Silly voters

The Liberal Democrats want to keep the UK in the EU. The Liberals have always been Red’s. Labour want to keep the UK in a Customs Union which means we are still in the EU as we can’t negotiate trade agreements with who we want and probably have no say on migration.
So in the latest Council Elections I find it ironic that people fed up with the Conservative handling of Brexit have voted for parties wanting to keep us in the EU.
It would have been better to spoil the ballot paper and put none of the above until my M.P delivers Brexit. If you spoil a ballot paper it has to be shown to those counting the vote so it is not a waste of time.


who is behind mass migration?

How could a small ethnic group of 15 million people exterminate over one billion people of European descent spread over our planet? The Jews came to the conclusion it was possible to neutralize Europeans racially rather than exterminate them. Just cause them to mix with other races and thus lose their racial characteristics. Mestizos and Eurasians would be far easy to control by them.

This would be achieved through non-white immigration into white countries a soft genocide.

There are activities that tend to lower birth rate amongst whites and Jews are active in these. These are transgenderism, homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, birth control, abortion and feminism. Feminism is the greatest factor of these and Jews are dominant in this movement.

The destruction of Libya and the attempt to destroy Syria is to do with the Oded Yinon plan. Israel wants to weaken all Muslim countries from Morocco to Pakistan so they control the region. So called Syrian refugees [80% are not Syrian or refugees]. Are directed not to rich Gulf states or Israel – but to Europe or other white lands. IsraAid and George Soros are heavily involved.

You can’t criticise behaviour of immigrants as you will be punished by Human Rights Commissions, Racial Equality, and Anti-Discrimination etc.  In Sweden criticism of the Governments immigration policy is now punishable.

Immigrants and minorities are favoured over whites when it comes to housing and jobs, Whites don’t get the benefits as they are already privileged. Since the money for these benefits comes from somewhere Whites are more taxed than non-Whites making the forming of families more difficult, while non-Whites can afford bigger families.

National flags are forbidden because they would be offensive to immigrants. Christian symbols not allowed as offensive to Muslims even Christmas cards have been neutralized to say season’s greetings.

Next stage of white genocide is assimilation; we are not allowed to have any community for white people. Every place deemed too white must become diverse. Diversity is a code word for white genocide.

In the movie Dark Tower we have the black movie star Idris Elba who saves the fate of the world and leads the weak white people to safety. Jewish controlled Hollywood will try and push for him to be the next James Bond despite James Bond being a white spy.

Interracial marriages are being forced on the population to promote diversity. The end result is children all of the same skin tone. There will be no diversity. They don’t want diversity just the destruction of whites. The Zionists are Nationalists it is ok for Israel to have a majority Jewish population but not ok for any white country to have a majority white population. Anyone standing up for white Nationalism is labelled a Nazi.

Theodore Kaufmen in 1940 wrote a book called “Germany must perish”. Why because they wanted a land for just Germans? Just like Israel a land just for Jews!

This book on Germany says all Germans should be sterilized and the race left to die out. It also includes the breeding out theory mixing them with other races. We must remember that Merkel won the Kalergi prize.

If a white person wrote a similar book to Germany Must Perish about Jews he would most probably be locked in prison and called an anti-Semite Jew hating Nazi.


Attack on Christianity

Who is behind the mass migration to white countries like Canada, America, Australia, UK and the EU? Muslims are not promoting this or the Chinese or the Indians. It is Jews in influential positions within Governments and also using media that they control.

Western culture and Christianity rejected Communism. So Marxists set about destroying Western civilisation from within. They promoted multiculturism, Pornography, Feminism, Homosexuality and now transgenderism. The ultimate goal is the death of Christianity and family values.

We now have laws in Canada that can jail parents if they don’t let their children choose their own gender.

Rabbi Baruch Efrati said “Europe is losing its identity in favour of other people and another religion; there will be no survivors from the impurity of Christianity”.

Noel Ignatiev a Harvard professor said “The key to solving social problems of our age is to abolish the white race, which means abolishing the privileges of white skin”.

President Abraham Foxman in 1998 said “We control Governments. I speak of death of the white race. We now control the destiny of this race. It is time to make it extinct through miscegenation”.

“We must use our power to discourage white men and women getting together and producing more white children. They will be ostracized. The less cooperative goyim we will deal with by murder and imprisonment.”

Is this why so much media has black men dating white women to brainwash white women that having white children is a bad choice?

So why is ok for countries like Israel to have a majority of Jews but all white countries must have white people in a minority?



There is a lot of talk about so called poverty in the UK. Many of these so called poor can afford to buy expensive smart phones for their children and expensive trainers. They have satellite TV and many can afford expensive tattoos.
They can afford to drink and smoke but never think about growing their own food.
Many of these so called poor choose not to work but are rewarded with free social housing, rents paid, council tax paid, free NHS, free dentist and prescriptions. Their children get educated for free. Yet they contribute nothing toward society. I know one bloke in Daventry who was given a free 5 bedroom modern house, free people carrier car and gets over £60,000 tax free in welfare.
The Joseph Rowntree report shows that most of the real poor in the UK are people like me who work. I am on the minimum wage. Half my wage goes on rent and council tax.
When I lost my job many years ago I had to sell my flat then could not get any welfare due to having money in the bank.
Even though I have high rent and minimum wage Universal Credits say I earn too much. I am taxed also on my wages and as a single person only get 25 percent off my council tax. A couple have 2 wages coming in so can pay half the rent and council tax each. I get no help with my prescriptions or dentist costs.
Taxes raised of the working poor go to help those who choose never to work. No Government has ever tackled this issue why we must pay for the freeloading parasites.

there are over 19 countries that the UK gives over £100 million each to in aid. Why some like Pakistan get over £300 million yet can afford nukes.


