Silly voters

The Liberal Democrats want to keep the UK in the EU. The Liberals have always been Red’s. Labour want to keep the UK in a Customs Union which means we are still in the EU as we can’t negotiate trade agreements with who we want and probably have no say on migration.
So in the latest Council Elections I find it ironic that people fed up with the Conservative handling of Brexit have voted for parties wanting to keep us in the EU.
It would have been better to spoil the ballot paper and put none of the above until my M.P delivers Brexit. If you spoil a ballot paper it has to be shown to those counting the vote so it is not a waste of time.


Corbyn under attack

I am no fan of Jeremy Corbyn but always knew he would be attacked because he is not pro Israel. Many elite families mainly bankers have shaped world history these include the Schiff’s, Warburg’s and Rothschild families.
Churchill’s father died when he was still a boy. He was financed by the Rothschild’s and help set up the Balfour agreement.
There is no free speech as most of the main stream media is owned by the same families. The Rockefeller family helped Hitler during the war and afterwards set up the United Nations. The Rothschild’s probably helped Hitler’s march on Berlin. Who financed Trotsky? And helped him get back to Russia? The United Nations is a stepping stone to a One World Government. The elite bankers promote communism this is because under communism you can’t grow your own food. The state owns all but the bankers rule the state.
You can’t make it in American politics without allegiance to Israel they have so many Jewish lobby groups in America.
A black professor called Tony Martin wrote a book telling the truth on the slave trade. His follow up book “The Jewish Onslaught” tells how they tried to get him sacked from his job and the dirty tricks and lies they used against him.
Who wrote the myth about blacks being descended from one of Noah’s sons and thus to be a cursed slave race?