A letter to the Daily Mail – bet they don’t publish it

Before you try and dig up dirt on Max Mosley’s racist past why not do some real journalism? Investigate who owned most of the slave ships carrying African slaves to America.

Investigate who the Bolsheviks were (most were not Russians) and how many Christians they murdered in Russia. Look into how Jewish refugees who fled Russia were treated very well in Germany. It was only after WW1 when the Germans learned about the Balfour agreement and hence reason why USA joined war that they felt they had been stabbed in the back by the Zionists. Look into how the Bolsheviks turned Berlin into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah with pregnant German women lining the streets in different stages of pregnancy to sell their bodies.

Now look into the companies and individuals who helped Hitler. Hitler had no money and Germany had no oil. These include Henry Ford, Prescott Bush, AT&T, IBM, Standard Oil (Rockefeller controlled), Rothschild’s, Royal Dutch Shell, and Coca-Cola.

Look into how company’s like Remington wanted another war as war was good for business as they sold a lot of rifles.

Also look into how religions like Islam and Judaism worship the black cube of Saturn / Satan. Even Judges wear the black robes and Graduates have to wear the black cube on their heads. Dig deeper and you will find some of the elite involved in paedophilia and child sacrifice and involvement in Satanism.


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