We had some students protesting about Global Warming in my home town yesterday. I assume when they go on foreign holidays they go by yacht so as to not pollute our planet. I also assume they must walk or cycle to college and not go by car? Do they wear clothes manufactured thousands of miles away? Do they buy local produced food from farmers markets or choose food from far afield?
Most schools and colleges have been infected by Left Wing teachers and most pupils leave without being able to think for themselves but just follow the herd. If they did their research they would find that ice core data reveals carbon dioxide rises only after a period of warming and thus is not the cause. If they studied the sun they would find a pattern between wars and periods of high sun spots. They would also note that we are entering a period of cooling rather than warming. Everything is in cycles including the zodiac that moves 1 degree every 72 years.
So the best way to stop global warming is to be anti-globalist and act locally, this means boycotting multi-national companies and their products. The richest people on the planet made their wealth through polluting our planet or financing war. But these students will still use their smart phones which to make requires mining soil for gold and other rare metals and thus pollutes the water supply.
It is the Human Race that is over breeding and thus putting too much pressure on resources that is the main issue.



Would you go into a car sales room and tell the salesman you are not leaving without a car? To take No Deal off the table means the other side has all the advantage and can blackmail you.
Most people who voted Brexit want a No Deal with WTO rules. If Politicians had any integrity then they would resign and we would get No Deal and leave the EU on the date voted on by Brexit. Politicians care more about their party’s than the people democratic right. Democracy is an illusion as they vote according to what the Whip says. In the E.U M.E.P’s can’t make any laws they just sign off laws handed to them by unelected Eurocrats.
The Knights Templars were the first International Bankers and it is these elite bankers that rule our planet not politicians. Most M.P’s are pro-EU and this is the hub of the issue. They tell us that Brexiteers never realised how hard it would be to leave, it is only so because of these saboteurs.
We have traitors in parliament but also on every street driving around in German cars and buying French cheese and buying fast food from American fast food places. It is time to help your fellow British man not the global elite.

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Shamima Begum named her baby Jarrah. What a beautiful name to be named after Abu Bin Jarrah who was a 13th Century Jihadi Warlord who butchered and chopped heads off people. Yet the liberals wanted them welcomed back as British citizens. A dog born in a stable is not a horse!

The same Liberals and Liberal Judges would just give drug gang members and knife killers a slap on the wrist. I would not I would bring back the rack for drug gang members and stretch them until they revealed names. The Kingpins then would be welded into a small cage and this cage suspended in the drug gang neighbourhood. They could witness his screams as he slowly died of starvation. My method would stop these gangs within a few years. The liberals just create a system we pay for to keep them in a cushy jail. We live in a land where none workers are rewarded with free housing and free NHS yet society expects anything in return. No wonder so many people have no morality or duty to our communities. Another way knife crime may be reduced is move these thugs next to the homes of the liberal judges, wait for them to kill a member of the judge’s family. Most Judges are just money exchanging people the same sort of people that Jesus kicked out of the temple.




Our Environment is what we make of it, individually and collectively. It is a reflection of internal states or conditions within ourselves. If we improve ourselves we improve our environment. Mans authority is within himself, not outside of himself.
No belief unless it encorages independent thought and individal unfoldment has ever accomplished any good it this world. It is not what people believe that counts but what they do and how they live, this creates a happy and contented society. The ruling elite wants people dependant on welfare and this keeps them in power. It only needs a change in attitude for people to use their inuition and make their own wealth. This should not be done where your actions harm others such as dealing drugs just to make money. The obssesion with material things is what has caused so much damage to our society.



Thanks to diversity targets white heterosexual males are now the most discriminated people in the UK. Even if the white male is the best qualified person for the job he won’t get the job. The job will go to Women, Ethnic minorities or Gay, Trans, Bi and disabled folk.

In my working life I have observed in 2 companies women getting promoted just because they had an affair with the boss. I have worked for companies where there is no chance of promotion to the office because you are not related to the family who own the business. I have seen women come straight out of University with no experience or qualifications for the job they get. They get chosen because they are very good looking and thus will look good at the desk.

I have seen teams run by women who will either choose other women for the job or young attractive men.

It is supposed to be illegal to charge men and women different costs for the same service. Yet in most newspapers in this country you will find adverts for phone chat where the women can get the service for free but men pay for the same service. Who is fighting for male rights?

Lately we have seen 2 gay men living together use a surrogate but they could not decide who should be the father. So 2 eggs were implanted using sperm from both males. Even better one egg was chose to be a girl and the other a boy. What next can we choose the eye colour.  I am against this artificial method of creation. In Holland a Sperm Doctor used his own sperm on over 50 occasions. These children could meet each other in the future and have relationships then produce children with genetic defects.

Cultural Marxism always wanted to destroy the tradition family and morality and so far they seem to be winning.