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The founding father of the EU was an anti white supremacist. He was a freemason called Count Kalergi. The Kalergi plan was always mass migration from outside the EU to create a new slave race to serve the Elite. Who are these Elite? They are the international bankers and probably the reason why Switzerland was never in any war as these bankers finance them and profit from death of others.

The financing for the Bolshevik Revolution came entirely from outside Russia, mostly from financiers in Germany, Britain and the United States. Jacob Schiff was one of the principal backers of the
Bolshevik revolution and personally
financed Trotsky’s [Lev Davidovich Bronshtein] trip from New York
to Russia. It would be a mistake to conclude, that Jacob Schiff and Germany were the only players in this drama. Trotsky could not have gone even as far as Halifax without having been granted an American passport and this was accomplished by the personal intervention of President Wilson.

To appraise Schiff’s motives for supporting the Bolsheviks, we must remember, that he was a Jew and that Russian Jews had been persecuted under the Tsarist regime. Consequently the Jewish community in America was inclined to support any movement, which sought to topple the Russian government and the Bolsheviks were excellent candidates for the task.

History is all about just following the money. The money stolen from Russia was then used to set up the Rothschild Federal Reserve bank in the USA. JFK was killed for trying to create his own money and so were Lincoln and Gadaffi.

The same people who own the banks own most of the main stream media. The United Nations is implementing the Kalergi Plan but they call it replacement migration. Yet article 3C of the United Nations on Genocide defines Genocide as putting into place factors that result in the decline of a race. You will see this MSM broadcasting the propaganda adverts often black men with white wives and Kalergi children. In 1975 1 in 3 people on earth were white now we are less than 1 in 15. All white nations are having diversity forced on them but no Arab, Asian or African lands. Why is Saudi Arabia not taking in any Muslim Refugees? They are very rich and can finance mosque building all over our planet. They have Sharia Laws Muslims want to live under.

The Rothschild’s are very wealthy from all the oil in Israel and could build homes for many refugees in Israel. Yet they build none. Anyone who knows the bible knows that Isaac had a son called Jacob who changed his name to Israel it was never a land. All Israel is a land grab to get closer to the oil in the Middle East. Israel has caused many of the current refugee problems. Saudi Arabia won’t allow you to take in a bible or build a Christian Church in the Kingdom so please stop talking about white supremacists – we don’t think we are god’s chosen people. You can’t become president of the USA without support of Rothschild’s and the Jesuits. The Jesuits are not just a religious order but also a military order and hence this is why the Vatican’s guards are called the Swiss Guard. The Divide and Conquer that is happening in Europe now is the same that happened in Russia it was just a pity the white Russians were not the victors but they never had all this money helping them.

If anyone tells the truth on what really happened in the Bolshevik Revolution and that those behind it killed more than Hitler they will be called anti-Semitic. Shows you who really controls the media and politics.



Stepping Stones to hell.

Mrs May stopped the Brexit vote at 3.33:33 . The number 33 has always been significant to secret society groups like the Freemasons. I think this is a coded message. The Illuminati will never let us leave the EU, any attempt will be sabotaged. The politicians are not elected by us but selected by them. The end game for the Illuminati has always been a New World Order with just one Government ruling the whole planet, but it can only be achieved in small stepping stones. The EU and United Nations are part of the whole plan.


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Israel controls America

In 1967, Israel occupied Syria’s Golan Heights. Israel and the Rothschild’s wanted to steal the Syrian oil that had been found there. The exploration companies were a subsidiary of Genie Energy. Jacob Rothschild is a part owner of Genie Energy. Other owners of Genie Energy are Dick Cheney. 750,000 Palestinian’s have been removed from their homes thanks to Israel.

During the 1967 war Israel had a plan to detonate a nuclear device in Egypt’s Sinai desert. Itzhak Yaakov was given a two year suspended sentence for trying to disclose this plan. So we know if Arab countries fight back then Israel will nuke them. In June 1967 Israel attacked the U.S.S Liberty killing 34 crew members and wounding 174. Surviving crew members were threatened with court martial. US President Johnson refused to defend the attack on the U.S.S Liberty now Israel has a free hand to wage aggressive wars.

