Being a webmaster.

My old website was getting over 250,000 hits a year. So clearly people must have liked the content. yet not one single visitor made a paypal donation to thank me for my hard work and most of all time spent doing the blog.

The web host arvixe recently put up my hosting price from $30 dollars a year to over $100. As someone in a low paid job and just doing the web site to inform people. I had no option but to stop contract and start a fresh. It is very hard to migrate a wordpress site to a new host.

Now I put most of knowledge I learn of value into Kindle books on the Amazon KDP website so if people want the content then they have no option to pay me for my time spent doing so.

There is no such thing as a free lunch – please remember to help webmasters otherwise the web will just be websites controlled by the mainstream rich media company’s

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