served at least one year behind bars.

Once convicts have served a sentence, they can only continue to be held if there is a good chance of them being deported imminently.

But many slip off the radar while others fight deportation orders, often using controversial human rights or asylum laws to trigger a lengthy and costly legal battle.

In November, a report by David Bolt, chief inspector of borders and immigration, found that in April last year, 753 foreign criminals were missing after being freed from jail. He added that a third of planned removals failed: 7,772 out of 24,289 dating back to 2014-15.

A team set up to finding missing criminals had only 11 staff.

ex attacker Aliou Bah was given £110,000 compensation for being locked up for 21 months after his own country refused to take him back.

Making the award, Judge Nicholas Madge said he ‘wholeheartedly’ agreed that many would think his victims should get payouts instead.

Bah came to the UK in 2007 from Guinea to join his refugee father. Four years later, he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl and was jailed for 18 months.

He was also jailed for two years for another sexual assault three years later.

But last year, the High Court ruled Bah, 28, was held unlawfully as there was little prospect of deporting him.

Officials in Guinea had refused to process his case and another obstacle was that Bah had been granted permission to stay in the UK as a refugee.

time to bring back hanging. if you are white you are far more likely to be attacked by a nog nig than a black person attacked by a honky.

TO the communists who want open door immigration this is what happens

Two illegal immigrants who assaulted a woman walking home from a nightclub came off worse after she used her karate skills to beat them up.

The pair were jailed for six years after they were found guilty of following 29-year-old Kelly Soutar.

The brave victim has spoken of her ‘complete relief’ after the pair were jailed for a  six years.


  • Kelly Soutar, 29, fought two illegal immigrants who followed her home from club
  • Shehab Smekramuddin and Mohammad Islam have been jailed for assault 
  • Court heard how brave Ms Soutar used her karate skills to stave off the attackers


If these Muslim economic migrants were in Saudi and did this they would have been executed.

Time to make work pay??

If I was not working I would get £78 week welfare. £105 rent paid per week. £20 Council Tax paid. This equals £203. If we divide £203 by number of hours in a week we get an income of £1.20 an hour. This is the minimum it excludes free prescriptions, free dentist, free eye tests and glasses.

I am working and take home £250 a week. I then have to pay my rent of £105 and Council Tax of £20. This leaves £125. This gives an income (when you divide by 168 [hours in a week]) of just 75 pence per hour. I then have to pay for my prescriptions and dentist etc.

It is no wonder that over 30 percent of people in social housing where I live are choosing not to work. And many have been given free housing as well.

I know many who have never worked and they were given free social housing flats. Some said they were homeless to jump the housing waiting lists yet move in with TV’s and computers and other electronic equipment. Many have never worked in over 10 years. They have never registered with any job agencies nor do Job Centre staffs ever check if they have applied for any work. Surely you know who the long term unemployed are? Why are these freeloaders never made to work? As a tax payer I am sick of paying for lazy English who don’t work and economic migrants who are given free homes in expensive areas of Londonistan. These none workers get free NHS yet never pay into the system and full state pensions.