A Universal wage

At the moment in the UK we reward freeloaders who never work. They are often given free social housing, rents and council tax paid. They get free prescriptions, free glasses and eye tests and can use the NHS for free.

So how can we stop this freeloading?

The answer is simple give everyone a maximum of £10,000 Universal wage whether working or not.

All unemployed would be expected to pay full rents and council tax. They would also have to pay for a medical insurance card to cover NHS costs.

Those who work in low paid jobs or volunteer would be given free bus passes and 50 percent of their council tax.

Social housing would only be given to those in work. The rest of people housed in communal hostels if they applied for free housing.

People might say we can’t afford this universal wage but many unemployed are still getting welfare over £50,000 tax free. We could end foreign aid.

The Universal wage would help those made redundant as they would not have to sell their homes. At the moment you have to sell your house then get no welfare as you have money in the bank.

The Universal wage would give people working more money to spend thus creating more jobs or they could use the extra money to start a business or train for a new career.

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