History told by whom?

In 1905 there was a failed coup in Russia to remove the Tsar. Many Jews left Russia to live in Germany. In Germany they were looked after so well they became wealthy and top business leaders.

During World War 1 Germany was easily winning the war and offered Britain peace. Then Zionists approached the British Government and said you can win this war if we get the USA to join. In return we want Palestine for the Jewish homeland, this is known as the Balfour Agreement. We had no right to promise this land it is like the Chinese promising Alaska to the Indians.

When the Germans found out about why they lost the war they felt stabbed in the back and angry.

Hitler turned Germany around by printing his own money free of the Rothschild central banks. He also removed Jews from power as the Bolsheviks had turned Berlin into a place of few morals.

Most of the leaders of the Bolsheviks like Trotsky [Levi Bey] were Jewish and he left New York with millions of dollars. Cheka’s were also mainly Jewish and killed millions of Christians in Russia. They used methods like letting rats eats them alive or nailing your intestine to a stake then whipping you until your guts came out. They also bayoneted Christian babies.

We must remember that Churchill was a Zionist and a friend of the Rothschild’s. The plan to move Jews to Israel was hatched long before Hitler came to power. The Rothschild’s wanted revenge on Hitler. They also wanted revenge on JFK and Lincoln too as they printed their own money.

In Nazi Germany they had two political parties the National Socialists and the Zionist Workers Party.

The Zionist Workers Party would stop any Jews going to the USA and if they would not be re-educated with the aim of getting them to Israel then they would be handed over to the Nazi’s and thus sent to their deaths. The word Holocaust means sacrifice but a sacrifice for whom? The fight between Marxist Jews and Zionist Jews is still going on today with the normal Jew being played by both sides. George Soros is a Marxist Jew.

People should read “1666 Redemption by Sin” that explains how what happened in the past still has echoes today.



How the Jewish Rothschild Zionists Created Modern Israel

Tip read 1666 by Robert Sephyr








End of World War 1

When World War 1 ended, the Germans went to the Paris Peace Conference. There were 117 Jews there headed by Bernard Baruch. When they were sharing out Europe the Jews said “How about Palestine for us?” They then showed the Balfour Declaration. So now the Germans knew the real reason that the USA had entered the war. Remember they had offered England peace when they were winning.

In the 1860s, the British-Israelite movement was initiated from within freemasonry. The goal was to establish a Jewish-Masonic state in the Turkish province of Palestine.

Luring the Jews to Israel was proving difficult as they liked European life too much. So Europe had to be turned into a nightmare for the Jews.


Lenin said “The role of Jewry will be the most important thing to establish a New World Order. Jewry possesses adaptable characteristics together with outstanding intelligence and extreme cruelty” A Russian could never treat Russian counter-revolutionaries as cruelly as a Jew can.” F.Osendowski.

Gods chosen people

There is good and bad in all religions. Yet when the Roman Empire existed some Jews followed the Roman Army around to buy and then sell the captured slaves in other parts of the empire. Jews also owned many of the slave ships carrying Africans to America and also owned these African slaves in America. American politics are dominated by Israel and most American mainstream media companies like Fox and CNN are owned by Jewish families. We never get to hear about the 20 million Christians killed in Russia by Bolsheviks who were mainly Jewish. There is evidence in some parts of the world of Jews sacrificing children for their religion. We also must note that many who consider themselves Jewish have no Jewish DNA but are descended from Khazars.

There is no evidence that Moses parted the red sea it is just a fairy story. There is no legal claim that Israel belongs to the Jews. Jews consider themselves Gods chosen people!  This means they see the rest of us as Goyem.

We must be free to criticise all religions and have the real truth of history revealed. The Germans only began to hate the Jews after World War 1 when they found out about the Balfour agreement. Israel belongs to the Rothschild’s.

The school of Frankfurt that moved to America during World War 2 is behind Cultural Marxism and most original members were Jews. They wanted to make the west so corrupt it stank. When I see Israel opening its doors to the thousands of refugees in that part of the world I might think differently about Israel. Yet all White lands are expected to diversify but not Arab, Asian or African.

They will probably say I am anti-Semitic for writing this yet the word Semite just means a group of languages including Arabic and Jewish.



child sacrifice

Each day in this country, twenty-three hundred children are reported missing.

… Of the more than eight hundred thousand children reported missing nationally every year, only thirty-five hundred to four thousand fall into what the Department of Justice categorizes as Non-Family Abductions, or cases which the police soon rule out: family abductions, running away, parental ejection, or the child becoming lost or injured. Of these cases, three hundred children disappear ever, year and never return.

