Democracy for dummies

Why are people under the illusion there is such a thing as Democracy. Democracy was a game Plato invented for children. Political Parties will put up their favourites in safe seats. Once elected the MP must tow the line and do what the Whip says or career prospects look very poor. There is no difference in reality between Capitalism and Communism. Under Communism the State owns all, yet the banks own the state. Under Capitalism the companies own all, yet the banks own the companies. It has always been the bankers who hold the true power not politicians. Communism was created through Capitalism and is just illuminism under a new name. Karl Marx is related to a top banking family.


England is the only British nation without any form of democratic devolution. England is the only nation in Europe without its own parliament or Government. We have fewer MP’s per head of population than the other British nations. We receive less money per head than the other British nations. We have no minister for England yet all the other British nations have one. None English MP’s can force controversial policies on us like tuition fees, yet they are not answerable at the ballot box. So when can we have an English parliament?

Attack of the Clones

Is all that matters GDP? In the pursuit of growth we flatten our history, heritage, landscape and cultures. Orchards have been bulldozed, markets gone, farms sold off and public squares. People who object are pushed to the margins. At the moment they don’t have the time and effort to extinguish this character. But it will be regenerated, because there is no other way.

Tesco want to know what you buy and when. CCTV cameras are everywhere. Corporations privatise our streets. Legislation forces the small guys out of business but does not touch the clones.

People are richer and have more technology but the sad thing is they are not as happy. Globalisation has destroyed the soul and our connection with nature. So what is the answer? We have the power as consumers. Don’t shop at the clone shops but support your local farmers and local markets and independent businesses owned by working men not multi-nationals.