In the film Pearl Harbour [1999] Ben Affleck characters eye exam reads 911.
The Iron Man cartoon [1994] depicts a plane and missiles hitting the twin towers and also a plane hitting the Pentagon. Two Jews made this cartoon, Avi Arad and Stan Lee.
The Medusa Touch [1978] was about an airliner hitting a tall building made by ex-Mossad agent and Zionist Jew, Arnon Milchan.
Mossad agents were seen by a member of the public filming the twin towers an hour before the strike and dancing when the planes hit.
No American plane was scrambled to shoot down the planes, no friend or foe identification. It is clearly an inside job.
Within 10 minutes of planes hitting the tower CNN [Jewish owned] said Bin Laden had done it. This is clearly disinformation by the real terrorists.
On the morning of 911 attacks, Ehud Barak appears on BBC News and says Bin Laden did it. Blaming your enemy [Muslims] is clearly a tell tale sign of a false flag. Same night he goes on TV to advocate strikes on USA / Israel enemies Iraq, Syria Libya, Afghanistan.
There is evidence that Israel hit the USS Cole in Yemen with a cruise missile.
Do your own research you will find that those behind 9/11 are the same organisations that own the media and central banks in America and the Western World. The same people who killed JFK and Lincoln. The same who wanted Hitler and Gadaffi removing as these people wanted their own money and thus a threat to the banking Zionist Illuminati families.

Every day Larry Silverstein would have breakfast in the North Tower. On the morning of September 11th he was missing and also his son and daughter who also worked in the Twin Towers.
Zim Israel American Shipping Company owned by the state of Israel was also missing. They broke their lease. The security in the Twin Towers was done by Kroll Inc. This company was run by Jewish Zionists Greenberg and Cherkasky. This allowed Jews to plant explosives in the Twin Towers and how the towers never left any rubble [a 1/3 of the height is normally left] and broke Newton’s Laws on every force has an equal and opposite force. Why would Israeli students [based in twin towers] need thousand of fuse boxes marked up BB18 and the Art Group call themselves Gelatin?
FBI Agent John O’Neill was investigating Bin Laden and U.S.S Cole bombing was killed on his first day in the job 9/11.
Zionist Jew Barbara Bodine sabotaged O’Neils attempts to discover the truth. U.S.S Cole was not done by Al Qaeda but an Israeli cruise missile just like the U.S.S Liberty.
International Consultants on Targeted Security [ICTS] was in charge of security on all airports used on 911. ICTS is owned by two Israeli Jews.
ICTS also control the security at train stations used by the London bombers on 7/7.
According to ICTS the CCTV not working at the 3 airports used on 911 and the 3 London train stations on 7/7.
They can’t show any Islamic hijackers because there was none. Do idiots really believe a terrorists passports can float through flames and be found on the ground below the Twin Towers?

Terrorist passports keep on being found at false flag incidents like 911, Charlie Hebdo, Paris and Belgium. Let’s frame the Muslims.

Israeli instant messaging company, Odigo, admitted that 2 of its employees received messages warning of the attack on 911 2 hours prior to any planes hitting. This information was never passed on. How many lives could have been saved?

Odigo has a search feature allowing messages to be passed on by nationality. So who is to say if these 2 Jews forewarned other Israeli’s? 4000 Israeli Jews worked in the Twin Towers but only 3 died on 911.

Odigo is based in Hezliya the home of Mossad. Odigo was later purchased by Comverse. The CEO of Comverse is an Israeli-US citizen Kobi Alexander. He has links to Mossad and has been charged with fraud and money laundering. Sept 10th Tokyo branch of Goldman Sachs told its employees to stay clear to the Twin Towers.

How can they have prior knowledge unless they were in some way involved? It would take a bowling ball ten seconds to hit the ground if dropped from the top of the towers. The buildings came down in ten seconds.

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