Ariel Sharon said “We the Jewish people control America, and Americans know it.”

Israel gets this $15 billion from the USA per year this is because Rothschild Zionists in USA give to the other hand Rothschild Zionists in Israel.

Jews make up 2 percent of the American population but 90 percent of the Presidents Administration.

All American Presidents have to be loyal to AIPAC [America Israel Public Affairs Committee] and carry out its orders.

Congressmen and Senators pledge loyalty to Israel not America.

Trumps top donors were all Ashkenazic Jews:-

Sheldon Adelson $23 million

Miriam Adelson $23 million

Robert Mercer $15.5 million

Bernard Marcus $7 million

Pro-Israel institutions in America have allocated $4.25 million to buy the minds of Senate and Congress members. So it is not Russia trying to influence elections in America it is Israel.



There was no letter J in the original Bibles

80 percent of Jews are descended from the Khazarian Empire and are known as Ashkenazi Jews. King Bulan converted this empire from Pagan worship to Judaism. Thus these Jews are Jewish by religion only not DNA. It is same as Chinese Muslims trying to claim their origin from Arabia.

These Jews do not speak Hebrew but Yiddish the language that came from the Pale of the Settlement or The Khazars.

Many Jewish researchers who are Jewish say that the people we call Jews have no connection with Israel.

The word Jew was only put in the Bible in the 18th century. The Palestinians are the Semitic race so anti-Semitism means anti-Palestinian.


The Bible was written in Greek and Latin both these languages have no letter J.

Jesus was a Judean and the first English word to describe him was ‘ghu’ – Jew. This is just a shortened form of the word Judaeus. Just like we shorten the word laboratory to lab etc. Therefore there is no such thing as a Jew they are just Khazarian Mongoloids and DNA evidence shows this.


13 families

Illuminati families


Collins [Todd]

Du Ponts








Van Duyn





Many of top 13 families involved in the world’s illegal narcotic trade. Queen Victoria made lots of money from opium trade with China [grown in India].  Other key families making money from drugs trade include Sassoon, Bronfmans, Cabots, Shaws, Bacons, Perkins, Morgan, Forbes, Cisneros and Oppenheimers.

See Dope Inc



Armed conflicts have always been a real and huge source of income to us, as well as a subtle means of power-wielding across the globe. Almost all of the big international bodies, whether political or military are of Masonic origin.
Our compatriots are there in key positions and follow our plans to the point of precision. The UN and NATO are just two of our influential tools.

Signore Massini Freemason, Bilderberg Group

Alfred Pike 33 degree Mason born before World War 1 wrote a letter to Massini outlining the plan for three world wars.



The state of German armament in 1939 gives us the decisive proof that Hitler was not contemplating general war. It was Britain and France that declared war on Germany. Hitler wanted peace with Britain. There is no record of Winston Churchill offering peace to Germany.

To quote Hitler September 17th in the Reichstag:-

“So that not only the German people but all Europe may once be granted the blessing of peace”.

Churchill admitted that the war was not against Hitler or National Socialism but to smash the strength of the German people once and for all.

Every attempt to inform the British people of Germany’s Peace Offer was stopped by Churchill. Churchill was a man who had used chemical weapons in Iran.

If peace broke out in 1940 that would have been the end of Churchill’s career. We can see that Churchill wanted war and Hitler did not.

If Britain and France declared war on Germany to reclaim its territory in Poland then why not declare war on the Soviets for invading Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania?

It is because Hitler wanted to run his own banks so the international financiers would never let him get away with this. The only reason the British troops escaped Dunkirk is because Hitler allowed it to happen as he still hoped for peace. Hitler admired the British Empire and said that the return of Germany’s colonies was desirable not essential and offered to support Britain with troops. Hitler just wanted to stop the spread of communism across Europe unfortunately we are now controlled by a communist EU.