blair war criminal fake war on terror

There is no doubt a serious incident took place at Canary Wharf on the morning of July 7th. Reports came from multiple sources and countries. Yet not reported by mainstream media because if bombers blew themselves up on the trains how could they be shot outside the Wharf?

At least 3 of the 4 suicide bombers were shot dead. We therefore know they were not on the tube trains. We know the 07:40 from Luton was cancelled. We know it is an inside job by MI5 /Mossad to make the public believe the war on terror and blame Muslims. We also know there was a terrorist drill taking place on 7/7.

Richard Jones says Habib Hussein was on the number 30 bus with him! Those who do crimes tend to have a scapegoat. He said it was a Muslim bomber. Jones worked as an apprentice at an explosives factory in Ayrshire. The red bus had been tampered days before. The metal cut so that the roof blew off for dramatic effect, actors faked injuries. A white van at side of the number 30 had Kingstar on the side. Kingstar is a company that specialises in controlled demolition and robotic demolition.

The sick joke even the bus had the poster on it “Outright terror.. Bold and Brilliant”.

They said they found Hasib Husseins I.D at Tavistock Square, and another I.D of one of the bombers was found in two separate locations. How can you be in two locations at the same time? How can I.D’s survive bomb blasts?

Witness Marie Oates-Whitehead said she heard two explosions on the bus. She was found dead in her flat 5 weeks later.

John McDonald on the Edgeware road train on the morning of 7/7 said there was a small bang, then a big bang, then two smaller bangs. How can a rucksack bomb make 4 explosions?

He said he came across a big hole in the train and the metal was bent upwards. Only explosives under the train would bend metal upwards.

James Casbolt former MI5 agent knows the Muslim men were stooges and set up as patsy’s using the fake terror drill to lure them into the trap.


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