Brexit blues

I once worked for a company that made gloves in China. My job was to re-package the gloves into bags that said made in Britain. These gloves then were sent out to various hardware shops. I wonder how many people are deceived into thinking products they buy are made in the UK?

A friend at work said his girlfriend was worried about Brexit as the Belgium company she worked for would see costs of things they import go up. It turns out this company just makes pastry flan bases. Is this the state of the UK when we can’t make our own pastry cases?

If the UK is to real succeed after Brexit we need a truly independent bank free of the central banks that cripple us with debts and have an influence on politics. The trouble is JFK and Lincoln tried this and were assassinated.

Hopefully after Brexit we can get back our fishing grounds at the moment the French and Dutch and Spanish steal most UK fish.

Also EU puts tariffs on all food made outside the EU so they cost the poor more for food. MEP’s can’t make laws and can claim expenses without showing any receipts. Why do you need 2 EU parliaments with all the extra costs involved.

We don’t owe EU a penny when a company parts you divide the assets. EU owes us for our investment in the buildings, artwork, software, wine, EU space program. UK put far more money into Nato. They stole our fish and caused our steel industry to collapse.


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