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Another Grenfell fraudster – this one is white British.

There are no words for how disgusting it is’: Grenfell survivors’ fury over council worker who stole £62,000 from victims to fund her lavish holidays as her husband is pictured for the first time

  • Jenny McDonagh, 39, spent thousands using pre-paid cards meant for victims 
  • The ex-council worker spent money for victims on holidays and online gambling
  • Survivors have asked how she could have spirited away so much relief money
  • Kensington’s Labour MP has demanded a review of how donations were handled 
  • Former employers including the V&A Museum in London are also probing fraud

The husband of the council worker who stole £62,000 from the Grenfell fund appears to be standing by her after she admitted the shocking crimes yesterday.

Kensington and Chelsea finance manager Jenny McDonagh splashed thousands of pounds on expensive dinners, designer hairstyles, online gambling and holidays to Dubai and Los Angeles using pre-paid cards which were supposed to help former residents of the tower block.

Still wearing his wedding ring but refusing to comment on his wife’s actions, her husband Thomas McDonagh left his marital home in a dark Toyota car this morning.

When asked by MailOnline if he had any comment on his wife’s court hearing yesterday he replied, ‘no comment’, before closing the door.

Victims of the fire, in which 72 people died, have reacted in fury to the news that one of the people meant to be helping them was instead pocketing money for herself.

Survivor Beinazir Lasharie said: ‘There’s no words for how disgusting it is.’

Ms Lasharie, who had lived most of her life on the Grenfell estate and suffered PTSD after the fire, told the Daily Mirror: ‘I’m shocked, somebody who knows what people have gone through and are going through on a daily basis would do ­something like that.’

According to her LinkedIn page, McDonagh studied accounting at London’s City University before holding position before working for Imperial College, the NHS in Kent and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

At her family home in east London today, her mother Eileen Barnard, 67, refused to comment.

Questions are now being asked about how the council could have allowed such a large amount of money to go missing.

Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad said: ‘How on earth did a Council officer steal £62,000 of Grenfell funding without missing it for so long? It brings up very serious questions about who had access to the prepaid cards she used, and who was responsible for auditing this.

‘A number of residents have already asked me if the Council will review this employee’s work over the past 14 months? She may have been making life-changing decisions with the lives of vulnerable people. They will be devastated.

‘This is a very serious breach of trust and the Council must conduct a full audit of donations to see if any more has been stolen.’

A court was told McDonagh is also under investigation for suspected frauds against her former employers, Medway NHS Trust in Kent and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Last night she was spotted returning to her marital home after the court heard her husband was willing to accept her back.

McDonagh pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud by abuse of position, one count of theft by employee and one count of money laundering this afternoon.

On her online CV she had listed the ‘creation and maintenance of a system of payment in instalments’ as one of her duties at the council.

McDonagh has been ordered to resign her new job as a finance officer at a mental health charity.

She was told by a chief magistrate to quit her new job and was warned she faced at least three years behind bars for the crimes.

Many in Grenfell are none EU citizens – the EU should never have allowed any migrants into Europe there are safe lands closer to where they live but this is all part of the WHITE GENOCIDE PLAN OUTLINED BY KALERGI – THE FATHER OF THE EU. We must remember bolshevik jews killed 60 million Christians in Russia. Jews owned most of the salve ships etc why were they in Babylon?

PeopLE need to be sacked at this council



I bet they wont make this fraudster pay a penny back or sell any of her assets like her car and her jewellery etc

Child Migration

The cry of the open borders movement has been build bridges not walls. Now in 2017 all of London’s bridges are covered in walls!

A British man attacked Finsbury Park mosque using his van. Don’t look back in anger was not the theme that was adopted here. In fact the mainstream media were allowed to spread the blame.

A day after the Barcelona attack, two Finnish women were stabbed to death by man shouting Allahu Akbar. The man came from the largest contingent of recent arrivals to the EU.

Abderrahman Bouanne had arrived in Finland 2016 using a false name, claimed to be a child refugee but was a 22 year old from the peaceful country of Morocco. He was never removed from Finland.

