Since the end of the second world war Cultural Marxists have been hell bent on destroying Christian and traditional family values. They have used the media – mainly films and video games to promote violence, drugs and promiscuity. They have promoted same sex marriage and feminism.
We now see the results of these attacks, bigger divorce rates and children carrying knives.
Our Government could do something. They could change the way social housing is allocated. Working people and married people should be put first. Those not working, single mothers or those with criminal records should only be housed in warden control hostels. These hostels would just have shared kitchens and lounges and bunk beds. As they are warden controlled the lodgers could not be smoking drugs or consuming other illicit materials.
Councils too should visit the properties they rent out and if people are smoking drugs they should be given a warning. If caught again then evict them. The Government could make all unemployed attend job clubs 9 – 5 every day. After all working men have to be out of the house all day and can’t play video games whilst getting free rents and council tax paid.
At the moment drug addicts get more in welfare without any requirement to attend a detox course.

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