the dialect

If I wanted to install CCTV cameras down your street then your residents probably would not go for my idea. If I paid some thugs to break into a few homes and steal some things. Then the residents would go for my idea of CCTV. I have created the problem and got the solution I wanted. When the news shows oil tankers getting mined. We must ask what is the agenda that someone wants to acheive? I bet if I caught one of these frogmen he would not speak Iranian.

UK puts parasitic none workers before working people

I have come to the conclusion that this country looks after those who choose not to work better than those of us who do work. I know some people who were given a free council flat over 15 years ago but have never worked since. They get their rents paid, council tax paid, welfare, free prescriptions and dentist. They also contribute nothing to the NHS. There is no such thing as a free lunch someone pays for this normally the working taxpayers. I work for minimum wage, my rent is over £400 a month, my council tax £100 a month. I get no help with prescriptions or dentist costs and not one penny towards my rent. Last month I had dental fees of over £100 yet no help.

When I was made redundant I had to sell my flat. Then I was not allowed to apply for social housing as I had money in the bank from the sale of my flat. I could not get any welfare. We now have the crazy situation with people migrating to the UK from lands with no welfare, no NHS, no child benefits, no social housing or even free education yet being given all this once they get to the UK.

They say we need to have foreigners to do jobs British won’t do but it is our soft welfare system that allows freeloading and gives free homes to none workers that is to blame. If you work and your job comes to an end, the job centre sends you on a course. For workers like me you are often sent on same course you have done 3 times before like interview skills or C.V writing. Yet the long term unemployed only have to do 1 course then the system just ignores them. They should be made to attend job clubs 9-5 every day. Working people have to be out of the house. We can’t sit around playing video games and getting up late. When will Government tackle the issue of those choosing not to work?


Socailist none workers the great smelly unwashed

China has a big record of Human Right abuses and ignores patents and copies our technology. They have got away with this for far too long. Yet no one protested against the Chinese leader when he came to the UK. Yet Trump comes across to remember the D-Day landings when many British and Americans died comrades in arms.
Most of the protestors are Cultural Marxists. Marxism has destroyed Christian morality and the traditional family. Most former British colonies went socialist and all failed except Singapore that went Capitalist and is booming.
What Socialists need to remember to quote Lenin – the end goal of socialism is communism. The communist manifesto has 10 points but 2-10 are just how to achieve point 1 when the State owns everything. Communist Revolutions are mainly about regime change. They kill the ruling classes and also the most intelligent but also they take land of the peasants. You can’t grow your own food under communism. The state owns all but yet the banks own the state.
It is not Capitalism that is bad but the banking system. You put a £1 in a bank and they can lend 90% of this out. Then this 90p goes into other banks and so on. All money is debt. When you get a mortgage the bank has no money to lend you.
Capitalism encourages greed in some people of no morality –they will sell guns, drugs or even traffic people to get rich. They fear nothing as Christian morality has been eroded but when they die and they will they will face the only judge that matters God.
Capitalism has its good side as well like the woman who was married to the Amazon boss she now is giving away a lot of her money. Other companies give workers a share in the business.
Most of these protesters won’t be working; these socialists contribute nothing to society yet are given free NHS, free welfare and housing. It is the working man who pays for their freeloading lifestyle by paying taxes.
Does Corbyn think if he became leader he could not meet Trump? He is happy to meet Hamas and IRA members! His party were happy years ago to try and legalise paedophilia by forming an alliance with PIE. They also believe in open door immigration which has lowered the working mans wage.


Children of Satan

Oliver Cromwell was financed by the Rothschild’s. Within 50 years the Rothschild’s had gained control of the Bank of England.
Skip to Waterloo, the Rothschild’s was put in control of getting the gold to our soldiers for their wages. A fake message was sent from European Rothschild’s to London that Napoleon had won the battle. Thus the Rothschild’s took over the City of London after the stock market crashed. Next Churchill’s dad died young and he was financed by guess who the Rothschild’s. Churchill helped draw up the Balfour Agreement which would hand control of British Palestine to the Rothschild’s. If you read the Bible you will find Isaac had a son called Jacob who changed his name to Israel. Israel was never a country. No one mentions in history how the Bolsheviks were financed? The real names of Karl Marx and Trotsky? Macron was a Rothschild banker and is hated yet protests against Macron are hardly ever shown on the news. Who owns the media? This is the real reason for the EU more power to the elite families like the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s. The Rothschild’s might claim to be Jewish but are Khazars. King Bulan of Khazaria converted to Judaism. His people followed his example. They have no Jewish DNA and this is the reason they spoke Yiddish not Hebrew.


