Christianity under major attack

Before 1965 in America immigration was almost exclusively white. Then a new immigration act was passed. Now immigration is almost exclusively non-white. The immigration Act was Communist legislation designed to destroy the republic.

By 2050 whites will now be an ethnic minority in America. It was Jewish leaders that lobbied and promoted the Immigration Act to come into existence.

Jewish organisations like the American Jewish Congress, The Jewish Federation, ACLU and the B’nail B’rith all filed briefs to support open door immigration. George Soros has helped this cause in recent years.

Jews were also behind the passing of immigration laws in Britain also in 1965.

“Europe is not going to be monolithic societies as they were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that, Jews will be resented because of our leading role” – Barbara Lerner Spectre [Jewish].

Can you imagine going to Israel and campaigning to stop Jewish songs? Yet Christian carols are not tolerated in our society. If an African country has a right to be a black majority then why don’t whites have the same rights?

Communism came from Illuminism a concept designed to destroy all belief in God and especially Christian values.  We must remember that the end goal of Socialism is Communism to quote Lenin.


There is a lot of talk about so called poverty in the UK. Many of these so called poor can afford to buy expensive smart phones for their children and expensive trainers. They have satellite TV and many can afford expensive tattoos.
They can afford to drink and smoke but never think about growing their own food.
Many of these so called poor choose not to work but are rewarded with free social housing, rents paid, council tax paid, free NHS, free dentist and prescriptions. Their children get educated for free. Yet they contribute nothing toward society. I know one bloke in Daventry who was given a free 5 bedroom modern house, free people carrier car and gets over £60,000 tax free in welfare.
The Joseph Rowntree report shows that most of the real poor in the UK are people like me who work. I am on the minimum wage. Half my wage goes on rent and council tax.
When I lost my job many years ago I had to sell my flat then could not get any welfare due to having money in the bank.
Even though I have high rent and minimum wage Universal Credits say I earn too much. I am taxed also on my wages and as a single person only get 25 percent off my council tax. A couple have 2 wages coming in so can pay half the rent and council tax each. I get no help with my prescriptions or dentist costs.
Taxes raised of the working poor go to help those who choose never to work. No Government has ever tackled this issue why we must pay for the freeloading parasites.

there are over 19 countries that the UK gives over £100 million each to in aid. Why some like Pakistan get over £300 million yet can afford nukes.


If we look at the United Nations flag it divides the world into 33 zones. 33 is a Masonic number. The United Nations was formed with the help of the Rockefeller family. Their company Standard Oil helped Hitler during World War 2. The EU was planned before this war by a Freemason called Count Kalergi it was just that the outbreak of war stopped it being implemented sooner. The Kalergi plan was always mass migration from outside the EU to create a new slave race to serve the Elite. These Elite own most Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Reuters, and CNN etc
The EU was formed at a secret meeting of the Bilderberg chaired by David Rockefeller. These same Elite banking families financed the Bolshevik revolution; it was mainly financed in the USA, UK and Germany. The Bolshevik revolution lead to the death of millions of Christians. The Kalergi plan for the EU will lead to the genocide of white Europeans.
Politicians are not the real rulers but just puppets for the hidden Elites. They can’t let the UK leave the EU as it would halt the Kalergi plan. Thus they will trap us in a Customs Union which keeps the Kalergi plan. The UN and EU are just stepping stones to a much bigger idea a New World Order – President Bush was heard to say this often.
The last decent President was JFK but he was murdered for trying to warn the world of the danger. The plan for this New World Order goes back a long time when Adam Weishaupt was instructed to form the Illuminati on May 1st 1776.
If you want to understand true history not what MSM says then read The Illuminati and the Deception of History by Terrance Smart.