lunatics running the Asylum

During the Second World War most of Europe was under Nazi control. It was thus right for Britain to offer asylum to refugees because they had no safe country they could live in.
Now we have the situation where Africa has plenty of safe lands yet Europe is granting these people asylum. They are all economic migrants. The UN rules say refugees must claim asylum in the first safe country. This will be another country closer to home in Africa not Europe.
These economic migrants know that if they reach the UK they will never be returned. They even destroy paperwork to stall this process. So what does the UK do? We give them free accommodation, welfare, child benefits and free access to our NHS.
We need to get tough and end asylum it is impossible to get to the UK without passing through a safe land. We should seize all assets of refuges and deport them back to their country of origin. DNA tests can establish the country of origin.
I can’t understand why the EU wants to establish clearing camps in Africa when all African migrants are economic it is just that the safe lands have no welfare. British taxpayers already have far too much money taken from us in Foreign Aid to help Africa. This makes Africans richer so then they can afford to migrate. Why can’t Saudi Arabia take Muslim refugees who want to live under Sharia Law?

Grenfell fraudsters still living off taxpayers

At least five Grenfell survivors who DIDN’T live in the tower are still being put up in hotels at taxpayer’s expense

  • They are staying in hotels and other accommodation in and around Kensington 
  • The total cost now running to hundreds of thousands of pounds
  • Claimed that they were visiting friends, partners or relatives at the tower

At least five people who never lived in Grenfell Tower are still being looked after at the taxpayer’s expense more than one year on from the tragedy.

They are staying in hotels and other accommodation in and around Kensington, west London, with the total cost now running to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The people, who are not known to each other, said they were visiting friends, partners or relatives at the tower on the night of the fire on June 14 last year.

But they did not live there nor in the surrounding walkways. One, who has lived in a hotel for much of the past year, said he was ‘affected like everybody else’ despite not being a Grenfell resident.

The individuals applied to the Kensington council for help with housing, claiming they were unable to return to their homes because of what they had witnessed.

It is not known how many have already been provided with permanent flats or houses and how many remain on a waiting list for permanent accommodation.

The five belong to a wider group of around 30 people who were not official tenants but are also still being looked after by the council. However this wider group is made up of those who were unofficially living with partners, friends or relatives, or were sub-letting from named tenants. It also includes those who have said they were sleeping rough in communal areas of the tower.

The council has acknowledged that although they were not officially listed as living at Grenfell, they were still made homeless following the blaze. The Kensington council policy is that anybody who lost their home in the fire, in which 72 people died, will be looked after.

One student, who said he was visiting a friend on the night of the blaze, has argued that what he witnessed caused him such distress he cannot return to his home.

He did go back to his privately-rented shared flat in another part of London for a few weeks following the fire, but after contacting the council he was placed in a four-star hotel in west London.

He has been living in the hotel, with breakfast and dinner included, for much of the past 12 months at an estimated cost of more than £1,000-per-week. The student said he could not return to his original accommodation four miles from the tower because he is suffering from flashbacks and panic attacks.

‘I didn’t live there but I’m affected like everybody else,’ he said. ‘I went to the council support centre and told them how I am affected and asked whether they could pay the rent or get me a room. I said I needed urgent help. I need to be in a safe environment. They wouldn’t listen to anything because I came from a different borough. They kept pushing me away.’

Counselling sessions were provided by the council and a few weeks after the fire he was given a room in the hotel.

‘I couldn’t live in the room of the shared house,’ he added. ‘There were a lot of people in that house and I was getting paranoid – even about things such as them leaving the cooker on.

‘It’s hard to face fire, even gas. I was trapped in the tower for two hours and saw people dying. People were burning in front of my face.’ He was initially placed on the standard council housing waiting list but complained and is now being fast-tracked through the system.

The council has offered him permanent accommodation in a studio apartment, but the offer has not been accepted and he is holding out for a one-bedroom flat.

