Another Somali Rapist

Passengers stopped a Somali Rapist being deported. They should also have been removed from the plane. Thanks to these idiots thousands of women and girls are being raped across Europe. The open borders mantra is build bridges not walls yet last time I was in central Londonistan all bridges had walls built on them.

We have not hit the crux of the matter. Africa is a giant continent and has lots of safe lands close to where the migrants live. Why don’t they move to these lands? Is it because we offer free homes, free welfare and a free NHS? Why are Saudi Arabia and Israel not taking in any refugees? I would like to see them diversify.

We can’t blame migrants for wanting a better economic lifestyle but we can blame our politicians who let in these economic migrants. Often they have no loyalty to our country and some shouted abuse at soldiers returning home.

The Government says we will still need to allow workers into our country after Brexit to work in Care jobs or help farmers. We don’t need to.

In my town of Northampton we have loads of vacancies in warehouses doing manual work but the lazy British won’t do manual work.

I know people who have been given free social housing flats and get full rents paid and council tax. I know one chap who gets over £60,000 in welfare tax free plus a free 5 bedroom modern home and a free car.

The solution is quite radical we need to scrap welfare. Instead pay everyone £10,000 universal wage whether working or not. Some people would say I can’t live on this money in London. Well go out and get a job or move to place that the rent is cheaper. Why should hard working people like me be taxed just so freeloaders can never work and get to use the NHS for free?

The money we would save by scrapping welfare would be a lot – we would no longer need job centre staff. They never make people work. They are useless. Those in work could choose to do a lower paid job like caring as they would have the extra Universal Wage or they could use money to do courses and get better jobs and thus pay more in taxation.



Brexit blues

I once worked for a company that made gloves in China. My job was to re-package the gloves into bags that said made in Britain. These gloves then were sent out to various hardware shops. I wonder how many people are deceived into thinking products they buy are made in the UK?

A friend at work said his girlfriend was worried about Brexit as the Belgium company she worked for would see costs of things they import go up. It turns out this company just makes pastry flan bases. Is this the state of the UK when we can’t make our own pastry cases?

If the UK is to real succeed after Brexit we need a truly independent bank free of the central banks that cripple us with debts and have an influence on politics. The trouble is JFK and Lincoln tried this and were assassinated.

Hopefully after Brexit we can get back our fishing grounds at the moment the French and Dutch and Spanish steal most UK fish.

Also EU puts tariffs on all food made outside the EU so they cost the poor more for food. MEP’s can’t make laws and can claim expenses without showing any receipts. Why do you need 2 EU parliaments with all the extra costs involved.

We don’t owe EU a penny when a company parts you divide the assets. EU owes us for our investment in the buildings, artwork, software, wine, EU space program. UK put far more money into Nato. They stole our fish and caused our steel industry to collapse.



EU boss spending colossal £10,000 a MONTH of YOUR cash

But receipts of the European Commission President’s spending are being kept secret to protect his “privacy

Unlike in the UK, where officials disclose receipts showing how they spend public money, EU chiefs have fought long battles to keep detailed breakdowns of their expenses secret.

Under Commission regulations, we requested details of Juncker’s expenses between January and the end of June last year.

After initially refusing our request, EU chiefs revealed how he racked up an expenses bill of 66,914 euros – the equivalent of about £60,000 – during the six-month period.

According to the papers, Juncker carried out 26 “missions” during this time and incurred huge travel, accommodation and other expenses.

A whopping £42,900 was claimed for transport, £11,300 went on accommodation, £2,600 on daily allowances and £3,190 on “miscellaneous” costs.

Trips included a visit to London for dinner with Theresa May.

But details of exactly what Juncker put on hospitality and subsistence expenses during the six months have been kept secret.

Under the Commission’s regulations, we requested receipts and bills for the hospitality and subsistence claims made by the former Luxembourg Prime Minister.

But EU chiefs refused to disclose the documents to protect the “privacy and integrity” of Juncker, who says the UK will come to “regret” the decision to leave the EU.

The latest revelations come after it emerged Juncker spent £23,000 on a private jet trip to Rome last year.

The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and his team racked up a bill of £24,450 by chartering a private plane for a one-night visit to Rome, campaigners have revealed.

The fee for the “air taxis” which commissioners are supposed to charter only when there are no commercial options available was part of almost half a million euro bill accumulated by the 28 commissioners in January and February 2016.

Spanish-based human rights group Access Info spent several years trying to obtain detailed information about EU officials’ expenses and following an official request, the Commission released the travel expenses documents.

