On September the 11th in New York a reporter said a plane has just hit the tower. This was 30 minutes before a plane actually hit the tower. Both President Trump and the President of Israel had written books several years earlier that there would be an attack on the WTC.

When a plane hit the tower people on the subway reported hearing sounds like explosives going off. The building came down breaking Newton’s Laws (Every force has an equal and opposite force), so its rate of decent should have slowed down as each floor above hit the floor below. Yet the speed of collapse sped up!

A woman reported that she saw 5 men dancing on top of a van in celebration. These men were known to the Police and where Mossad agents. Traces of explosives were found inside the van. Also some students from Israel had rented a room within the WTC. You can clearly see in photo lots of fuse boxes in the background. Why would students need boxes of fuses?

We must remember that Bin Laden was a CIA agent. How did the passports of so called terrorists fly through the flames and found complete by those checking the site? What happened to the gold under the towers? Why was all the steel sold as quickly as possible and sent to China without any investigation?

The CIA had an operation on their books called Operation Northwood – the plan was to hit a tower with a plane and blame it on Cuba as a pretext for invading Cuba.

A German data company monitoring the WTC reported massive trades before the so called attack. Also insurance on the building was increased just weeks before the attack.

JFK knew that America had been infiltrated by enemies within and tried to warn the people about this situation.

To understand politics you just follow the money. To understand terrorism you must ask who profits. It would not be the terrorist countries that get bombed.

Israel benefits most from terrorism. Also it along with so called gun crime is used as an excuse by Government for more CCTV. America can’t at the moment be conquered by those seeking to enslave its people until they get rid of guns from the people.


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