He said: ‘I don’t like being in the hotel. I need to be rehoused in a one-bedroom flat. The hotel is unsuitable.’

On the first anniversary of the fire, official figures revealed that a third of Grenfell survivors remained in hotels and emergency accommodation. However these figures did not include the estimated 30 people who were not officially registered as living in the Kensington tower.

At least £25million has been spent on emergency accommodation, with a further £235million set aside to secure permanent homes.

The original 138 households of the tower have been split into 203, with 198 of these accepting offers of permanent accommodation.

But only 135 of these have moved in, with many saying they have been waiting for refurbishment to be completed.

A spokesman for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea said: ‘Our absolute priority has always been to help first – it is only right we do so when people are faced with such extreme trauma.

‘We will always err on the side of caution and assume all those who come to us for help are genuine.

‘Where we have doubts, they are investigated and cases of fraud have been, and will be, rooted out and dealt with’.

The first phase of the inquiry into the Grenfell disaster, which is focusing on how the fire started and the evacuation of residents, is scheduled to run until November.


When Queen Victoria sat on the thrown. Italians came to England to sell ice-cream in our seaside towns. Germans came over to work in hotels in the major cities that had sprung up near the railways. They did not need to be part of an EU.
The EU was formed by a cabal of rich and powerful people mainly banking families. These families got much of their wealth through financing war and are responsible for the deaths of millions on this planet. The EU makes food more expensive for normal people as it put tariffs on all food imports from outside the EU. In a true free trade world then people could buy direct from factories in China and not pay any additional costs.
The EU has killed our manufacturing industries, our steel industry and wiped out our fishing industry. I believe these rich elite will never let the UK leave the EU. When a company parts you divide the assets between the companies involved. The UK has invested in EU buildings, art work, computers, technology and security so we are actually owed money by the EU. Many of our politicians are paid by the EU and are against Brexit but should not be able to take part as a conflict of interest is obvious.
Now we see the EU using third parties like Air bus to try and bully us to get what they want. It is simple if Airbus move production from UK then all Airbus planes should not be able to land in the UK. We also need tariffs on all imported cars. The money raised could be used to re-start manufacturing in the UK. If a German wants to sell cars to us he would need to move factory here or pay tariffs.
We need to get back our fishing rights. The global elite behind the EU also love mass open door immigration as they use it as a weapon to keep wages down and divide people so we can be controlled. When I think that my Granddad fought to stop this country being invaded and yet the politicians have allowed mass immigration on such a scale, especially from outside the EU, my advice would have been don’t bother fighting.
If we leave the EU, our secret services are the best in Europe will these EU countries pay us for the intelligence we send them?

E8 Lattice / Tesla 369



A lesson from modern English hstory was Sheffield in the 1920s, which was terrorised by gangsters. They lived in cramped back to back houses in courtyards which sociologists use as an excuse for preying on other poor people, but joining a gang gives power, a sense of importance, of belonging to something, money, possessions, prestige and low women being available.

The Sheffield gangs waited outside factories on pay day and took workers’ wages off them. Bookmakers operated outside factory gates with “runners” inside collecting bets for them and one made £75 to around a £100 each day even though it was illegal.

Percy Sillitoe in 1926 he became Chief Constable of Sheffield. He was credited with authorising “reasonable force” to break the hold of criminal gangs.

He recruited none Police often ex army men into an elite unit these were not part of the Police. I remember a family member telling me how a gangster was shoved up a chimney with fire still on and came down with no ears left.

Sillitoe noted: “There is only one way to deal with the gangster mentality. You must show that you are not afraid.”

His cops fought them like with like, but with batons, not knives. When two gang leaders were hung for murder and several more jailed for life, some with penal servitude, the streets began to quieten and Sillitoe was hailed as a success. But that wasn’t good enough for him.

He set his sites on the Empire, one of the most important cities in the world – Glasgow. So in 1931 he took over the oldest police force in the world the second biggest police force in Britain at a time when it was a world leader.

