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Britain increasing foreign aid to booming China and oil-rich Nigeria, despite vows to stop financing world’s second largest economy

  • Britain is handing out yet more foreign aid to China and Nigeria
  • £46.9million was handed to China last year, up £2.6million on the previous year  
  • £319million to Nigeria, which is rich enough to afford its own space programme
  • The spending comes as public services in Britain are crying out for cash

Britain is giving ever-increasing amounts of foreign aid to booming China and oil-rich Nigeria, accounts have revealed.

Despite vows to stop financing the world’s second largest economy, £46.9million was handed to China last year – up £2.6million on the previous year.

And some £319.6million was given to Nigeria, which is rich enough to afford its own space programme. This is up more than a fifth on the £262.7million given the year before, the Government report showed.

Meanwhile, Britain gave £92.6million to India – which also has its own space mission – despite promises by ministers to stop funding the fast-growing country.

The spending comes as public services in Britain are crying out for cash.

Many town halls say they don’t have enough money to deal with the social care crisis. Schools and care homes are also desperate for increased Government spending, while Theresa May has promised to find an extra £20billion for the NHS.

Last night, MPs demanded a ‘root-and-branch’ reform of aid spending and a fresh review of Britain’s commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on foreign aid.


The report from the Department for International Development (DfID) showed that while the department had stopped its aid programme to China in 2011, other Whitehall ministries continue to hand over large sums. These amounts contribute towards the 0.7 per cent target. Of the £46.9million handed over last year, 56 per cent came from the business department and 27 per cent from the Foreign Office.

UK-funded schemes included a schools programme to encourage children to consume less salt, and improving dementia care in the port city of Qingdao. Britain has also underwritten a European scheme to help China plant trees to compensate for its contribution to global warming.

Campaigners have been asking why the UK is still funding competitors whose economies are racing ahead.

Only yesterday the Chinese shopping app Pinduoduo – valued at double the entire British aid budget of £13.9billion – was floated on the New York stock exchange.

As the app debuted on the Nasdaq, its share prices soared by 35 per cent, giving the company a value of £26billion.

China is so wealthy that it has its own aid programme. The superpower also spends millions on new airports and urban development.

James Price, campaign manager at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘Time and again we have been told by politicians across Whitehall that the unjustifiable sending of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash to countries with space programmes and larger economies than our own would stop. But it hasn’t. This is completely unacceptable and tantamount to lying.’

Meanwhile, Britain’s aid grants to oil-rich Nigeria have come in for criticism. Three years ago it was reported that the west African country paid nearly 24,000 salaries to non-existent government workers.

The country’s space programme spent millions buying three satellites and plans to send a man into space by 2030.

A study of one £230million British aid programme to boost schools in Nigeria found it had produced ‘no major improvement in pupil learning’. Researchers found teachers at subsidised schools frequently failed to turn up and children were left to play football all day.

The Government pledged to end aid to wealthy India in 2012. Despite this, tens of millions are still pouring in. Last year’s total was more than £92million – although this was less than the previous year.

Some 59 per cent of India’s aid was given by DfID and 21 per cent by the business department. Much of the money goes towards what DfID describes as ‘technical assistance’ programmes. Other departments fund private sector programmes that help the poor.

The UK is now the only major economy in the world to hit the controversial foreign aid spending target.

Tory MP Andrew Rosindell said: ‘There is little public support for this 0.7 ring-fenced, inflation-proof budget, when vital services are being cut back here in the UK. A root and branch review of DfID, its budget and operations is needed and ministers need to take control back from empire-building officials or risk a collapse in public support all together.’

A Government spokesman said: ‘Our aid commitment increases Britain’s global influence and alongside our world class defence and diplomacy helps the UK to create opportunity, peace and prosperity worldwide… We have robust processes in place to scrutinise our projects to ensure that all UK aid is effective and represents value for money.’

Although Nigeria is oil-rich, a third of its population is below the national poverty line. Since 2016, UK aid increased in light of the humanitarian crisis driven by the Boko Haram jihadists.


