A Universal Wage

One of the best ways to improve life in the UK would be to give a Universal Wage of £15K a year whether working or not. The welfare system is inefficient and time consuming and could thus be stopped giving more time for people to look for jobs instead of filling in forms. The unemployed would then be on par with workers they would be expected to pay their full rents from the Universal Wage and their Council Tax. They would also have to pay prescriptions, dentist costs. There would for Unemployed people be an addition payment taken from their Universal Wage to help the NHS. People say how would a Universal Wage work? Well people working could choose to pay to go on courses to advance their careers or set up a business thus generating more Tax so it would pay for itself. Or if they just spent the extra money it would create more jobs in the high street. We also have to remember that some people who don’t work get over £60,000 tax free plus a free 5 bedroom modern house and a free car. So these people would lose a lot of money and it may stop them freeloading off the rest of us who work and act as a stick to get a paid job that pay taxes. Many unemployed choose not to work and only do cash in the hand jobs so the Government is not getting any income from them but providing free NHS.


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