In his own polite words, Glasgow was “a city being over run by gangsters terrorising other citizens and waging war between themselves in the streets”. It was his job to stop them.

Glasgow was so bad in the Thirties that it was then the classic novel No Mean City was written.

The Bowery Boys, Shamrock, Bingo Boys, Govan Team, Baltic Fleet, The Redskins… on and on went the list of gangs in every part of the city.

Their weapons were hatchets, sharpened bike chains, open razors, lead coshes and razor blades stitched into their caps and lapels.

There was the Irish political problem too with many Glasgow families having emanated from there. A few years before the IRA had a gun battle with cops as they tried to free one of their own. Now they used the city as their supply point.

They were supported by huge gangs like the Norman Conks, but they weren’t alone. The biggest single gang at that time was Loyalist, Protestant, Orange and would end each day by singing God Save the King. They were the Billy Boys, led by Billy Fullerton.

Sillitoe addressed he problem by recruiting the toughest men he could find, telling them to get stuck in. They did this so viciously one wag called Glasgow police “the biggest gang in the world”.

Over the next 10 years, with the courts also dishing out heavy sentences, the gang problem would recede and Silitoe’s approach given much of the credit. He sees it differently.

One day in the late Thirties, the 40 or so Billy Boys were led through the streets by Billy Fullerton.

All drunk, all tooled up, but in Fullerton’s arms was a baby. Sillitoe saw his chance.

With a much smaller crew of cops, hour after hour Sillitoe tried to get into that armed and bloody group to Fullerton. Due to the particular bravery of one man, Sergeant Thomas Morrison – known by the gangs as Big Tommy – they did.

Found guilty of being drunk in charge of a child, Fullerton was jailed for 10 months. Once free he was a changed man. Some thought prison broke him. Others, including Sillitoe, thought that good family man Fullerton was ashamed of his offence.

Fullerton would go on to create a 200-strong band of Mosley’s Black Shirts until the fascist Mosley was interred. Then he signed up for the navy when World War II broke out and served with distinction, as did many other Billy Boys.

The era of gang rule was over.

Sillitoe was called the Hammer of the Gangs but there was more to him than that. One-by-one his men arrested and secured convictions against Glasgow councillors. Not for violence, of course, but for graft.

Glasgow Corporation was an almost entirely corrupt council with backhanders and brown envelopes. So many councillors were convicted that the Home Secretary warned him one more conviction and the government would abandon the council and take over its powers.

Perhaps we have a lesson in history here yet now Police just let Irish travellers rob copper cables from factories and lead of church roofs without doing nothing. We is buying these metals of these thieves?

Free ferry ride to EU for economic migrants [we should use gunboats on them]

Migrants in stand-off threaten mutiny in the Med: The 629 refugees on turned away ship are becoming increasingly desperate after three days at sea

  • Italy and Malta have both refused to let the rescue vessel dock in their ports
  • Rescuers initially shielded migrants from the knowledge they were stranded
  • Faced with a barrage of questions, they last night told them why they had been stuck at sea since Saturday night

The fate of 629 migrants on a rescue ship in the Mediterranean was in the balance last night amid fears of mutiny.

Italy and Malta have both refused to let the vessel dock and charity workers said the passengers were becoming ‘increasingly anxious and desperate’.

The rescuers had initially shielded the migrants from the knowledge that they were stranded in international waters. But, faced with a barrage of questions, they last night told them why they had been stuck at sea since Saturday night.

Pictures showed humanitarian workers desperately trying to calm tensions on board the Aquarius as food supplies dwindled.

The situation threatens to spark a fresh EU migration crisis – with Italy vowing to turn away boats carrying migrants from Africa.

Despite international condemnation, Matteo Salvini, who is Italy’s new deputy PM and interior minister, said his country’s ports would remain closed.

Mr Salvini, who has promised to deport hundreds of thousands of migrants, said: ‘Saving lives is a duty, but transforming Italy into an enormous refugee camp isn’t.’