The private jet from Brussels to Rome was used by Mr Juncker and an eight-people delegation in February 2016.

CIVIL SERVANTS WHO WORK for the EU are given credit cards for expenses but never have to show any receipts for what they spend the cash on – most likely hookers and champagne in Strasbourg.

MEP’s can turn up for work and get paid then just go straight home just like House of Lords in the UK.

MEP’s can’t make any laws they just sign laws off, these are passed to them from unelected beurocrats.

you will never change the EU it was all planned by Count Kalergi and mass migration from outside the EU for the purpose of white genocide and to create a new mixed slave race to serve the Zionist banking families like the Rothschilds.

America only joined WW1 becasue of the Balfour agreement where Britain would hand over Palistine to the Rothchild Zionists.

Rockefeller familie business helped Hitler during the war without this help London could never have been bombed, Shell oil supplied the petrol for German tanks to invade Holland.

Rockefellers helped form the UN and EU at a secret meeting of the Bilderburgs – it is just another stepping stone to the New World Order planned by the Illuminati in 1776 the data on the American Dollar in Roman Numerals. time to wake up folks.

SO it it no wonder i dont like the EU.

Remainiacs please stop crying crocodile tears

Tim Martin, Chairman of Wetherspoons clearly understands Brexit. To quote his autumn 2018 free magazine.

“By eliminating tariffs on non-EU imports post Brexit, WTO rules say they can be no tariffs, either, on EU imports discrimination is not allowed. Free trade means cheaper food, clothes and will be a boost for trade with poorer none EU countries. We will be better off by £39 billion, offered by the P.M for a deal we never needed. Avoiding a deal we get back our fishing grounds, 60 percent of our fish at the moment are caught by EU boats.

Lower shop and pub prices and no payment to unelected MEP’s of Brussels will make a huge difference. We must remember MEP’s were not allowed to make any laws just pass what was passed down to them by unelected politicians. The EU was planned before World War 2 by Count Kalergi. Readers should research the Kalergi plan.

I for one will now spend more of my cash drinking and eating at Wetherspoons and boycott pro-EU idiots like Superdry and Richard Branson – I won’t use Virgin products.

It would be great to see us become more patriotic and buy things made in the UK once again and build up our Manufacturing base again. The EU owes us money for our share in EU buildings and art work. They also owe us for the satellite project we invested a lot of cash into.



slow death of Europa

Europeans going anywhere in the world is colonialism. Yet now any one from the world can come and live in Europe and won’t be removed. Other countries still remain the home of those countries. You have to pass a DNA test to migrate to Israel.

Not only have we imported the world but the world’s problems. We have handed to the next generation a society that is chaotic and fractured and unrecognisable.

It is Muslims who have killed other Muslims in Britain for doctrinal reasons. We had a minority Ahmadiyya Muslim shopkeeper killed by a Sunni Muslim for wishing his customers happy Christmas.

Asylum seekers say they are from Syria when they are not, they say they have converted to Christianity, They say they are homosexual yet in heterosexual relationships or say they have right to a family life as they own a cat! Or they say they are child refugees yet look about 30.

The truth is once in the UK they won’t be removed. Most refugees to Europe are economic and most are young men. They only have to go ten miles off the shore of Libya where European ferry services will then bring them to Europe.

Migrants in Calais have broken EU laws to get there. They have not applied for asylum in the first country of entry. This is the Dublin Treaty, it does not give the right to go to the countries with best welfare package, free housing etc.

The road to hell

Summer 2014 – Stockholm music festival took place.

Girls as young as 14 surrounded by gangs of migrants mainly from Afghanistan, molested and raped.

local police just covered this up and no convictions and Swedish press silent.

other organised rapes by migrant gangs took place all over Sweden.

in 1975 just 475 rapes in Sweden by 2014 over 6,620.

by 2014 Sweden had highest level of rapes per capita of any country in the world after Lesotho.

Women gang raped on a Ferry from Sweden to Finland – Swedish press said they were Swedish men yet in reality they were Somali Muslim scum bags.

Report in Denmarkshows Somali scum 26 times more likely to commit rape than Danish men.

yet no one can talk about this. IN UK grroming gangs are called ASIANS yet this is an insult to CHINESE AND INDIANS WHO DONT RAPE ENGLISH GIRLS – YET THEY ARE MAINLY PAKISTANIS OR OTHERS BUT THE COMMON FACTOR IS … ISLAM





In 2010 Germans polled 47 percent said “Islam does not belong in Germany” by 2016 this figure was 60 percent. The political classes of Europe the solution was not to clamp down on the things the public are objecting to but the objecting public.

