A Universal Wage

We live in a society that has it morality wrong. We reward the workshy yet punish those people who work and pay taxes. The workshy often get free large social housing with full rents paid. They get welfare plus more money from child benefits. They then get to use the NHS for free and have free eye tests and glasses.

Yet the working man if he loses his job and sells his home can’t get welfare as he has money from the sale of his property. He is also excluded from applying for social hosing due to this! Thus all he worked for and put into a mortgage is lost in rent on the new flat and council tax.  In my case,  my mortgage was £210 and I had to move into a flat costing £525 rent a month which made it almost impossible to find work that paid.

I support paying everyone a Universal wage whether working or not and getting rid of welfare and child benefits. I also would not give social housing to people not in work. We need a lot more sticks to encourage people to work and far less carrots. The Universal wage would be £10,000 per year and no one would get a penny more.

With the Universal wage everyone would have to pay full rent and council tax. Those working in low paid jobs or volunteering would get free bus passes and 50 percent reduction in council tax.

There would be no free NHS. Everyone would be required to pay for an insurance card to cover eye tests, dentist and hospital treatment. Why should those who never contribute to society be able to free load like they do at the moment? At the moment the system is so crazy that couples live apart to maximise welfare and often the girl says she is a single mother even though partner of child stops the night.

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