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The founding father of the EU was an anti white supremacist. He was a freemason called Count Kalergi. The Kalergi plan was always mass migration from outside the EU to create a new slave race to serve the Elite. Who are these Elite? They are the international bankers and probably the reason why Switzerland was never in any war as these bankers finance them and profit from death of others.

The financing for the Bolshevik Revolution came entirely from outside Russia, mostly from financiers in Germany, Britain and the United States. Jacob Schiff was one of the principal backers of the
Bolshevik revolution and personally
financed Trotsky’s [Lev Davidovich Bronshtein] trip from New York
to Russia. It would be a mistake to conclude, that Jacob Schiff and Germany were the only players in this drama. Trotsky could not have gone even as far as Halifax without having been granted an American passport and this was accomplished by the personal intervention of President Wilson.

To appraise Schiff’s motives for supporting the Bolsheviks, we must remember, that he was a Jew and that Russian Jews had been persecuted under the Tsarist regime. Consequently the Jewish community in America was inclined to support any movement, which sought to topple the Russian government and the Bolsheviks were excellent candidates for the task.

History is all about just following the money. The money stolen from Russia was then used to set up the Rothschild Federal Reserve bank in the USA. JFK was killed for trying to create his own money and so were Lincoln and Gadaffi.

The same people who own the banks own most of the main stream media. The United Nations is implementing the Kalergi Plan but they call it replacement migration. Yet article 3C of the United Nations on Genocide defines Genocide as putting into place factors that result in the decline of a race. You will see this MSM broadcasting the propaganda adverts often black men with white wives and Kalergi children. In 1975 1 in 3 people on earth were white now we are less than 1 in 15. All white nations are having diversity forced on them but no Arab, Asian or African lands. Why is Saudi Arabia not taking in any Muslim Refugees? They are very rich and can finance mosque building all over our planet. They have Sharia Laws Muslims want to live under.

The Rothschild’s are very wealthy from all the oil in Israel and could build homes for many refugees in Israel. Yet they build none. Anyone who knows the bible knows that Isaac had a son called Jacob who changed his name to Israel it was never a land. All Israel is a land grab to get closer to the oil in the Middle East. Israel has caused many of the current refugee problems. Saudi Arabia won’t allow you to take in a bible or build a Christian Church in the Kingdom so please stop talking about white supremacists – we don’t think we are god’s chosen people. You can’t become president of the USA without support of Rothschild’s and the Jesuits. The Jesuits are not just a religious order but also a military order and hence this is why the Vatican’s guards are called the Swiss Guard. The Divide and Conquer that is happening in Europe now is the same that happened in Russia it was just a pity the white Russians were not the victors but they never had all this money helping them.

If anyone tells the truth on what really happened in the Bolshevik Revolution and that those behind it killed more than Hitler they will be called anti-Semitic. Shows you who really controls the media and politics.




In February 1945 the war was almost over and Germany had been defeated. 500,000 refugees had flooded into Dresden. Dresden now had a population up to 1 million people. 4,000 tonnes of bombs were dropped onto Dresden. Thousands of people burnt alive. Dresden was no military target. Those who escaped were gunned down by Mustang fighters flying in low to even murder children.
It was Jewish advisors like Lindemann, Untermeyer and Morgenthau who encouraged Churchill and Roosevelt to do this. Churchill was financed by the Rothschild’s.
Thanks to Eisenhower refusing to let in Red Cross parcels over 1.7 million German POW’s died from starvation. Stalin sent 4 million German’s to the Gulags to never return. The census done by the allies shows a missing 5.7 million people who died from starvation policies of the allies. 17 million Germans dies in WW2 compared with 330,000 British military deaths.
Two tears after the war ended the allies were still using German prisoners breaking the rules of The International Red Cross and The Geneva convention.
Even before America joined World War 2 the Jews had published a book called Germany must Perish and preached Extermination of all Germans before any gas chambers had be alleged – George Lincoln.
Hitler knew that Jewish Freemasons controlled Germany and large parts of Europe. What he did not know is how they control America, Britain and France and how they would use this control to turn Germany into rubble.
When you look at all the women raped by the Allies in Europe can you agree with Churchill us Allies are no monsters?