In Sweden checks on 8,000 child refugees showed that more than 80 percent were older than 18. Yet all were allowed to stay. Once in the EU even if you have lied you can stay.

Just today in UK Afghan Asylum seeker killed 2 female Syrian Asylum seekers

No Western European country has played a major role in destabilizing Syria or prolonging the war. Those that have Qatar and United Arab Emirates and others pay no humanitarian price. Iranian militias have been fighting in Syria and have the gall to say we are not helping the refugees. Syria is a proxy was between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iran’s President lectured the Hungarian Ambassador to Iran over alleged shortcomings. Saudi Arabia has not made one Syrian a citizen. Saudi also has 100,000 air conditioned tents that it won’t let refugees use. In 2015 Saudi did help build 200 new Mosques in Germany as they also do in the Bible belt of the USA. It is conquest by religion.

In 2016 the UN accused the Eritrean Government of committing crimes against humanity, thousands of Eritreans protested outside the UN building in Geneva. I thought they were fleeing a Government they could not live under not support it?

British MOD now says intervening abroad almost impossible as we live in a multi-cultural society that would not gain support as families have people in these lands. We had more British Muslim join ISIS than the British Army!

A Black Lives Matter march had them chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” at our police. British police don’t carry guns! One BLM protestor stabbed a police officer. Police now won’t stop and search young black men for fear of being called racists the result is black on black knife crime increasing. A white man is far more likely to be attacked by a black man than visa versa if you take population percentage into account. Being poor is no excuse for lack of morality. Perhaps it is our society that has become too decadent and all about pleasure often though spending money. But once people have what they desire they will find something is still missing.

When an Algerian Muslim publishes an article on sex attacks in Cologne he gets criticised by sociologists, historians and others who call him Islamophobic.

Muslims who come here and stand up for Western ideals of free speech have been castigated by their co-religionists and dropped by European society.

Liberals, who welcome everybody and say all cultures are the same, will soon find out when these cultures become the majority that not only will their Liberal ideals be destroyed but some Liberals who enjoy same sex relationships or believe in female equality will also be destroyed. Fundamental Islam is far worse than any fascism we have ever seen before. The moderates in Islam’s past have never been able to change it.  Our Society does nothing to stop the Imam’s calling for death from their Mosques each week.



slow death of Europa

Europeans going anywhere in the world is colonialism. Yet now any one from the world can come and live in Europe and won’t be removed. Other countries still remain the home of those countries. You have to pass a DNA test to migrate to Israel.

Not only have we imported the world but the world’s problems. We have handed to the next generation a society that is chaotic and fractured and unrecognisable.

It is Muslims who have killed other Muslims in Britain for doctrinal reasons. We had a minority Ahmadiyya Muslim shopkeeper killed by a Sunni Muslim for wishing his customers happy Christmas.

Asylum seekers say they are from Syria when they are not, they say they have converted to Christianity, They say they are homosexual yet in heterosexual relationships or say they have right to a family life as they own a cat! Or they say they are child refugees yet look about 30.

The truth is once in the UK they won’t be removed. Most refugees to Europe are economic and most are young men. They only have to go ten miles off the shore of Libya where European ferry services will then bring them to Europe.

Migrants in Calais have broken EU laws to get there. They have not applied for asylum in the first country of entry. This is the Dublin Treaty, it does not give the right to go to the countries with best welfare package, free housing etc.

housing and welfare

My brother married a lady originally from Morocco. After she was married she sold the council house she owned and sent the money to Morocco from the sale of the house to her parents.

She then divorced my brother, tried to get a share in the home he owned, and was given a new council house as she now had a new name! She was not working so would have been getting welfare, rent and council tax paid.

When I was made redundant I had to sell my flat, I could not get and welfare or any help with my rent on my new flat as I had money in the bank from the sale. So all the money I ever worked for and put into a mortgage was slowly used up. I found it very hard to get a job that would pay my rent of £525 a month. The council banned me from applying for social housing. In the end once my money was used up they ended up paying my full rent. Yet my mortgage was only £210 a month and only had a few years left to run. Now most of my wage goes in paying my rent.