John Cleese is stating the obvious when he says London is not an English City. There is a simple saying a Dog born in a stable is not a Horse. Some people can’t seem to see a differance with Nationality, Race and Religion.
Anybody living in the UK is British, as by law they are British by Nationality. My Coat of Arms clearly states my name is of Anglo-Saxon origin; so by Race I am English but by Nationality British. If I move abroad I can’t change my race but my Nationality will change. A Chinese man converting to Islam does not become an Arab he just is a Chinese Muslim. When people say British born in London outnumber Foreign born, this is not taking into account the race just nationality. I will concede that I won’t be 100% English as I will have some Viking and Flemish DNA also. You must remember that Anglo-Saxon is a Generic word for Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians and some smaller tribes – who stretched from the North of Holland to Denmark. Anglo-Saxons were used as Mercenaries in Poland. Anglo-Saxon buildings can be found in Translavania. Mo Farah can win a Gold for Britain but his race is not British – these were the Celts. The Scots are an Irish tribe who moved to the North after the Picts vacated this land. It was the Labour Government that allowed open door migration, lowering wages and causing white flight as crime increased in the capital. Sweden had hardly any rapes but then let in thousands of migrants – now statistics show rape by Swedish on Swedish gone up a vast amount. Do people fall for the lies and believe the men doing this are ethnic Swedes? There has been a big attack on Christian values by Cultural Marxists because Communism was not victorious. Adverts too try to encourage race mixing. The truth on the Bolshevik Revolution has never been told. Marx and Trotsky are not their real names. Clues to the race of a person include how they look, what language they speak, genetic markers. The word man is the same in English and Swedish. The original English flag was red with a white dragon, the original Sedish flag also had a dragon.

Stop the freeloading

One thing I think needs sorting in the Uk is freeloading. The Government is debating University Fee’s. Yet some just go to University to party and not learn anything. They will finish University and probably go on welfare. They will never have to pay anything towards tuition costs. Foreign students gettign a loan from a British bank will go back to their home land and the money can then never be recovered – they should have to get a loan in country of origin. We have people who never work who pay nothing towards the NHS. We have others who never work who get free social housing, welfare, rents paid, council tax paid, free dentist etc. Not one Government has ever tackled this issue on people who can work but choose not to. I know some who have not worked in over 15 years and never registered with any job agencies. People who steal using other people bank cards, the bank know the address of the criminal but this is never followed up on. Many migrants come to the UK but back in their lands; they get no welfare, no free housing and not even free education. So why is the Uk obliged to provide something for them? If they come from Africa Israel was much closer and Africa has many safe lands. How many safe lands must you pass through to get to the UK. I am not against anyone coming to the UK as long as a few caveats are met. They should use only private hospitals, private schools, claim no welfare and get no social housing. Once they have paid taxes for 5 years then they become eligible for these perks. I would not give none working British or woman who get pregnant free flats. I would build warden controlled hostels with a dorm, shared kitchen, shared lounge, then they could not use drugs etc. In the old days councils visited their properties and anyone involved in amoral things were evicted – this needs to be done again. Those choosing not to work should be moved out into warden controlled hostels.

remaniacs cant do maths

Dan from London says on your letters page that 35% voted to leave the EU in the EU elections and 40% to stay. Did Dianne Abbott teach this Remainiac maths? What did the other 25% vote for?

We were not in the EU when Queen Victoria was on the throne and Italians came to the UK to sell ice-creams and Germans to work in hotels. So why a need for a EU? The real leaders of Rome were never seen in public they just gave the populous the Circus to keep them distracted. Now we have the TV, but who owns the media and what is behind the propaganda? The EU was planned before the second world war by Count Kalergi – his plan was mass migration from outside the EU to create a new mixed race slave race. The EU was put together at a secret meeting of the Bilderburg’s chaired by Rockefeller whose company Standard Oil helped Hitler. You hardly see anything on the news about the protests against the Rothschild puppet Macron. Cromwell and Churchill also funded by the Rothchilds. It is elite bankers who rule not politicians. They have got rich by financing wars. The EU is just a stepping stone to the One World Government these elite globalists desire. They want to destroy Nations. The EU has destroyed the British car industry, out steel industry and our fishing industry. We have people like Heseltine who are pro EU simply because they give him money – A conflict on interests? London was destroyed by the open door migration policies of Tony Blair who won the Kalergi prize. The English now an ethnic minority and knife crime rampant in the city.

People like Dan can work in the City and get good money in the Service Industries never making anything, and drive a German car. Those of us in the midlands are lucky enough if we can get a job paying the minimum wage. Many countries have voted to leave the EU. But the Cabal just has another vote until the country is forced to stay.

The Labour Party

Not only are the Labour Party Anti-Semitic. Quite a few years ago they tried to legalise Paedophilia by forming an alliance with the PIE. Under Tony Blair the Labour Party had an open door immigration policy that lowered wages of working men and caused white flight from major cities. The man who lived in my flat before me was a Labour Councillor and died in jail after trading images of children on the dark web. Many other Labour Councillors have been caught at work using work computers to look at child porn.

