Armed conflicts have always been a real and huge source of income to us, as well as a subtle means of power-wielding across the globe. Almost all of the big international bodies, whether political or military are of Masonic origin.
Our compatriots are there in key positions and follow our plans to the point of precision. The UN and NATO are just two of our influential tools.

Signore Massini Freemason, Bilderberg Group

Alfred Pike 33 degree Mason born before World War 1 wrote a letter to Massini outlining the plan for three world wars.


Another Somali Rapist

Passengers stopped a Somali Rapist being deported. They should also have been removed from the plane. Thanks to these idiots thousands of women and girls are being raped across Europe. The open borders mantra is build bridges not walls yet last time I was in central Londonistan all bridges had walls built on them.

We have not hit the crux of the matter. Africa is a giant continent and has lots of safe lands close to where the migrants live. Why don’t they move to these lands? Is it because we offer free homes, free welfare and a free NHS? Why are Saudi Arabia and Israel not taking in any refugees? I would like to see them diversify.

We can’t blame migrants for wanting a better economic lifestyle but we can blame our politicians who let in these economic migrants. Often they have no loyalty to our country and some shouted abuse at soldiers returning home.

The Government says we will still need to allow workers into our country after Brexit to work in Care jobs or help farmers. We don’t need to.

In my town of Northampton we have loads of vacancies in warehouses doing manual work but the lazy British won’t do manual work.

I know people who have been given free social housing flats and get full rents paid and council tax. I know one chap who gets over £60,000 in welfare tax free plus a free 5 bedroom modern home and a free car.

The solution is quite radical we need to scrap welfare. Instead pay everyone £10,000 universal wage whether working or not. Some people would say I can’t live on this money in London. Well go out and get a job or move to place that the rent is cheaper. Why should hard working people like me be taxed just so freeloaders can never work and get to use the NHS for free?

The money we would save by scrapping welfare would be a lot – we would no longer need job centre staff. They never make people work. They are useless. Those in work could choose to do a lower paid job like caring as they would have the extra Universal Wage or they could use money to do courses and get better jobs and thus pay more in taxation.




The Government says it want to clamp down on people getting prescriptions for free when not entitled. Yet pharmacists will often hand out free drugs without asking to see an exemption certificate.

This is just one problem that costs the NHS a fortune. We have foreigners using our NHS for free and even flying in to have operations or have babies.

Then we have thousands of pounds of things stolen from hospitals including beds, TV’s, toilet paper, soap, razors etc.

NHS products should be stamped with NHS. I know nurses who have NHS soap at home.

If the NHS was set up like a business it could buy in bulk and get the best prices. Even better if it developed its own drugs to cut the extortionate prices charged by pharmaceutical companies. They could also develop their own equipment and products and sell these to other health providers.

We even have G.P’s using NHS equipment to do private work not NHS jobs.


The state of German armament in 1939 gives us the decisive proof that Hitler was not contemplating general war. It was Britain and France that declared war on Germany. Hitler wanted peace with Britain. There is no record of Winston Churchill offering peace to Germany.

To quote Hitler September 17th in the Reichstag:-

“So that not only the German people but all Europe may once be granted the blessing of peace”.

Churchill admitted that the war was not against Hitler or National Socialism but to smash the strength of the German people once and for all.

Every attempt to inform the British people of Germany’s Peace Offer was stopped by Churchill. Churchill was a man who had used chemical weapons in Iran.

If peace broke out in 1940 that would have been the end of Churchill’s career. We can see that Churchill wanted war and Hitler did not.

If Britain and France declared war on Germany to reclaim its territory in Poland then why not declare war on the Soviets for invading Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania?

It is because Hitler wanted to run his own banks so the international financiers would never let him get away with this. The only reason the British troops escaped Dunkirk is because Hitler allowed it to happen as he still hoped for peace. Hitler admired the British Empire and said that the return of Germany’s colonies was desirable not essential and offered to support Britain with troops. Hitler just wanted to stop the spread of communism across Europe unfortunately we are now controlled by a communist EU.


Brexit blues

I once worked for a company that made gloves in China. My job was to re-package the gloves into bags that said made in Britain. These gloves then were sent out to various hardware shops. I wonder how many people are deceived into thinking products they buy are made in the UK?

