We had some students protesting about Global Warming in my home town yesterday. I assume when they go on foreign holidays they go by yacht so as to not pollute our planet. I also assume they must walk or cycle to college and not go by car? Do they wear clothes manufactured thousands of miles away? Do they buy local produced food from farmers markets or choose food from far afield?
Most schools and colleges have been infected by Left Wing teachers and most pupils leave without being able to think for themselves but just follow the herd. If they did their research they would find that ice core data reveals carbon dioxide rises only after a period of warming and thus is not the cause. If they studied the sun they would find a pattern between wars and periods of high sun spots. They would also note that we are entering a period of cooling rather than warming. Everything is in cycles including the zodiac that moves 1 degree every 72 years.
So the best way to stop global warming is to be anti-globalist and act locally, this means boycotting multi-national companies and their products. The richest people on the planet made their wealth through polluting our planet or financing war. But these students will still use their smart phones which to make requires mining soil for gold and other rare metals and thus pollutes the water supply.
It is the Human Race that is over breeding and thus putting too much pressure on resources that is the main issue.





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