who is behind mass migration?

How could a small ethnic group of 15 million people exterminate over one billion people of European descent spread over our planet? The Jews came to the conclusion it was possible to neutralize Europeans racially rather than exterminate them. Just cause them to mix with other races and thus lose their racial characteristics. Mestizos and Eurasians would be far easy to control by them.

This would be achieved through non-white immigration into white countries a soft genocide.

There are activities that tend to lower birth rate amongst whites and Jews are active in these. These are transgenderism, homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, birth control, abortion and feminism. Feminism is the greatest factor of these and Jews are dominant in this movement.

The destruction of Libya and the attempt to destroy Syria is to do with the Oded Yinon plan. Israel wants to weaken all Muslim countries from Morocco to Pakistan so they control the region. So called Syrian refugees [80% are not Syrian or refugees]. Are directed not to rich Gulf states or Israel – but to Europe or other white lands. IsraAid and George Soros are heavily involved.

You can’t criticise behaviour of immigrants as you will be punished by Human Rights Commissions, Racial Equality, and Anti-Discrimination etc.  In Sweden criticism of the Governments immigration policy is now punishable.

Immigrants and minorities are favoured over whites when it comes to housing and jobs, Whites don’t get the benefits as they are already privileged. Since the money for these benefits comes from somewhere Whites are more taxed than non-Whites making the forming of families more difficult, while non-Whites can afford bigger families.

National flags are forbidden because they would be offensive to immigrants. Christian symbols not allowed as offensive to Muslims even Christmas cards have been neutralized to say season’s greetings.

Next stage of white genocide is assimilation; we are not allowed to have any community for white people. Every place deemed too white must become diverse. Diversity is a code word for white genocide.

In the movie Dark Tower we have the black movie star Idris Elba who saves the fate of the world and leads the weak white people to safety. Jewish controlled Hollywood will try and push for him to be the next James Bond despite James Bond being a white spy.

Interracial marriages are being forced on the population to promote diversity. The end result is children all of the same skin tone. There will be no diversity. They don’t want diversity just the destruction of whites. The Zionists are Nationalists it is ok for Israel to have a majority Jewish population but not ok for any white country to have a majority white population. Anyone standing up for white Nationalism is labelled a Nazi.

Theodore Kaufmen in 1940 wrote a book called “Germany must perish”. Why because they wanted a land for just Germans? Just like Israel a land just for Jews!

This book on Germany says all Germans should be sterilized and the race left to die out. It also includes the breeding out theory mixing them with other races. We must remember that Merkel won the Kalergi prize.

If a white person wrote a similar book to Germany Must Perish about Jews he would most probably be locked in prison and called an anti-Semite Jew hating Nazi.


Christianity under major attack

Before 1965 in America immigration was almost exclusively white. Then a new immigration act was passed. Now immigration is almost exclusively non-white. The immigration Act was Communist legislation designed to destroy the republic.

By 2050 whites will now be an ethnic minority in America. It was Jewish leaders that lobbied and promoted the Immigration Act to come into existence.

Jewish organisations like the American Jewish Congress, The Jewish Federation, ACLU and the B’nail B’rith all filed briefs to support open door immigration. George Soros has helped this cause in recent years.

Jews were also behind the passing of immigration laws in Britain also in 1965.

“Europe is not going to be monolithic societies as they were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that, Jews will be resented because of our leading role” – Barbara Lerner Spectre [Jewish].

Can you imagine going to Israel and campaigning to stop Jewish songs? Yet Christian carols are not tolerated in our society. If an African country has a right to be a black majority then why don’t whites have the same rights?

Communism came from Illuminism a concept designed to destroy all belief in God and especially Christian values.  We must remember that the end goal of Socialism is Communism to quote Lenin.

dot to dot

The founding father of the EU was an anti white supremacist. He was a freemason called Count Kalergi. The Kalergi plan was always mass migration from outside the EU to create a new slave race to serve the Elite. Who are these Elite? They are the international bankers and probably the reason why Switzerland was never in any war as these bankers finance them and profit from death of others.