Calling for Brussels to resolve the issue, he said: ‘Italy has stopped bowing its head and obeying. This time we say no.

‘We are contacting the European Commission so that it can fulfil its duties toward Italy that have never been respected.’

Italy’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, said: ‘This is an important turning point. Starting today, Italy is no longer alone.’

The strategy will fuel concerns about what will happen to the thousands of migrants expected to make the perilous journey from African shores to Italy this summer.

The migrants left floating on Aquarius had been picked up during six different rescue operations off Libya’s coast in nine chaotic hours on Saturday and Sunday.

The crowded humanitarian vessel, which has a capacity of 550, became a refuge for 629 people – including 123 unaccompanied minors, 11 young children and seven pregnant women.

Some had severe burns caused by the mix of petrol and seawater that often sloshes around the bottom of the rubber boats in which the migrants were packed.

AFRICA HAS PLENTY OF SAFE LANDS SO NO AFRICAN SHOULD EVER GET ASYLUM IN EUROPE THEY ARE PURELY ECONOMIC MIGRANTS. i WOULD USE GUN SHIPS. How many more are we going to let in until europe looks like africa and our welfare state and nhs is destroyed? We can’t blame the migrants it is the traitors like Merkel and Blair and all the open door communists who should be hanging. If I was poor I would try to get to Europe but this is not a right. You dont have right to live anywhere just becasue your country has no welfare or provide free housing and rents paid and a free NHS. If Africans had less children then there would be plenty of jobs. They are bone lazy when the English where in Africa we dug sewage systems and wells. What has an africunt ever done? Have they ever invented anything or composed a piece of music the only music they make is rap crap or drill videos threatening to kill a rival drug gang. They are still in the jungle.

We have the power never use any business that employees these african economic migrants.

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Law and Disorder

We live in a country where people get mobility cars but then give them to other family members to use. We have people given disabled badges but once again they let other people use them. We have people riding around on stolen mopeds or without insurance in their cars. We have people signing on using more than one name. We have others claiming to be carers when their partners take separate holidays.  We have people sub-letting out social housing and others claiming to be single mothers yet letting fathers of their children sleep with them. We have those being unfaithful to their partners. Every day on the motorway thousands are breaking the speed limits and contraband flowing from city to city.

Yet in other countries if you drive a moped you have to have the licence plate on your vest or the Police shoot you. In other countries those in jail have to pay for food and in some are put 10 to a cell with no bed and just a bucket. In the USA one man who ran a prison only gave inmates one TV channel [Disney]. They had to wear pink boiler suits and break rocks each day. No one returned to his jail yet we have career criminals that go in and out of our jails. In some countries they have an eye for an eye law. Those attacking people with acid would not do this in these countries. In old times if you stole a sheep you had to pay back the shepherd 10 sheep. Yet we have whole fields of sheep being stolen.


Grenfell – fraud

Over 30 people have been charged with fraud regarding the Grenfell fire. Surely if I said I was Mr Jones living in Flat 22. The council must have had a list of the residents of each flat. If this was Mr Smith at 22 then either the flat was being sub let or the tenant is bogus and thus a fraudster. Yet some of these fraudsters could not give the floor which the flat was on. So why were they homed in hotels and given free credit cards for free meals? They need to have all assets seized to pay for this fraud and pay for bed and lodging whilst in prison.  Why are those sub letting not facing convictions? There are many social housing stocks all over the UK is being sub let.

Then we must ask how many in Grenfell were working. Many seem to come from outside the EU and where they come from they would not get social housing, welfare or a free NHS. So why does the UK not only home economic migrants but house them in the most expensive areas of London.

London only got the Olympics as it has been turned into a multi-cultural hell hole where the English are now an ethnic minority.  The result of this open door immigration is moped gangs and knife crimes in our capital city. The welfare system has created a whole generation of young boys being brought up with an unemployed mother and no father.