No one– not parents, friends, law enforcement, child-care organizations, or centers for missing people-knows where these children go. Into graves, possibly; into cellars or the homes of pedophiles; into voids, perhaps, holes in the fabric of the universe where they will never be heard from again.



Our god is Lucifer

« Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer
… – and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive. »

— Harold Wallace Rosenthal, a top Administrative Aide to one of this nation’s ranking senators, Jacob Javits R-NY, in a tape recorded interview by Walter White, Jr., which was conducted in 1976. From the book « The Hidden Tyranny ».

Harold Rosenthal was supposedly murdered for giving this interview in 1976 during which he boasted about how a group of Jews are manipulating the stupid and gullible Goyim.

This interview clearly reiterates « the program » of the « Protocols of Zion », and, since it was tape recorded, it becomes an undeniable evidence of not only this truly satanic conspiracy, but the Protocols themselves.

The Hidden Tyranny – Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview

Jewish Occult Murders:



Rev. Dr. (of law) Matt Hale was originally scheduled to give this speech at a public library, which the European Historical Society had scheduled. However, violating his constitutional Free Speech rights, Jews, working cohesively, changed the library rules that decided not to let him speak.

Undeterred, on April 10, 2002, Rev. Dr. Matt Hale gave this speech about some crimes that fanatical members of the Jewish cult have committed for over three millennia. This speech was given for the radio talkshow, The Hal Turner Show, and also became available on the Internet.

Soon thereafter, Rev. Dr. Matt Hale was involved in a lawsuit against the library for depriving him of his rights.

This was but one event in a long-string of events where Dr. Hale has been maliciously targeted by Jews for his outspokeness. Dr. Hale was also denied the right to practice law, after spending several years in law school, graduating with the title Juris Doctor, and then passing the bar exam.

It wasn’t long after this speech that Dr. Hale gave about Jewish ritual murder when he was imprisoned on trumped up charges. Jews in the government were able to convict Hale for what one of their agents did. Hale is now in solitary confinement, imprisoned among terrorists, for telling the truth about Jewish hate crimes.

How could fanatical Jews commit acts of human sacrifice?

The topic I have before me today is not an easy one to discuss. It is something that is, perhaps, older than written language itself: human sacrifice.

When I initially heard about this topic in relationship to Jewish extremists, I was extremely skeptical, as I’m sure many of you out there may be. How could fanatical Jews in the past – and even to this very day – commit acts of human sacrifice?

I thought: Surely, this can’t be true; it must be just pure, unadulterated, anti-Jewish propaganda. After further investigation, looking well into the matter, I discovered, however, that it was not anti-Jewish propaganda but a fact that has had a terrible impact on society for at least three millennia.

I know that many of you may doubt what I say today, but I ask you to look into these matters yourself afterwards to see for yourself whether I’m telling the truth.

It is true that many of the people who conducted such research into these matters were branded by Jews with the epithet of « anti-Semite, » a term that it seems is used by Jews to stifle discussion on any topic where Jews have done wrong, which is why I never let the term bother me. But, if someone who is branded an « anti-Semite » by Jews says the sky appears blue on a sunny day, is it any less blue, just because the so-called anti-Semite said it was?

anti semitism

In France between 2013 and 2014 the number of anti-semetic attacks doubled. Reaching 851 attacks in 2014. Jews make up 1 percent of the population of France yet make up 50 percent of the racist attacks. On Bastille Day 2014 immigrants chanted “Death to the Jews!”
A Muslim gunman shot dead 3 children at a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012. In a Jewish museum in Brussels in 2014, another Muslim gunman killed 4 people. An Imam in a Berlin mosque in 2014 urged God to destroy Jews. Critics of Islam also killed all over Europe especially after drawing cartoons of their prophet. Islamic homophobia has never been brought up by the press and not one person prosecuted for FGM in the UK despite thousand of girls forced into having FGM. Algerian President Houari Boumedienne told the UN “One day millions of men from the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the Northern one. Victory will come from the wombs of our women”. Europe is like Dr Frankenstein we have created a monster and this nemesis will destroy Europe and be the death of liberal ideas such as separation of church and state. We already treat Muslims as different and allow them to have their own Sharia Laws. We have seen no go zones spread around Europe, diversity is a myth. We have thousands of girls forced into arranged marriage many married when not of a legal age. All this is done just to get a British passport and is another route for economic migration.