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Illuminati families


Collins [Todd]

Du Ponts








Van Duyn





Many of top 13 families involved in the world’s illegal narcotic trade. Queen Victoria made lots of money from opium trade with China [grown in India].  Other key families making money from drugs trade include Sassoon, Bronfmans, Cabots, Shaws, Bacons, Perkins, Morgan, Forbes, Cisneros and Oppenheimers.

See Dope Inc



Armed conflicts have always been a real and huge source of income to us, as well as a subtle means of power-wielding across the globe. Almost all of the big international bodies, whether political or military are of Masonic origin.
Our compatriots are there in key positions and follow our plans to the point of precision. The UN and NATO are just two of our influential tools.

Signore Massini Freemason, Bilderberg Group

Alfred Pike 33 degree Mason born before World War 1 wrote a letter to Massini outlining the plan for three world wars.



The state of German armament in 1939 gives us the decisive proof that Hitler was not contemplating general war. It was Britain and France that declared war on Germany. Hitler wanted peace with Britain. There is no record of Winston Churchill offering peace to Germany.

To quote Hitler September 17th in the Reichstag:-

“So that not only the German people but all Europe may once be granted the blessing of peace”.

Churchill admitted that the war was not against Hitler or National Socialism but to smash the strength of the German people once and for all.

Every attempt to inform the British people of Germany’s Peace Offer was stopped by Churchill. Churchill was a man who had used chemical weapons in Iran.

If peace broke out in 1940 that would have been the end of Churchill’s career. We can see that Churchill wanted war and Hitler did not.

If Britain and France declared war on Germany to reclaim its territory in Poland then why not declare war on the Soviets for invading Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania?

It is because Hitler wanted to run his own banks so the international financiers would never let him get away with this. The only reason the British troops escaped Dunkirk is because Hitler allowed it to happen as he still hoped for peace. Hitler admired the British Empire and said that the return of Germany’s colonies was desirable not essential and offered to support Britain with troops. Hitler just wanted to stop the spread of communism across Europe unfortunately we are now controlled by a communist EU.



To join skull and bones you lay in a coffin and tell those present who you have slept with and what you did. George Bush was a member thus wide open to blackmail.
Only Israel and Rothschild’s benefit from war on terror. Mossad agents were filming towers and arrived at 8am before planes hit. They danced when planes hit towers. They said they were there to document the event. How did they know what would happen? To investigate a crime follow the money. Plane that hit pentagon killed those investigating missing dollars.

post brexit

People say migration has made a positive contribution to the UK yet if you divide our GDP by number of people in the UK you will find it is not going up. Any migrant will create jobs as you need extra people to supply goods and services they need. We must remember migrant’s children get free education and in the future the migrants will grow old then cost out NHS a fortune.
The true cost of immigration to the UK is over 17bn a year, calculated as gap between amount migrants pay in taxes and consume in public services. Plus the quality of life goes down with longer waiting times for Doctors and more polluted roads.
Post Brexit they say we will need more unskilled migrants from abroad! There are thousands of people in the UK who choose not to work and are rewarded for this. They get free social housing, rents and council taxes paid, free dentist, free NHS, free prescriptions, free school meals, free education for their children and to top it all they get a bigger state pension than those of us who work and pay taxes.
Why should this country rob Doctors from abroad this is immoral and denies people living in those countries a skilled worker. We should be training the Doctors here.
They say we will need more skilled workers like Engineers from abroad. What companies want is people with the skills required but they know they can pay people from the 3rd world much less.
I spent 5 years studying Electronics yet after I graduated I could earn more in a warehouse loading vehicles than using my Electronics knowledge.
30 years later and companies don’t need Electronic Technicians as all they need is a so called Service Engineer yet all he does is swap a circuit board or part. This is just swap-tronics and just needs an unskilled worker. Even complex circuit boards can be tested automatically these days using computers.
Companies must remember to study for a degree you lose out on 5 years of wages thus a loss of £65,000. You also now get into debt if you go to University.
Thus you have a shorter working life of about 41 years; just to break even a graduate needs a wage of over £20,000.
It is not financially worthwhile going to University. I just wish students would stop doing this and think about working for themselves this is the only way to have a good life.
By going to University I ended up poor and without status and money. Without status you can’t attract a wife so I have no wife or children. This is the true cost for many who go to University very few get a well paid job and meet a woman also in a good job.
If companies want skilled people why don’t they provide apprenticeships?
The real issue no Government has ever tacked in the last 30 years is why some people are allowed to get away with never working. The leader of Class War lives in a house worth over £500,000 and has never worked. He reminds me of the Socialist Workers who I see in town every week, they too don’t work! When I was made redundant after 8 years at one company I had to sell my flat and then because I had money in the bank from the sale I could not get any welfare, any help with council tax or my new rent which was £525 a month, my mortgage was £210. This is how this country rewards those of us who work.




