There has been a lot of talk about anti-semitism in the media lately. Yet the word “Semite” refers to a group of languages of which Jewish is one of them.
One of the largest kingdoms on earth was caled Khazaria. Khazaria was sandwiched between Muslim lands and Christian lands so as to keep the peace the king converted to Judaism and the rest of his kingdom followed his example. Thus the people of Khazaria are Jews by religion only not DNA. Most modern media like CNN is owned by Jews. We should be able to criticise any religion. The Jews owned most of the slave ships carrying African slaves to America. 70 percent of the Bolsheviks were Jewish. The top Bolsheviks like Trotsky, Stalin and even Lenin had Jewish ancestry. The Bolsheviks killed 60 million Christians in Russia.
Many Jews fled Russia during World War One and moved to Germany. Germany looked after these Jewish refugees so well they became some of the richest people in Europe. It was only when the Germans found about the Balfour agreement that the mood turned against the Jews.
The name Rothschild means Red Shield the family had another name before this name. This was just the symbol they painted on their house. In 1776 the Rothschilds founded the secret organistion called The Illuminati with a long term plan of creating a New World Order with One world Government of which they would be the pindar. In Frankfurt in Germany a courier was hit by lightening and when the Germans captured this courier they found papers on how to start the French Revolution. The Germans tried to warn France of the plot. The Illuminati are behind most of the wars on our planet. Vatican money is invested in Rothschild banks. The Rothschilds control the City of London, Washington D.C and Federal Reserve. The symbol on the Israeli flag is not the Star of David but the Rothschild symbol. Israel is the feudal kingdom of the Rothschilds. Many Jews are against Zionism as before Israel was established both Arabs and Jews lived in peace in the middle east. The EU was formed at a secret meeting of the Bilderburg’s chaired by Rockefeller. Rockefeller helped Hitler during the war. He also helped set up the United Nations to further the interests of the New World Order agenda and to help his multi-national business interests. Communist China was allowed to join the UN yet they killed millions but Nationalist China was not. Many beleive that the EU was created out of the ashes of world war 2. It was palnned befire world war two by count Kalergi and mass migration from outside the EU was part of the plan. The Kalergi plan was white genocide. Kalergi wanted a new mixed-race slave race to serve the Jewish elite. We see Jewish owned media companies with adverts with black men dating white women all in the hope of brainwashing white women into the idea that a mixed race baby is better than a white one.


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