Another Somali Rapist

Passengers stopped a Somali Rapist being deported. They should also have been removed from the plane. Thanks to these idiots thousands of women and girls are being raped across Europe. The open borders mantra is build bridges not walls yet last time I was in central Londonistan all bridges had walls built on them.

We have not hit the crux of the matter. Africa is a giant continent and has lots of safe lands close to where the migrants live. Why don’t they move to these lands? Is it because we offer free homes, free welfare and a free NHS? Why are Saudi Arabia and Israel not taking in any refugees? I would like to see them diversify.

We can’t blame migrants for wanting a better economic lifestyle but we can blame our politicians who let in these economic migrants. Often they have no loyalty to our country and some shouted abuse at soldiers returning home.

The Government says we will still need to allow workers into our country after Brexit to work in Care jobs or help farmers. We don’t need to.

In my town of Northampton we have loads of vacancies in warehouses doing manual work but the lazy British won’t do manual work.

I know people who have been given free social housing flats and get full rents paid and council tax. I know one chap who gets over £60,000 in welfare tax free plus a free 5 bedroom modern home and a free car.

The solution is quite radical we need to scrap welfare. Instead pay everyone £10,000 universal wage whether working or not. Some people would say I can’t live on this money in London. Well go out and get a job or move to place that the rent is cheaper. Why should hard working people like me be taxed just so freeloaders can never work and get to use the NHS for free?

The money we would save by scrapping welfare would be a lot – we would no longer need job centre staff. They never make people work. They are useless. Those in work could choose to do a lower paid job like caring as they would have the extra Universal Wage or they could use money to do courses and get better jobs and thus pay more in taxation.



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