The Chase Manhattan Bank’s form of colluding with the Reich was particularly heinous. Because Carlos Niedermann, Chase’s representative in Paris, had very good personal relations with the Nazis, he agreed to their requests that the bank seize the assets of at least one hundred Parisian Jews that were considered especially worth pursuing by the Reich. This doubtless helped the Gestapo capture those people. Chase Manhattan was hardly alone in this, though. In 1998, the company was part of a suit demanding reparations from J. P. Morgan and Citibank for the millions of dollars stolen. In the end, the payouts were $200 a month. The survivors and descendants had to fight to not have large amounts of the payments eaten up by wire transfer fees.

7. Dow Chemical


It’s not too much of a stretch for many people to imagine oil companies collaborating with evil people. We are used to the mental image of oil companies being willing to prop up evil dictators to have access to petroleum and similar atrocities. Dow Chemical was one of the companies that provided an insane amount materials for the Nazis, including not only raw materials but also American technological innovations in regards to oil refinery. The contributions were so extreme that it allowed the Nazis to forgo their previous quotas to accommodate the influx. This indicates the Nazis were taken by surprise in regard to how much material they received from these American companies! No wonder they were able to achieve the massive armament build-up that they did.

6. Brown Brothers Harriman


During the early 1930s, Fritz Thyssen ran a business that he used to help finance Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Brown Brothers Harriman was a subsidiary company that he used as a base of American operations. This collusion is of particular note because it was integral to the basis of the claim that Prescott Bush, father of Ex-President George Bush and of course grandfather of Ex-President George W. Bush, supported the Third Reich. He was on the board of directors for BBH and in 1942, the company’s assets were seized by the federal government. Suspicions then arose that some assets were taken as part of the Bush family fortune. These, among other reasons, came to light in 2003 as part of the presidential campaign, and make it appear that the Bush family owed their fortune to Nazi activities. It really does seem like the sort of discovery an opposing campaign team would dream about making in regards to their opponent (not that it ultimately helped much).

5. Woolworth


In 1933, 1.25% of the company’s entire inventory came from Germany, but mostly it was in the form of trinkets, like Christmas decorations. At the time, even that led to protests in America because news was coming from Germany that the Reich was beginning its public persecution of the Jews. When Woolworth conceded to public pressure and removed the offending items from its stock, it caused protests over in Germany over the abuse of their “hospitality.”

What was significant about Woolworth’s interaction with the Nazis was a horrible thing that Woolworth did, that ultimately lent legitimacy to their notorious anti-semitism. Woolworth fired all of its Jewish employees. This won them the designation “Adefa Zeichen,” an award reserved for companies that were “pure Aryan.” Most likely Woolworth doesn’t advertise their products with that seal of approval.

4. Alcoa


Alcoa is now the third largest aluminum producer in the world. Back in 1941, it was much more powerful. It had a monopoly on aluminum in addition to owning a massive amount of America’s electricity production and other minerals. Before America declared war on Germany, it sent so much of its aluminum product over to Germany that the country made upwards of sixty percent more aluminum products than America. When the US’s involvement in the war began, there was a massive aluminum production shortage in America, in no small part because of Alcoa’s monopoly. Alcoa essentially sold the Axis powers much of the material to build their war machines and a reprieve from the American war machine.

