We had some students protesting about Global Warming in my home town yesterday. I assume when they go on foreign holidays they go by yacht so as to not pollute our planet. I also assume they must walk or cycle to college and not go by car? Do they wear clothes manufactured thousands of miles away? Do they buy local produced food from farmers markets or choose food from far afield?
Most schools and colleges have been infected by Left Wing teachers and most pupils leave without being able to think for themselves but just follow the herd. If they did their research they would find that ice core data reveals carbon dioxide rises only after a period of warming and thus is not the cause. If they studied the sun they would find a pattern between wars and periods of high sun spots. They would also note that we are entering a period of cooling rather than warming. Everything is in cycles including the zodiac that moves 1 degree every 72 years.
So the best way to stop global warming is to be anti-globalist and act locally, this means boycotting multi-national companies and their products. The richest people on the planet made their wealth through polluting our planet or financing war. But these students will still use their smart phones which to make requires mining soil for gold and other rare metals and thus pollutes the water supply.
It is the Human Race that is over breeding and thus putting too much pressure on resources that is the main issue.



Would you go into a car sales room and tell the salesman you are not leaving without a car? To take No Deal off the table means the other side has all the advantage and can blackmail you.
Most people who voted Brexit want a No Deal with WTO rules. If Politicians had any integrity then they would resign and we would get No Deal and leave the EU on the date voted on by Brexit. Politicians care more about their party’s than the people democratic right. Democracy is an illusion as they vote according to what the Whip says. In the E.U M.E.P’s can’t make any laws they just sign off laws handed to them by unelected Eurocrats.
The Knights Templars were the first International Bankers and it is these elite bankers that rule our planet not politicians. Most M.P’s are pro-EU and this is the hub of the issue. They tell us that Brexiteers never realised how hard it would be to leave, it is only so because of these saboteurs.
We have traitors in parliament but also on every street driving around in German cars and buying French cheese and buying fast food from American fast food places. It is time to help your fellow British man not the global elite.

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Shamima Begum named her baby Jarrah. What a beautiful name to be named after Abu Bin Jarrah who was a 13th Century Jihadi Warlord who butchered and chopped heads off people. Yet the liberals wanted them welcomed back as British citizens. A dog born in a stable is not a horse!

The same Liberals and Liberal Judges would just give drug gang members and knife killers a slap on the wrist. I would not I would bring back the rack for drug gang members and stretch them until they revealed names. The Kingpins then would be welded into a small cage and this cage suspended in the drug gang neighbourhood. They could witness his screams as he slowly died of starvation. My method would stop these gangs within a few years. The liberals just create a system we pay for to keep them in a cushy jail. We live in a land where none workers are rewarded with free housing and free NHS yet society expects anything in return. No wonder so many people have no morality or duty to our communities. Another way knife crime may be reduced is move these thugs next to the homes of the liberal judges, wait for them to kill a member of the judge’s family. Most Judges are just money exchanging people the same sort of people that Jesus kicked out of the temple.




Our Environment is what we make of it, individually and collectively. It is a reflection of internal states or conditions within ourselves. If we improve ourselves we improve our environment. Mans authority is within himself, not outside of himself.
No belief unless it encorages independent thought and individal unfoldment has ever accomplished any good it this world. It is not what people believe that counts but what they do and how they live, this creates a happy and contented society. The ruling elite wants people dependant on welfare and this keeps them in power. It only needs a change in attitude for people to use their inuition and make their own wealth. This should not be done where your actions harm others such as dealing drugs just to make money. The obssesion with material things is what has caused so much damage to our society.



Thanks to diversity targets white heterosexual males are now the most discriminated people in the UK. Even if the white male is the best qualified person for the job he won’t get the job. The job will go to Women, Ethnic minorities or Gay, Trans, Bi and disabled folk.

In my working life I have observed in 2 companies women getting promoted just because they had an affair with the boss. I have worked for companies where there is no chance of promotion to the office because you are not related to the family who own the business. I have seen women come straight out of University with no experience or qualifications for the job they get. They get chosen because they are very good looking and thus will look good at the desk.

I have seen teams run by women who will either choose other women for the job or young attractive men.

It is supposed to be illegal to charge men and women different costs for the same service. Yet in most newspapers in this country you will find adverts for phone chat where the women can get the service for free but men pay for the same service. Who is fighting for male rights?

Lately we have seen 2 gay men living together use a surrogate but they could not decide who should be the father. So 2 eggs were implanted using sperm from both males. Even better one egg was chose to be a girl and the other a boy. What next can we choose the eye colour.  I am against this artificial method of creation. In Holland a Sperm Doctor used his own sperm on over 50 occasions. These children could meet each other in the future and have relationships then produce children with genetic defects.

Cultural Marxism always wanted to destroy the tradition family and morality and so far they seem to be winning.




In February 1945 the war was almost over and Germany had been defeated. 500,000 refugees had flooded into Dresden. Dresden now had a population up to 1 million people. 4,000 tonnes of bombs were dropped onto Dresden. Thousands of people burnt alive. Dresden was no military target. Those who escaped were gunned down by Mustang fighters flying in low to even murder children.
It was Jewish advisors like Lindemann, Untermeyer and Morgenthau who encouraged Churchill and Roosevelt to do this. Churchill was financed by the Rothschild’s.
Thanks to Eisenhower refusing to let in Red Cross parcels over 1.7 million German POW’s died from starvation. Stalin sent 4 million German’s to the Gulags to never return. The census done by the allies shows a missing 5.7 million people who died from starvation policies of the allies. 17 million Germans dies in WW2 compared with 330,000 British military deaths.
Two tears after the war ended the allies were still using German prisoners breaking the rules of The International Red Cross and The Geneva convention.
Even before America joined World War 2 the Jews had published a book called Germany must Perish and preached Extermination of all Germans before any gas chambers had be alleged – George Lincoln.
Hitler knew that Jewish Freemasons controlled Germany and large parts of Europe. What he did not know is how they control America, Britain and France and how they would use this control to turn Germany into rubble.
When you look at all the women raped by the Allies in Europe can you agree with Churchill us Allies are no monsters?

Remember a Jewish Freemason killed Franz Ferdinand start World War 1.

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I work on the minimum wage and my rent is over £400 a month. I don’t qualify for any help from Universal Credits as they deem my income too high. If I choose not to work I would get over £200 income per week. This would be £78 welfare, rent paid £100, and council tax paid £25. I would also get free dental treatment and my prescriptions paid.

Last year I had to have a week off work due to illness. I received just £30 SSP for this week. I had to use a food bank in order to pay my bills. The last thing a person who is ill needs is to be worrying about how they will pay their rent and other bills, this can cause further illness. Reports show that some of the poorest in the UK are those of us who work.


The system in the UK is all wrong. Parasitic people who choose never to work are rewarded with free social housing. The size of the house they get will depend on how many children they can produce this will also increase their welfare. We also see economic migrants who come from lands with no welfare given free priority housing.

The system should reward work and key workers like Nurses and those who work in Residential Homes etc should be top of the list for social housing. Married and working people should be next. Hostels could be made for those who don’t want to work. At the moment none workers get to use the NHS for free but never contribute anything and they get bigger state pensions than those who work. I would actually reduce welfare for those who have more children and limit the size of social housing to 3 bedrooms maximum.

I know many none workers who have never registered with any job agency in my town and they all have jobs advertised.

Now we see the Government caving in on Universal credits to reward those who have large families. Why should those of us who work have to pay for other people’s children through taxation? Free education for children is another thing this country does yet many migrants would have to pay for this back home.