We now live in a country where

  • Those who commit crime get rewarded but good people don’t
  • Those who choose not to work get rewarded but no help for those who work
  • Women who have been raped have to allow access to the child fathered by the rapist
  • Lesbians helped by artificial means to have children
  • Children dressed up in perverted outfits on gay pride marches
  • All children forced to eat Halal at school
  • FGM and the Age of Consent ignored
  • Police not interested in stopping shop lifting
  • Sharia courts set up
  • We give welfare to people who come from lands with no welfare
  • Violence is promoted in films and TV


Is this progress or has Satan taken over the hearts of men in this land? Is this the land my grandfathers generation fought for? Next we will legalise paedophilia.

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