The council said to me if i moved to a cheaper flat they would pay the moving costs as a one off payment. I did yet they then said as i had a job at the time this didn’t count. I ended up paying moving costs, double rents for 2 months and other costs associated with buying white goods and decoratng. Even worse between Sept and December 2016 I had no money comming in and Universal credits stoped my money in September, only 2 years later did they dmit they were in the wrong. yet i had to pay full council tax even though not working and the council have never refunded me even though UC said they informed council of their error.

The road to hell

Summer 2014 – Stockholm music festival took place.

Girls as young as 14 surrounded by gangs of migrants mainly from Afghanistan, molested and raped.

local police just covered this up and no convictions and Swedish press silent.

other organised rapes by migrant gangs took place all over Sweden.

in 1975 just 475 rapes in Sweden by 2014 over 6,620.

by 2014 Sweden had highest level of rapes per capita of any country in the world after Lesotho.

Women gang raped on a Ferry from Sweden to Finland – Swedish press said they were Swedish men yet in reality they were Somali Muslim scum bags.

Report in Denmarkshows Somali scum 26 times more likely to commit rape than Danish men.

yet no one can talk about this. IN UK grroming gangs are called ASIANS yet this is an insult to CHINESE AND INDIANS WHO DONT RAPE ENGLISH GIRLS – YET THEY ARE MAINLY PAKISTANIS OR OTHERS BUT THE COMMON FACTOR IS … ISLAM





In 2010 Germans polled 47 percent said “Islam does not belong in Germany” by 2016 this figure was 60 percent. The political classes of Europe the solution was not to clamp down on the things the public are objecting to but the objecting public.

When British Soldiers on return from Afghanistan marched through Luton the group al-Muhajiroun heckled them calling them baby killers and murderers. The Police protected these extremists.

Al-Mahajiroun were allowed to hand out flyers and posters in Mosques without impunity but locals opposed to this group were prevented by the police if they tried to hand out leaflets.

Abdul Qadeer Baksh, Luton Islamic Centre, works with local M.P’s and politicians. He believes Islam to be in a war with Jews, in an ideal society homosexuals would be killed and women lashed. Yet Police never raided his home. Yet EDL leader Tommy Robinson had home raided, computer stolen, and they wanted to pin the label of Nazi on him whatever he did. European Governments avoided finding Islamic extremists guilty but any movement opposed to them they went out of their way to find guilty. Any criticism of Islam or terrorism or gang rape will be met with calls of racism, xenophobia or bigotry. Anyone who criticises the critics is elevated to the position of anti-Nazi.

One of the killers of Lee Rigby had spoken at an anti-fascist rally. Muslim extremists had threatened to kill EDL members for telling the truth. Anti-fascist idiots in my home town stopped Nigel Farage from giving a speech; they often use violence and act more fascistic than fascists.

Flight or Fight

Those who believe in integration assume that everyone who migrates to Europe will become Europeans.
Yet many Europeans are unsure if they want to be Europeans. A culture of self doubt is unlikely to persuade others to adopt its culture.
It is unlikely therefore that Europeans will defend their values. There has never been a prosecution for FGM yet thousands of girls have had this done.
Yves Goldstein Chief of Staff in Brussels let something slip. Muslim students aged 17 in Molenbeek and Schaerbeek said student’s views on terrorists who had just bombed his city : 90 percent thought they were heroes and many danced when the attacks took place.
20 percent of British Muslims respected Osama Bin Laden.
When Lee Rigby was killed a letter found on Adebolojo said ”know that to fight Allah’s enemies is an obligation!”
In 2016 the European commission admitted that most people taken in the previous year had no right to claim asylum in the EU. Yet they came up with a quota scheme that was rejected by Eastern EU Countries who wanted to keep their Christian culture. These people should have been sent back they are economic migrants and any of them could be a member of a terrorist cell.