Remember a Jewish Freemason killed Franz Ferdinand start World War 1.


In 1905 there was a failed coup in Russia. Many Jews migrated to Germany where they were looked after very well. At the end of WW1 the Germans found the reason why America had joined this was the Balfour agreement. The British stopped Trotsky [this is not his real name] in New York he had millions of dollars in a suitcase. This cash was used to fund the Bolshevik revolution and cash stolen from Russia set up the Federal Reserve in the USA. Jewish Bolsheviks killed millions. Jews were calling for extermination of all Germans before any camps. Nazi Germany had 2 political parties. It was the Zionist party that prevented Jews immigrating to the USA. They could go to Israel or Zionists handed them over to the Nazi’s. Why don’t we ever know about those killed by Jews? Churchill was financed by the Rothschild’s just like Macron. MSM like Reuters is owned by the Rothschild’s. Jews own a lot of media companies and most Hollywood films.
The Bible was written in Latin and Greek. These languages have no letter “J”. We must ask therefore where the words Jesus and Jew originate. This is because Jesus was from Judea which was shortened to Ghu in the Bible. Israel is named after 3 Gods these being Isis, Ra and El. El is the old name for Saturn. A hexagram can be found at the North Pole of Saturn.
Most Jews have no Jewish DNA they originate from Khazaria. King Bulan ruled over a pagan land and changed his religion to Judaism so the rest of his people followed his example. Families like the Rothschild’s originate from Khazaria.

the destruction of the west

Hate Speech?

The ADL has condemned European Americans, such as the administrators of Bob Jones University, who oppose racial intermarriage. Yet the ADL supports Israel, a nation that does not even recognise as a legal union marriage between a Jew and a Gentile.
The Talmud teaches Jews that Jesus is an idol and thus Christians are idol worshippers. The Talmud instructs Jews to behead idol worshippers.
The Talmud states in Rosh Hasanah that Christians will burn forever in hell.
Talmud: Baba Mezia 114b states the Jews are human beings, but non-Jews are not human. They are beasts.
Sepher Ikarim iric^25 : it is permitted to take the life of a non-Jew.
Jews still celebrate the Feast of Purim that celebrates the deaths of 75,000 Persians.

The Holy Koran also says that al Muslims should kill the Infidels [Non-Muslims]

Israel controls America

In 1967, Israel occupied Syria’s Golan Heights. Israel and the Rothschild’s wanted to steal the Syrian oil that had been found there. The exploration companies were a subsidiary of Genie Energy. Jacob Rothschild is a part owner of Genie Energy. Other owners of Genie Energy are Dick Cheney. 750,000 Palestinian’s have been removed from their homes thanks to Israel.

During the 1967 war Israel had a plan to detonate a nuclear device in Egypt’s Sinai desert. Itzhak Yaakov was given a two year suspended sentence for trying to disclose this plan. So we know if Arab countries fight back then Israel will nuke them. In June 1967 Israel attacked the U.S.S Liberty killing 34 crew members and wounding 174. Surviving crew members were threatened with court martial. US President Johnson refused to defend the attack on the U.S.S Liberty now Israel has a free hand to wage aggressive wars.

Ariel Sharon said “We the Jewish people control America, and Americans know it.”

Israel gets this $15 billion from the USA per year this is because Rothschild Zionists in USA give to the other hand Rothschild Zionists in Israel.

Jews make up 2 percent of the American population but 90 percent of the Presidents Administration.

All American Presidents have to be loyal to AIPAC [America Israel Public Affairs Committee] and carry out its orders.

Congressmen and Senators pledge loyalty to Israel not America.

Trumps top donors were all Ashkenazic Jews:-

Sheldon Adelson $23 million

Miriam Adelson $23 million

Robert Mercer $15.5 million

Bernard Marcus $7 million

Pro-Israel institutions in America have allocated $4.25 million to buy the minds of Senate and Congress members. So it is not Russia trying to influence elections in America it is Israel.