3. Ford Motor Company


When Hitler pays tribute to you in his biography and keeps a portrait of you in his office, it will be hard for you to claim that you did not have some connection to him. However, Henry Ford didn’t seem particularly inclined to distance his company or himself from the Nazis anyway, since he accepted Germany’s highest honor freely and never returned the award while Hitler was alive. He was a committee member of the America First Association which advocated America to stay out of World War II. In 1998, it came out that the Third Reich was providing Ford’s factory in Cologne with 1,200 Russian slaves, as a potential form of compensation

2. General Motors


Similar to their automotive rivals, General Motors was sued by Holocaust survivors for assisting the Nazi war machine. Beginning in 1935, GM built a factory in Berlin for the purpose of building “Blitz” trucks for the Wehrmacht. Ford began building similar trucks around the same time, but GM was the number one producer of the vehicles that were vital for the quick conquests of Poland, France, and much of the Soviet Union. Albert Speer, the minister of armaments and war production, claimed that the rubber GM supplied was the key to the ability of the Germans to wage war the way they did. Inevitably when America declared war on Germany, the Reich seized GM’s German production facilities.

Although neither Ford nor General Motors ever fully conceded that they had willingly participated in the use of slave labor, they both were massive contributors to a fund started in 2000 for Holocaust survivors.

1. International Business Machines


In 1933, International Business Machines began providing Germany with punchcard machines that functioned as precursors to modern computers and databases. Documents have since been uncovered that show that as late as 1941, IBM was working in tandem with the Reich to liquidate Jews from Holland. IBM employees were training SS personnel how to use their machines to record the movement, sorting, and mass execution of large numbers of undesirables, at times right in the headquarters of death camps. These machines, however, remained IBM property at all times.

In 2002, IBM was sued by five gypsies to collect reparations because their parents had been killed during the Holocaust. After four years of legal discussion, the case was dismissed due to the statute of limitations.

Remainiacs please stop crying crocodile tears

Tim Martin, Chairman of Wetherspoons clearly understands Brexit. To quote his autumn 2018 free magazine.

“By eliminating tariffs on non-EU imports post Brexit, WTO rules say they can be no tariffs, either, on EU imports discrimination is not allowed. Free trade means cheaper food, clothes and will be a boost for trade with poorer none EU countries. We will be better off by £39 billion, offered by the P.M for a deal we never needed. Avoiding a deal we get back our fishing grounds, 60 percent of our fish at the moment are caught by EU boats.

Lower shop and pub prices and no payment to unelected MEP’s of Brussels will make a huge difference. We must remember MEP’s were not allowed to make any laws just pass what was passed down to them by unelected politicians. The EU was planned before World War 2 by Count Kalergi. Readers should research the Kalergi plan.

I for one will now spend more of my cash drinking and eating at Wetherspoons and boycott pro-EU idiots like Superdry and Richard Branson – I won’t use Virgin products.

It would be great to see us become more patriotic and buy things made in the UK once again and build up our Manufacturing base again. The EU owes us money for our share in EU buildings and art work. They also owe us for the satellite project we invested a lot of cash into.



slow death of Europa

Europeans going anywhere in the world is colonialism. Yet now any one from the world can come and live in Europe and won’t be removed. Other countries still remain the home of those countries. You have to pass a DNA test to migrate to Israel.

Not only have we imported the world but the world’s problems. We have handed to the next generation a society that is chaotic and fractured and unrecognisable.

It is Muslims who have killed other Muslims in Britain for doctrinal reasons. We had a minority Ahmadiyya Muslim shopkeeper killed by a Sunni Muslim for wishing his customers happy Christmas.

Asylum seekers say they are from Syria when they are not, they say they have converted to Christianity, They say they are homosexual yet in heterosexual relationships or say they have right to a family life as they own a cat! Or they say they are child refugees yet look about 30.

The truth is once in the UK they won’t be removed. Most refugees to Europe are economic and most are young men. They only have to go ten miles off the shore of Libya where European ferry services will then bring them to Europe.

Migrants in Calais have broken EU laws to get there. They have not applied for asylum in the first country of entry. This is the Dublin Treaty, it does not give the right to go to the countries with best welfare package, free housing etc.