Quality of life

What is the impact of the destruction of the English countryside by modern agriculture?

Hedges have been filled in, downlands destroyed, marshes drained and ancient monuments destroyed to create more land for crops no one needed.

Farmers got paid to do this through the EU CAP policy; we were charged £10 million a year for this.

We have lost 95% of wildflower meadows, 50% of our chalk grasslands, 94% of lowland bogs, and 50% of wetlands and 186,000 miles of hedgerows.

The wildlife then disappears due to loss of habitat.

Sparrowhawks, owls, otters have all gone.

Governments tell us this is progress. What about quality of life? Now we have overcrowded roads, noise, air, light pollution. You can’t get to see a local Doctor.

The animals have declined due to chemicals being sprayed on the crops and fertiliser used for bigger yields. You can’t hear a Nightingale sing, or see hares and butterflies in the fields.


Since the end of the second world war Cultural Marxists have been hell bent on destroying Christian and traditional family values. They have used the media – mainly films and video games to promote violence, drugs and promiscuity. They have promoted same sex marriage and feminism.
We now see the results of these attacks, bigger divorce rates and children carrying knives.
Our Government could do something. They could change the way social housing is allocated. Working people and married people should be put first. Those not working, single mothers or those with criminal records should only be housed in warden control hostels. These hostels would just have shared kitchens and lounges and bunk beds. As they are warden controlled the lodgers could not be smoking drugs or consuming other illicit materials.
Councils too should visit the properties they rent out and if people are smoking drugs they should be given a warning. If caught again then evict them. The Government could make all unemployed attend job clubs 9 – 5 every day. After all working men have to be out of the house all day and can’t play video games whilst getting free rents and council tax paid.
At the moment drug addicts get more in welfare without any requirement to attend a detox course.


Have the lunatics taken over the asylum? Africa is a giant continent and has many safe lands. Saudi Arabia has Sharia Laws, Israel is closer to where most refugees come from! So why do we give asylum to people who have passed through safe lands. I can understand asylum in war time as all Europe was under control and people of certain religions in danger. But Europe is free of war. So why are we giving asylum to people who are just economic migrants? They don’t get free NHS,free housing, welfare or even free education where they come from. Many come here with large families and never work then the English who work are being taxed for our own demise. We have seen what the loss of Christian morality is doing in our big city’s. Go to Saville Town Yorkshire which is 98% Muslim – is this the diversity the Left Wing wants for our country? People won’t integrate history tells us this. We even let people stay who say they have got a cat so have a right to family life, or people who say they are Gay but seen dating a person of the opposite sex, or Muslims saying they are now Christians but go to the Mosque. These Fake-U-gees tthen send cash back home so more come. We even have so called refugees going back home on holidays.




The last time I looked at my atlas, Africa was a giant continent with many safe lands. Israel is closer. Most Africans don’t get welfare or free NHS or free schooling or social housing. Yet my town is full of Somali’s who said the magic word asylum then get free housing and welfare. The working English are being taxed for our own destruction. Saville town in Yorkshire has the diversity the left wants it is 98% Muslim. When I was made redundant I had to sell my flat, I could not get any help with my rent of £525 a month, could not apply for social housing due to money from sale of my flat. So all money I ever worked for was used up. Trump is right these four women are communists and a danger to America. Why must all white lands diversify but not Arab, Asian or African or Israel?

Universal Credits

My job was terminated on the 4th July. I will be paid my last wage at the end of July. But Universal Credit won’t give me any payment until the end of September. My wage was minimum wage so just over £1000 a month. Yet I will have to pay 2 months rent payments 2 x £405 and 2 x £100 council tax before I get any money from UC. I can’t get an advanced loan as my UC claim was left open. I visited my Doctor today and my blood pressure has gone up and I have been put on tablets. I don’t think UC realise how the sress effects us. I am bi-polar and don’t need the worry of not being able to pay bills and getting bank charges hanging over me.


We can cure almost every cancer right now [1969]. Information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute.

Dr Day continued “But consider if people stop dying of cancer, how rapidly we will become overpopulated. You may as well die of cancer as something else”

“The plan was to cull the population through medicine, food, new laboratory made diseases and suppression of the cure for cancer”

Dr Day was the Medical Director of the organisation called Planned Parenthood.

Cancer needs glucose to survive and cancer tissues are acidic. By adopting an alkaline diet and eating raw foods you can keep your body in an alkaline state. B-17 and carrot juice have been proven to work. Yet cancer wards feed patients food cancer thrives on like pasta, biscuits etc

Rife machines cured cancer but no longer exist.  Chemotherapy weakens the body’s immune system, so cancers are likely to return.


Feminists rant the mantra that women are equal to men

if they believe this to be so then why are women not competing as equals?

we need to see women competing in the hundred meters against men, in weighlifting , in tennis.

lets see how long this EQUALITY MANTRA LASTS

A Basic law of nature is inequality.