When you get a mortgage the bank has no money to lend you they just get a promise note from the central bank.

If you deposit £1 then the bank can lend out £10 this goes into other banks – so debt is built into the system.

Central banks lend money to government with interest

a dollar is worth a dollar plus debt put on it by the federal reserve.

thus America can never get out of debt – soon banks will own the lot.



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Sir Francis Bacon?

Sir Francis Bacon helped form the Invisible College and The White Brotherhood.

He seems to have also used the names: Mejnour, Comte St Germain, Thomas Vaughan, Thomas Vagan, Thomas Dudley, Thomas D’Urfrey.

His brother Anthony Bacon seems to also have used the names: Michael Sendivogius, Christian Rosenkruz, Ioannes [Zanoni], John Windthrop and John Bacon

Why all these different names?

does anyone know if so please e-mail me


I work on the minimum wage and my rent is over £400 a month. I don’t qualify for any help from Universal Credits as they deem my income too high. If I choose not to work I would get over £200 income per week. This would be £78 welfare, rent paid £100, and council tax paid £25. I would also get free dental treatment and my prescriptions paid.

Last year I had to have a week off work due to illness. I received just £30 SSP for this week. I had to use a food bank in order to pay my bills. The last thing a person who is ill needs is to be worrying about how they will pay their rent and other bills, this can cause further illness. Reports show that some of the poorest in the UK are those of us who work.


The system in the UK is all wrong. Parasitic people who choose never to work are rewarded with free social housing. The size of the house they get will depend on how many children they can produce this will also increase their welfare. We also see economic migrants who come from lands with no welfare given free priority housing.

The system should reward work and key workers like Nurses and those who work in Residential Homes etc should be top of the list for social housing. Married and working people should be next. Hostels could be made for those who don’t want to work. At the moment none workers get to use the NHS for free but never contribute anything and they get bigger state pensions than those who work. I would actually reduce welfare for those who have more children and limit the size of social housing to 3 bedrooms maximum.

I know many none workers who have never registered with any job agency in my town and they all have jobs advertised.

Now we see the Government caving in on Universal credits to reward those who have large families. Why should those of us who work have to pay for other people’s children through taxation? Free education for children is another thing this country does yet many migrants would have to pay for this back home.



In Saudi Arabia you could park your car and leave your windows down with your Rolex on the seat. When you come back your Rolex would still be there. There is little crime as criminals know if caught they would have their hand removed. It is FEAR that prevents crime.
Yet in the UK we allow minors to drive around on stolen mopeds often with no number plates. These minors are often involved in drug gangs or stealing to order.
Yet in some countries if you drive a moped you must have a tabard on with the mopeds number plate, if you don’t then the Police can shoot you dead.
We have the Liberals in the UK saying criminals must have landlines in their cells! What for so they can carry on doing their drug business whilst inside? These same Liberals believe prison can reform people yet there are some people so evil they can never be reformed they have no moral compass. We need a 2 strikes and out policy so if you go to prison for a serious crime like murder or rape but come out and do the same again. It is obvious that prison can’t reform you and the only safe option for society is to remove you from society. The best way would be to weld them in a small cage and then hang this cage so they slowly die of starvation this would act as a major deterrent. Drug gang members should be tortured to reveal names of other members and the Kingpins have all assets seized.
One of the major reasons for the knife and crime epidemic in London is London Councils giving free social housing to single mothers and economic migrants. Some of these migrants have links to drug cartels.
If nothing is done to stop the increase of drug gangs and grooming gangs then the future will be that of vigilantes getting revenge.