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A Universal Wage

One of the best ways to improve life in the UK would be to give a Universal Wage of £15K a year whether working or not. The welfare system is inefficient and time consuming and could thus be stopped giving more time for people to look for jobs instead of filling in forms. The unemployed would then be on par with workers they would be expected to pay their full rents from the Universal Wage and their Council Tax. They would also have to pay prescriptions, dentist costs. There would for Unemployed people be an addition payment taken from their Universal Wage to help the NHS. People say how would a Universal Wage work? Well people working could choose to pay to go on courses to advance their careers or set up a business thus generating more Tax so it would pay for itself. Or if they just spent the extra money it would create more jobs in the high street. We also have to remember that some people who don’t work get over £60,000 tax free plus a free 5 bedroom modern house and a free car. So these people would lose a lot of money and it may stop them freeloading off the rest of us who work and act as a stick to get a paid job that pay taxes. Many unemployed choose not to work and only do cash in the hand jobs so the Government is not getting any income from them but providing free NHS.




Many Russian military planes often stray into UK air space. Clearly these planes are not being piloted by Russians but the Tooth Fairy.

We have seen many people killed in the UK whom the majority seem to be former Russian Agents. The methods used are something out of a James Bond Movie. Whether it is Ricin, Radio-active Isotopes, Nerve Agents or injections or putting someone in a suitcase then cleaning the room of all evidence. Clearly the Tooth Fairy must have a shop where he gets this stuff from!

Yet Putin is unlike former Russian leaders he is a Patriot and a Nationalist not a Communist or Marxist.

Yet why don’t the Russians just use a hit man with a gun? I think they want to observe how we deal with these states of crisis and the methods we use.

Putin though has some good features he kicked out the Rothschild’s from Russia but has probably made enemies doing so.

English people soon to be an ethnic minority in UK and our culture killed by Multi-culturism [Marxist ideology]

Non-EU net migration to UK overtakes net migration from EU

Drop in number of EU citizens coming to Britain can’t be attributed solely to Brexit, according to Office for National Statistics.



Net migration from non-EU countries to the U.K. has overtaken net migration from the EU, according to new data released today by the Office for National Statistics.

The change is mainly due to “the large decrease in EU net migration over the last year,” ONS said in a press release.

The number of EU citizens coming to the U.K. over the past year totaled 220,000 — a drop of 47,000 from 2016. The number of EU citizens leaving Britain was 130,000 — the highest recorded level since 2008.

Non-EU citizens arriving in the U.K., meanwhile, totaled 285,000 last year — an increase of 26,000 from the previous year. Eighty thousand non-EU citizens left the U.K.

The drop in the number of EU citizens coming to the U.K. could not be attributed solely to Brexit, according to ONS, which said stronger economic growth in the eurozone over the past two to three years may also be helping EU citizens find work closer to home.

“The U.K. has become significantly less attractive to European migrants … and is likely to be one of the factors explaining the U.K.’s growth slowdown relative to the rest of Europe and the world,” said Jonathan Portes, a senior fellow at think tank U.K. in a Changing Europe.

“At a time when businesses in every part of the country are seeing record skills shortages, falls in the levels of migration from the EU, for whatever reason, will only exacerbate the problem,” Adam Marshall, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, said in a statement. “The fact that skilled people are choosing not to come to the U.K. to work is a cause for real concern.”

ONS in November reported a record fall in net migration to the U.K., citing the number of EU nationals leaving the country as a significant factor.


Lots of the great unwashed anti-trump idiots demonstating in Londonistan.

Most of those demonstating against President Trump are Left Wing Communist types. A couple of years ago they stopped Nigel Farage giving a talk in my town of Northampton. They act like fascists and often use violence against people with an opposite view point. If you try and debate with them about how many people killed by their Commmunist idols they won’t or don’t seem to know history. Under Communism you are a slave as the state owns everything and you can’t grow your own food. These Left Wing types don’t care as under our system they are given free housing, rents paid and council tax paid. They get to use the NHS for free. Yet they never contribute to society. They are just parastes. We need a Government that will clamp down on this freeloading culture. These demonstators will have cost normal people who work a lot of money paid through our taxes. They call trump a racist but what about all the Americans killed by illegal migrants entering America. Europe is now witnessing a rape epidemic thanks to the open borders these Communists love.