The financing for the Bolshevik Revolution came entirely from outside Russia, mostly from financiers in Germany, Britain and the United States. Jacob Schiff was one of the principal backers of the
Bolshevik revolution and personally
financed Trotsky’s [Lev Davidovich Bronshtein] trip from New York
to Russia. It would be a mistake to conclude, that Jacob Schiff and Germany were the only players in this drama. Trotsky could not have gone even as far as Halifax without having been granted an American passport and this was accomplished by the personal intervention of President Wilson.

To appraise Schiff’s motives for supporting the Bolsheviks, we must remember, that he was a Jew and that Russian Jews had been persecuted under the Tsarist regime. Consequently the Jewish community in America was inclined to support any movement, which sought to topple the Russian government and the Bolsheviks were excellent candidates for the task.

History is all about just following the money. The money stolen from Russia was then used to set up the Rothschild Federal Reserve bank in the USA. JFK was killed for trying to create his own money and so were Lincoln and Gadaffi.

The same people who own the banks own most of the main stream media. The United Nations is implementing the Kalergi Plan but they call it replacement migration. Yet article 3C of the United Nations on Genocide defines Genocide as putting into place factors that result in the decline of a race. You will see this MSM broadcasting the propaganda adverts often black men with white wives and Kalergi children. In 1975 1 in 3 people on earth were white now we are less than 1 in 15. All white nations are having diversity forced on them but no Arab, Asian or African lands. Why is Saudi Arabia not taking in any Muslim Refugees? They are very rich and can finance mosque building all over our planet. They have Sharia Laws Muslims want to live under.

The Rothschild’s are very wealthy from all the oil in Israel and could build homes for many refugees in Israel. Yet they build none. Anyone who knows the bible knows that Isaac had a son called Jacob who changed his name to Israel it was never a land. All Israel is a land grab to get closer to the oil in the Middle East. Israel has caused many of the current refugee problems. Saudi Arabia won’t allow you to take in a bible or build a Christian Church in the Kingdom so please stop talking about white supremacists – we don’t think we are god’s chosen people. You can’t become president of the USA without support of Rothschild’s and the Jesuits. The Jesuits are not just a religious order but also a military order and hence this is why the Vatican’s guards are called the Swiss Guard. The Divide and Conquer that is happening in Europe now is the same that happened in Russia it was just a pity the white Russians were not the victors but they never had all this money helping them.

If anyone tells the truth on what really happened in the Bolshevik Revolution and that those behind it killed more than Hitler they will be called anti-Semitic. Shows you who really controls the media and politics.



Saville Town

A migrant who comes from a land where there is no welfare, no social housing, no NHS, no child benefits, no free education will be given all these things for free if they get to the UK. They will never be removed. Many will be housed in the most expensive areas of London with councils fixing rents well below market rates so the migrant can get his full rent paid by the system. Under the Home Office Joint Tenancy Agreement they also get a free TV licence and free phone calls back home as well as legal aid to fight being removed. Many lawyers have become millionaires stopping these economic migrants being removed.

Compare this to an English man who has worked and paid taxes all his life. If he loses his job and has to sell his property. He won’t get any welfare or any help with his council tax. He will be banned from applying for social housing as he has money in the bank due to having to sell his property.

So all the money he worked for and put into his mortgage will be used up. The rent on his new flat will make it almost impossible to find a job that will pay the rent.

When we live in a country that puts economic migrants before Englishmen whose grandparents fought for this country can politicians be surprised that these folk then have right wing views?

What should happen with these economic migrants is they should have all assets seized and bank accounts seized to pay for the cost of rescue and accommodation. Then they should be returned to the land of origin. By letting them stay they send money back to others and so the exodus continues until the English will be an ethnic minority everywhere not just like we are in London and Birmingham. You only have to see what has happened in Saville Town, Yorkshire to see the diversity the Left want – there are no English left in this town.




