Attack of the Clones

Is all that matters GDP? In the pursuit of growth we flatten our history, heritage, landscape and cultures. Orchards have been bulldozed, markets gone, farms sold off and public squares. People who object are pushed to the margins. At the moment they don’t have the time and effort to extinguish this character. But it will be regenerated, because there is no other way.

Tesco want to know what you buy and when. CCTV cameras are everywhere. Corporations privatise our streets. Legislation forces the small guys out of business but does not touch the clones.

People are richer and have more technology but the sad thing is they are not as happy. Globalisation has destroyed the soul and our connection with nature. So what is the answer? We have the power as consumers. Don’t shop at the clone shops but support your local farmers and local markets and independent businesses owned by working men not multi-nationals.



We can cure almost every cancer right now [1969]. Information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute.

Dr Day continued “But consider if people stop dying of cancer, how rapidly we will become overpopulated. You may as well die of cancer as something else”

“The plan was to cull the population through medicine, food, new laboratory made diseases and suppression of the cure for cancer”

Dr Day was the Medical Director of the organisation called Planned Parenthood.

Cancer needs glucose to survive and cancer tissues are acidic. By adopting an alkaline diet and eating raw foods you can keep your body in an alkaline state. B-17 and carrot juice have been proven to work. Yet cancer wards feed patients food cancer thrives on like pasta, biscuits etc

Rife machines cured cancer but no longer exist.  Chemotherapy weakens the body’s immune system, so cancers are likely to return.