how much does the eu cost the uk?

The true cost of being a member of the European Union is £660 million a week not the £350 Million we were led to believe when we held the referendum back in 2016.

This includes more than £80 billion lost to the Treasury after the European Court of Justice forced tax rebates to multinationals and £50 billion in Eurozone bailout obligations. In membership fees alone, after the rebate has been returned Britain has paid out £70.6 billion in fees. But the Bruges Groups says our real financial commitment is £275.08 billion

The true cost to Britain of being in the EU has been £660million a week

Over seven years that is £34.3billion a year, or £661,260,000 a week.

This includes £7billion in welfare payments to EU citizens living in the UK.

In 2014 the UK was forced to hand over an extra £1.7billion after the EU bust its budget.

It was the year that then chancellor George Osborne announced a £12 billion welfare cut as part of a plan to mend Britain’s deficit.

Crucial to the equation, says the Eurosceptic group, is the £40 billion spent on propping up the euro and bailouts.

It includes £6.6 billion to bail out Portugal and Ireland, with £32 billion given to the European Investment Bank, and £1 billion to the European Central Bank. The European Central Bank received £1 billion.

Between 1995 and 2011, immigrants from outside the EU made a negative contribution of £118 billion over 17 years, the report found, using more publicly-funded services, including the NHS, education and benefits, than they paid in tax.




imposters – a massive fraud

DNA evidence clearly shows that all Jews today are Khazars, and or Turkish /Mongol stock. They are not the seed of Abraham. There is not one Jew on the planet who if did a DNA test could prove he belonged to the seed of Abraham. These modern Jews like us are Gentiles. Yet according to the Talmud Gentiles are inferior. As these Jews have no bloodlines back to Abraham they have no legal right to settle in Israel. So why are Christian Zionists supporting these fake people and the USA giving millions of dollars to people who are not Gods chosen people?

In 2001 a Jewish genetics researcher of Hebrew University in Tel Aviv, Dr Ariella Oppenheim research matches my statement that those identifying themselves as Jews are not the descendents of Abraham.

Many Celebs like Paris Hilton, Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Posh Beckham have converted to Judaism. Does this qualify them for free land in Israel?














Why can the Scottish, Irish and Welsh have their own parliaments but not the English? The population of the UK which is Jewish is 0.5%, the percentage that is Muslim is 5%, thus for fair representation Muslims should have ten times more M.P’s than Jews, Yet the truth is the Jews are over 8 times over represented. They also have influence over the BBC, Daily Telegraph and many other media companies.


Plutocracy not democracy

We live in a plutocracy. Governments don’t run the world old money does. It is the Old World Order. The elite have control over resources and workers. Banking is rigged; it is a model of perpetual debt. In 2015 97% of wealth in the world was debt.

The central bank’s loan Governments money with interest. To clear the debt more money has to be printed. The only way to clear national debt is seize the resources of other countries. This means war that taxpayers must fund, it increases terrorism. 27 million people worldwide are now in some form of slavery yet still the top 1% has 99% of the wealth.

massive fraud in uk

Ex RAF Engineer Gordon Bowden uncovered a massive money laundering fraud being carried out from an address in Finchley Road. I know he gave evidence to the BBC. Yet this has never been reported in any national newspaper.

What’s more important, however, is that 788-790 Finchley Road has over 209,000 fake oil, gas and mining companies registered at the address, including 25,000 by one octogenarian called Barbara Kahan alone!

The fraud does not just show money laundering and many senior M.P’s are implicated but also uncovers that 3 Nuclear Weapons from South Africa have disappeared.


Members of my family were badly wounded fighting the Germans. You won’t see my buying a German car. We liberated France yet the French seem to love the Germans more than the English. I try and avoid buying French cheese and wine. In my opinion English make better cheese anyway.

Most countries outside the EU have no welfare. Yet we allow migrants to stay who say they are refugees yet in reality they are just economic migrants. We give them free housing, welfare, NHS, educate their children.

To pay for this we tax the working English man so he can’t afford a family of his own. Yet many migrants never work and have large families. We are witnessing the slow genocide of the English by demographics and the death of English culture by multi-culturism.

I won’t shop at any business employing these migrants. In my opinion migration was all planned to keep wages down and destroy the nations of Europe. The elites behind mass migration, mainly banking families and individuals like George Soros just use the Hegelian dialect of divide and conquer for their own ends. They did this in Russia and millions of Christians were wiped out.

Why are people worried about no deal Brexit – we should go back to eating seasonal food and local food from local farmers – not food produced overseas? When the Globalist get their one world Government then things will be much worse. The Georgia Guidstones clearly states they want to reduce population of Earth by 80%.