I have no objection to anyone coming to the UK to live. The caveat being they should be financially able to support themselves. They should not be able to use the NHS, get welfare, social housing or free education for their children. Once they have paid enough in taxation then these should become available.
The English created most of our wealth by inventing things yet we give money away to foreign lands without asking the question why they can’t create their own wealth? Some of the countries we give money to spend lots of money on space or military programs. Foreign Aid also damages the local economy in some of these countries as it lowers the price of local food. Also aid food is often stolen or dictators create more chaos to get more aid.
I am fed up with the UK giving free social hosing to the work shy, they also get to use the NHS for free. When I was made redundant and had to sell my flat, I then could not get any welfare or help with council tax as I had money in the bank due to having to sell my flat.
I am against asylum because in my opinion it is an economic choice. There are safer lands closer to the country of origin of the so called refugee. If there is war in these lands then why are the young men of fighting age not fighting. Can you imagine if all the English during World War 2 just went to Ireland and claimed asylum?
Why do rich lands like Saudi Arabia never host these asylum seekers they have plenty of tents in the desert that are not used. Also Israel has been involved in a lot of wars and should take its share of asylum seekers.


time to end asylum – they are all economic migrants costing our country a fortune

At least 24 ADULT asylum seekers posing as KIDS – costing taxpayer £1mil for their care

LIVERPOOL council has have found that 24 adult asylum seekers have been found posing as children with £1million spent on their care, courtesy of the British tax payer.

A legal fight is underway to stop £1million of taxpayer’s money being spent on adult asylum seekers posing as children, it has emerged.

Liverpool council say 39 refugees have arrived in the city since May whose ages are in doubt.

Special assessments to determine their age have already cost £60,000.

Another 17 cases are still being assessed, according to the Daily Mail.

Liverpool City council Cabinet member for children and social care, Councillor Barry Kushner, said: “We will start to challenge these cases so we’re not rolling over all the time.

“But this is a judicial review and is expensive. They cost £20,000 to £30,000 a time.

“There are some legal firms playing the system, which is a real issue. We need the Government to link things together because their age assessments at the point of entry into the UK are not robust enough

Even if we think young people are adults, we have to get a proper assessment and place them in the right environment – we can’t put them with other children – which takes time and money. Local taxpayers are picking up the tab for what should be coming out of the national pot.”

A small minority of people seeking asylum in the UK lie about their age to get better support from the state.

This includes a high-profile case in Ipswich of a man posing as a GCSE student, before he was exposed by students.

But it can be difficult to determine an asylum seeker’s age and solicitors can threaten judicial review, meaning councils will incur huge legal costs to fight the case.

A report said £1million has already been spent by Liverpool Council and an additional £500,000 may also have to be spent.

Deputy chairman David Simmonds added: “Fair play to Liverpool for trying to stand up to it. But win or lose, the taxpayer always loses out.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “Age-disputed cases remain challenging.

“The Home Office will treat someone claiming to be a child as an adult where their appearance and demeanour very strongly suggests they are significantly over 18.

“We recognise that local authorities feel funding for supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking children remains an issue and that is why it is under review.”

Nine Iranian migrants RESCUED after crossing to UK in tiny boat

NINE suspected migrants from Iran have been found clinging to the rocks off the Kent coast after reportedly crossing from France in a small boat.

Kent Police were called shortly before 7am “to reports of concerns around a number of people in an inflatable boat off the coast of Dover,” a spokesman told the Daily Star Online.

The group said they were from Iran, the Home Office revealed, explaining that the individuals will be processed in line with the immigration rules and a criminal investigation will be launched.

The incident is being dealt with by the Home Office and Border Force who are being assisted by the Coastguard, police added.

Asylum cheat who ‘missed the sunshine back home’ had £40k benefits WIRED to him

AN ASYLUM seeker collected almost £40,000 in benefits despite returning home to Somalia four years ago.