When British Soldiers on return from Afghanistan marched through Luton the group al-Muhajiroun heckled them calling them baby killers and murderers. The Police protected these extremists.

Al-Mahajiroun were allowed to hand out flyers and posters in Mosques without impunity but locals opposed to this group were prevented by the police if they tried to hand out leaflets.

Abdul Qadeer Baksh, Luton Islamic Centre, works with local M.P’s and politicians. He believes Islam to be in a war with Jews, in an ideal society homosexuals would be killed and women lashed. Yet Police never raided his home. Yet EDL leader Tommy Robinson had home raided, computer stolen, and they wanted to pin the label of Nazi on him whatever he did. European Governments avoided finding Islamic extremists guilty but any movement opposed to them they went out of their way to find guilty. Any criticism of Islam or terrorism or gang rape will be met with calls of racism, xenophobia or bigotry. Anyone who criticises the critics is elevated to the position of anti-Nazi.

One of the killers of Lee Rigby had spoken at an anti-fascist rally. Muslim extremists had threatened to kill EDL members for telling the truth. Anti-fascist idiots in my home town stopped Nigel Farage from giving a speech; they often use violence and act more fascistic than fascists.

They won’t let UK leave the EU.

The boss of Superdry has just given £1 million to an organistion trying to get a second referendum. Virgin boss is also pro-EU. M.P’s like Heseltine are pro-EU, he gets millions from the EU. Can we have a list of all these remainiacs so people like me can boycott these comapnies please? They are traitors. EU was planned by Count Kalergi. Merkel /Junker / Blair all won the Kalergi prize. Readers should google the Kalergi plan.


They say the UK needs migrants due to our ageing population. These migrants must be very special people who never grow old! They say we need migration as diversity is good for the UK. The English are already an ethnic minority in London and Birmingham. So how much more diversity does the UK need? Will it be enough when the English are 20 percent of the UK population, or 10 percent or no English people left?
They say migration increases the UK wealth. If a migrant gets a job as a Doctor then he will make a contribution. Yet many don’t work especially the woman. Some women see their role as breeding as many children to increase the size of their religion. Most migrants will need their children to be educated, use the NHS, claim welfare, be given free social housing. It cost the NHS over £20 million providing translators last year. Many other European countries charge for this service.
Also due to marriage between close relatives many immigrant children have health problems. We have not seen one prosecution for FGM yet even though a1000 girls a week get this done in the UK. Most migrants are unskilled and so have driven down wages for the British working man. When I go around my home town I see homes with over 20 bin bags put out for collection. This makes me ask how many people are living in these homes. They say Britain is a Nation of Immigrants but this is a blatant lie. The Norman Conquest only increased our population by 5 percent. The Huguenots increased our population only by 50,000. Since 1997 we have had over 30,000 migrants coming in every week. I worked with one migrant who had over 40 brothers and sisters so we are facing a demographic time-bomb. Many of these migrants don’t want to integrate and want to live by their laws and not British Laws.
Sarah Champion M.P pointed out that girls were being groomed in Rotherham and these girls were mainly white girls and some Sikh girls but not any Muslim Girls. She told the truth that those involved were mainly Muslim Pakistani men – not Asians as the press always says.
She was forced to resign and the Rotherham council cried racist. Yet Islam is a religion not a race. One of the councillors for Rotherham attended so called sex parties where these young girls were being abused. Is this how diversity improves the UK? Do the acid attacks in London enrich us or the drug dealing by mainly immigrant children on the London estates? Many of these children live with just a mother due to our welfare system and their fathers not being bothered to stay around.
The UK will not be able to build enough homes to house all these migrants yet even more will come as they have no welfare in the lands they come from or a free NHS. Migration has led to people not being able to get Doctors appointments. It causes more pollution and overcrowding. The only winners are the Multi-Nationals who get cheap workers but the people who own these companies don’t have to live with the migrants.
The answer is only let people into the UK who won’t claim any welfare, who have enough money in the bank to buy their own home and send their children to public schools and use private hospitals. Why should hard working men be taxed to pay for economic migrants to live here? Sarah Cox M.P was pro immigration and we saw what happened she was killed. Yet people with her liberal ideas are destroying our country and what is left of British culture. We should never have given asylum to anybody as all these migrants have safe lands close to home. We also need to end Foreign Aid and use the money to help our ageing population who struggle to pay the fuel bills.
We see Feminists shout about Trump due to the way he treated women in the past. These same feminists are silent when it comes to 1000’s of white working class girls being groomed just because a religion regards them as infidels and worthless!