imposters – a massive fraud

DNA evidence clearly shows that all Jews today are Khazars, and or Turkish /Mongol stock. They are not the seed of Abraham. There is not one Jew on the planet who if did a DNA test could prove he belonged to the seed of Abraham. These modern Jews like us are Gentiles. Yet according to the Talmud Gentiles are inferior. As these Jews have no bloodlines back to Abraham they have no legal right to settle in Israel. So why are Christian Zionists supporting these fake people and the USA giving millions of dollars to people who are not Gods chosen people?

In 2001 a Jewish genetics researcher of Hebrew University in Tel Aviv, Dr Ariella Oppenheim research matches my statement that those identifying themselves as Jews are not the descendents of Abraham.

Many Celebs like Paris Hilton, Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Posh Beckham have converted to Judaism. Does this qualify them for free land in Israel?













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