Mohamed Qoomal, 72, came to Britain as a refugee in 2002, claiming that his life was in danger in his home country.

But in 2013 he snuck back to Somalia, letting a friend live rent-free in a council-funded flat in Harrow, North West London.

He also had his pension credits wired to him.

The fraud went unnoticed until the Department for Work and Pensions wrote to his Harrow address asking to see him.

Qoomal’s friend alerted him and he returned to the UK early last year.

He used a fake immigration stamp to try and fool investigators, but they were buying none of it.


This week he was jailed for 15 months after admitting two counts of dishonestly failing to notify a change of circumstances regarding pension credit and housing benefits.

Outrageously, Qoomal still received reduced benefits of £44-a-week while the case was pending.

He also demanded a taxpayer-funded interpreter during his case at Isleworth Crown Court.

Judge Jonathan Ferris slammed the pensioner and said he was shocked that he had been allowed to get away with the scam for so long.

He said: “He came here as a refugee 15 years ago and then goes back to Somalia to enjoy the nice weather. How does that work?

“I don’t see why a person who took nearly £39,000, went to another country and fabricated an immigration stamp on his passport should not go to prison immediately.

“What ties does he have in this country apart from the benefits system?”

Thousands of failed asylum seekers have been deported from the UK but they often return often on the next plane and then get granted asylum . You could not make this up. The lunatics are running the asylum.

Most come from countries with no NHS, no welfare, no social housing, no free rents, no child benefits, no free dentist. Yet we house them for free in expensive homes in Londonistan and give them everything.





In the last couple of weeks we have had over 100 people across the channel seeking a new life on Treasure Island. These people could be terrorists or have links to international drug gangs.

What should happen is they should have all their assets seized banks accounts and mobile phones to pay for their rescue and looking after them. They should be returned to their land of origin in this case Iran.

What will happen though is they will be housed in luxury homes in London, they will get welfare, free NHS, free education for their children and the rents paid on this accommodation by the British Taxpayers.

This is despite the fact that the countries they come from would never give free education, free NHS, welfare or social housing.

My Granddad fought in a war to stop this country being invaded yet politicians have allowed this mass invasion. The English better wake up quick or soon we will be a small minority and our history as a race lost. When we buy services like hairdressing, taxi, car wash we should only use companies that employ the English. If they employ these economic migrants then boycott them. If we fail to do this then they will send the money abroad and more migrants will come until we end up outnumbered like we are in Londonistan already. The Labour party allowed mass migration for Gerrymandering reasons. No one not born in the UK should have been allowed to vote. Blair should be on trial for treason especially with the fake war he took us into.



If an immigrant comes to live in the UK it will automatically create more jobs. The country will need more food, more cars and more buildings for accommodation, doctors, schools, prisons etc.

Immigration is good for big companies as it helps keep wages down. Is immigration good for our economy? If we divide the GDP by population count we find the answer is no. Immigrants tend to use welfare, the NHS, and their children get free school education. Many come from countries where there is no welfare or free NHS.


Immigration can benefit towns with more new cuisine on offer but do lots of fast food kebab shops enrich an area?

Then we have the negative sides of immigration with some immigrants having links to organised crime, the increase in honour killings and FGM and intolerance to others not of their religious dogma.

Immigration has caused rents to increase for working men. Knife crime is most prolific in areas where immigrants have settled. People can no longer send their children to the nearest school and have to wait to see a Doctor. Our streets are overcrowded and our roads badly polluted leading to serious medical problems for people with breathing problems.

Immigration has reduced our quality of life yet no one ever takes this into account and no one will say what an ideal population limit is for the UK. They say we need immigrants because of our aging population but are immigrant’s special people who never grow old. How will society cope when they too grow old? We live in an age of automation so jobs won’t be as plentiful and with 2 billion people in China those here won’t be able to compete with these people as they will do the same job for much less money.