A friend at work said his girlfriend was worried about Brexit as the Belgium company she worked for would see costs of things they import go up. It turns out this company just makes pastry flan bases. Is this the state of the UK when we can’t make our own pastry cases?

If the UK is to real succeed after Brexit we need a truly independent bank free of the central banks that cripple us with debts and have an influence on politics. The trouble is JFK and Lincoln tried this and were assassinated.

Hopefully after Brexit we can get back our fishing grounds at the moment the French and Dutch and Spanish steal most UK fish.

Also EU puts tariffs on all food made outside the EU so they cost the poor more for food. MEP’s can’t make laws and can claim expenses without showing any receipts. Why do you need 2 EU parliaments with all the extra costs involved.

We don’t owe EU a penny when a company parts you divide the assets. EU owes us for our investment in the buildings, artwork, software, wine, EU space program. UK put far more money into Nato. They stole our fish and caused our steel industry to collapse.


Secret of the 33

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UK looks after JIHADI’S


Terrorist’s wife refuses SEVEN council houses after claiming her human rights were breached by not being in the right location

The mum-of-two, who The Sun cannot name, was freed from jail in 2016 and has been costing the taxpayer thousands by staying in B&Bs

THE convicted terrorist wife of a notorious British jihadi claimed a council breached her human rights by not giving her a new home — even though she turned down seven house offers.

The mother of two, freed from jail in September 2016, insisted that the homes offered were not in the right location.

She has been living in B&Bs and hotels for 16 months, costing the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds, while conducting her costly High Court lawsuit.

The woman, who is on benefits, even turned down £5,000 from officials for a deposit to buy her own place.

Details of the extraordinary case emerged as Judge Jennifer Eady ruled her human rights had not been violated.

She has been granted anonymity.

The mum, who has sons aged five and nine and lives in Brent, North London, also moaned that private landlords refused to deal with her because of her criminal record.

Her husband left the UK in 2013 to wage jihad and later became an extremist commander.

A year later she was jailed for 28 months for a terrorist offence.

She was freed in July 2015 but returned to jail for breaching her licence.

The woman is still seen as such a danger that she is banned from social media and must report to intelligence officials regularly.

The court heard she demanded a new council house once she was out of prison.

In September 2016 she turned down two one-bed homes in South London because they were too small.

Two-bedroom homes in Dulwich, South London, Kidderminster, Worcs, and Great Wryley, Staffs, were rejected in March the following year because they were too far from her family.




I would be happy to pay extra taxes if Government would remove all economic migrants. We have enough lazy Brits not workign without importing the world and their tribal problems.

cell phones


History told by whom?

In 1905 there was a failed coup in Russia to remove the Tsar. Many Jews left Russia to live in Germany. In Germany they were looked after so well they became wealthy and top business leaders.

During World War 1 Germany was easily winning the war and offered Britain peace. Then Zionists approached the British Government and said you can win this war if we get the USA to join. In return we want Palestine for the Jewish homeland, this is known as the Balfour Agreement. We had no right to promise this land it is like the Chinese promising Alaska to the Indians.

When the Germans found out about why they lost the war they felt stabbed in the back and angry.

Hitler turned Germany around by printing his own money free of the Rothschild central banks. He also removed Jews from power as the Bolsheviks had turned Berlin into a place of few morals.

Most of the leaders of the Bolsheviks like Trotsky [Levi Bey] were Jewish and he left New York with millions of dollars. Cheka’s were also mainly Jewish and killed millions of Christians in Russia. They used methods like letting rats eats them alive or nailing your intestine to a stake then whipping you until your guts came out. They also bayoneted Christian babies.

We must remember that Churchill was a Zionist and a friend of the Rothschild’s. The plan to move Jews to Israel was hatched long before Hitler came to power. The Rothschild’s wanted revenge on Hitler. They also wanted revenge on JFK and Lincoln too as they printed their own money.

In Nazi Germany they had two political parties the National Socialists and the Zionist Workers Party.

The Zionist Workers Party would stop any Jews going to the USA and if they would not be re-educated with the aim of getting them to Israel then they would be handed over to the Nazi’s and thus sent to their deaths. The word Holocaust means sacrifice but a sacrifice for whom? The fight between Marxist Jews and Zionist Jews is still going on today with the normal Jew being played by both sides. George Soros is a Marxist Jew.

People should read “1666 Redemption by Sin” that explains how what happened in the past still has echoes today.