There has been a major attack on Christian morality and family values in the UK through violent video games and films. Hollywood is promoting drug taking, glorifying crime and murder, sex, infidelity and anything to make society sick. We know see an epidemic of knife crimes.

In the old days Cadbury a Quaker family with morals built a perfect place to live for workers called Bourneville. It had no crime thanks to no alcohol being allowed to be consumed on the streets. Other people wanted to live in the area as it was so nice. Cadbury said OK but if you ever sell your house then you sell it back to us at the same price you purchased it for. Labour is not the party of the working man the only people I know who vote Labour tend to be those who have not worked in the last 15 years but still get a free social flat, rent and council tax paid, welfare and free NHS. No political party has ever done anything about these parasites who just prefer to play video games all day long and not contribute anything to society.

The real holocaust

I recently walked though the alley past the Guildhall and was admiring the nice bronze statues. I noticed that you also have a Holocaust Memorial plaque in the court yard. I support this but find it amazing that the biggest Holocaust of the last century is never mentioned. Solzhenitsyn wrote some good books on this subject but they are not available in the West as those involved in the Bolshevik Revolution hold positions of power in the West. The Bolshevik revolution was financed by Jewish bankers like the Warburg’s in New York and many others. Trotsky [Not his real name] left New York with millions of dollars in a suitcase. Karl Marx [again not his real name] was also a major player. It was not Russians that killed and tortured Christians in Russia but the Elite Jews in Russia.[Khazars]

Ironically many years later some Germans who would run camps for the Nazi’s, travelled to Russia to learn “Torture Skills”.

When World War 2 began before the Germans had made any camps, some Jews were calling for the extermination or sterilisation of all Germans.

The Tzar of Russia had been killed in the Bolshevik Revolution but 10 years prior to this they had a failed coup. Many Jews left Russia for Germany and were looked after so well they became very rich.

Churchill was funded by the Rothschild’s and helped create the Balfour Agreement which is what persuaded the USA to join WW1 on the side of the British.

The last time I read my Bible Isaac had a son called Jacob who changed his name to Israel. Israel was never a country. The British had no right to give over Palestine to the Rothschild’s. It does not belong to the Jews but the Palestinians.

We must remember that Hitler was helped by the Ford Company, Shell, IBM, AT&T, Bush family, Rockefeller’s yet none of these were ever put on trail at Nuremburg.

The EU was planned by a Freemason called Count Kalergi. His dream was mass migration from outside the EU to create a slave race for the Jewish elite bankers. The same bankers [who financed Bolsheviks] who want communism because under communism the state owns all but the banks own the state. Money stolen from Russia was used by the Rothschild’s to set up the Federal Reserve to control the USA.

We can see how the Kalergi plan is working if we look at Northampton. Our Town is full of Somali’s. Yet Africa is a giant continent with many safe lands. So how do they get to the UK? They travel up Africa through safe lands. Then an organisation called IsraelAid helps them cross the Mediterranean Sea. They are picked up by German NGO’s. Both Blair and Merkel awarded the Kalergi prize for helping to destroy nations of Europe and Christianity. The UK should not be giving anyone asylum or any Foreign aid. All aid is for is to make them richer so they can migrate to the UK and send money back so more can come. Both Israel and Saudi are close to Somalia so why are they not taking in the so called refugees and diversifying. Arab, Asian, African, Jewish lands are not being made to diversify but all white lands are.

The EU and UN are both just stepping stones to a New World Order – One World Government.

The Kalergi plan and open door migration has led to thousands of woman being raped or groomed across Europe.

When I was made redundant i had to sell my flat then could not get welfare or apply for social housing even though I paid taxes for many years as a working man. I know some given free council flats who have never worked in over 15 years. In my view social housing should only be for working people, not single mothers or freeloaders or economic migrants. These migrants don’t get welfare, free housing, free NHS or even free education where they come from. Most are not fleeing any wars as there is no demographic mix – they are all young men. Once in UK they will never be removed and they will be homed in luxury homes in Londonistan. They will get loads in welfare for having lots of children and 4 wives. Yet the working English will be taxed more to pay for this so they can’t afford a family. This is the Soft Genocide of the English that is going on. Soon England like France and Sweden will be Islamic republics. All planned long ago by Kalergi. My Granddad fought in a war to stop this island being invaded. His Generation were lied to as Politicians have allowed open door immigration – especially the communist Labour party.

Please note the first Jews were from Ethiopia and black. Semite refers to a group of languages.

So can we have a holocaust memorial to those killed by the Bolsheviks please? Also those killed in Ukraine and Algerians’ killed by the Turks.