Members of my family were badly wounded fighting the Germans. You won’t see my buying a German car. We liberated France yet the French seem to love the Germans more than the English. I try and avoid buying French cheese and wine. In my opinion English make better cheese anyway.

Most countries outside the EU have no welfare. Yet we allow migrants to stay who say they are refugees yet in reality they are just economic migrants. We give them free housing, welfare, NHS, educate their children.

To pay for this we tax the working English man so he can’t afford a family of his own. Yet many migrants never work and have large families. We are witnessing the slow genocide of the English by demographics and the death of English culture by multi-culturism.

I won’t shop at any business employing these migrants. In my opinion migration was all planned to keep wages down and destroy the nations of Europe. The elites behind mass migration, mainly banking families and individuals like George Soros just use the Hegelian dialect of divide and conquer for their own ends. They did this in Russia and millions of Christians were wiped out.

Why are people worried about no deal Brexit – we should go back to eating seasonal food and local food from local farmers – not food produced overseas? When the Globalist get their one world Government then things will be much worse. The Georgia Guidstones clearly states they want to reduce population of Earth by 80%.

heil Satan

Both Blair and Merkel won the Kalergi Prize. The EU says it is awarded to those who do the most to help European integration. The reverse is true; Count Kalergi was a Freemason who came up with the plan for the EU. His ideas were mass migration from outside the EU to create a new slave race for the Elites.

Who are these elites? It is simple when you put £1 in a bank the bank can lend out 90p, this 90p goes in another bank and they can lend 90% of 90p etc. The end result is 99% of wealth owned by just 1%. The Rothschild’s put fake news that Napoleon had won Waterloo enabling them to buy all the shares in Britain at low prices and then make a fortune when the real news came through.

It is not Politicians that rule but bankers, these satanic bankers create wars then finance both sides. They want a New World Order, a one world government enslaving humanity into their Luciferian globalist agenda. The EU was created in secret at a Bilderburg meeting chaired by Rockefeller. Rockefeller made his money helping Hitler in the war and went on to form the United Nations as well. It is all just stepping stones to a NWO. Karl Marx was a member of the church of Satan. Trotsky [Not his true name] who never worked left New York with a suitcase full of dollars.

I have written books on how Satanists rule this planet that are available on Amazon. LIVE backwards is EVIL that is what Satanists encourage. If Earth not ruled by Satan then please explain the wars, drug abuse etc.

It should have been the elite banking families on trial at Nuremburg. The Bush family helped Hitler too. They are members of Skull and Bones funded by profits from the opium trade. The House of Commons is full of Masons who want the Luciferian New World Order agenda.




We now live in a country where

  • Those who commit crime get rewarded but good people don’t
  • Those who choose not to work get rewarded but no help for those who work
  • Women who have been raped have to allow access to the child fathered by the rapist
  • Lesbians helped by artificial means to have children
  • Children dressed up in perverted outfits on gay pride marches
  • All children forced to eat Halal at school
  • FGM and the Age of Consent ignored
  • Police not interested in stopping shop lifting
  • Sharia courts set up
  • We give welfare to people who come from lands with no welfare
  • Violence is promoted in films and TV


Is this progress or has Satan taken over the hearts of men in this land? Is this the land my grandfathers generation fought for? Next we will legalise paedophilia.

Democracy for dummies

Why are people under the illusion there is such a thing as Democracy. Democracy was a game Plato invented for children. Political Parties will put up their favourites in safe seats. Once elected the MP must tow the line and do what the Whip says or career prospects look very poor. There is no difference in reality between Capitalism and Communism. Under Communism the State owns all, yet the banks own the state. Under Capitalism the companies own all, yet the banks own the companies. It has always been the bankers who hold the true power not politicians. Communism was created through Capitalism and is just illuminism under a new name. Karl Marx is related to a top banking family.


England is the only British nation without any form of democratic devolution. England is the only nation in Europe without its own parliament or Government. We have fewer MP’s per head of population than the other British nations. We receive less money per head than the other British nations. We have no minister for England yet all the other British nations have one. None English MP’s can force controversial policies on us like tuition fees, yet they are not answerable at the ballot box. So when can we have an English parliament?

Attack of the Clones

Is all that matters GDP? In the pursuit of growth we flatten our history, heritage, landscape and cultures. Orchards have been bulldozed, markets gone, farms sold off and public squares. People who object are pushed to the margins. At the moment they don’t have the time and effort to extinguish this character. But it will be regenerated, because there is no other way.

Tesco want to know what you buy and when. CCTV cameras are everywhere. Corporations privatise our streets. Legislation forces the small guys out of business but does not touch the clones.

People are richer and have more technology but the sad thing is they are not as happy. Globalisation has destroyed the soul and our connection with nature. So what is the answer? We have the power as consumers. Don’t shop at the clone shops but support your local farmers and local markets and independent businesses owned by working men not multi-nationals.


The housing crisis in England

What could be achieved if affordable homes were available in every village in the country? Not just by building but requiring the owners of some of the country’s 350,000 second homes to either live in their properties or sell them to people who need them. Second homes and holiday lets need to be capped by local authorities. Politicians need the guts to tackle the existence of thousands of empty investment properties. Villages could become living places again instead of fantasies of the Mercedes owning classes who don’t want their cars getting dirty.

The Government created Regional assemblies for 8 areas of England. These are unaccountable to the people they govern. They cost the tax payers £360 million every year. The people can’t appoint them or sack the unelected members and their support staff. Most of the nice homes with sea views in Cornwall are not owned by local Cornish people, the locals lucky enough to have homes live in shabby estates far away from the holiday cottages. In some of our cities the people no longer own the streets; they have been sold off to private companies like the Paradise project in Liverpool. These companies have their own security people and the shops they provide are for the wealthy economic groups. They are not interested in shops that the poor would like to use like second hand bookshops and shops that sell produce very cheaply. These shops all disappear because they can’t afford the rents charged by the private companies. This happened in Queens Market London, China Town London – it is a form of ethnic cleansing creating spaces for the rich only. Even areas on the canal have been built on by British Waterways providing yuppie flats and Costa coffee shops, and the poor undesirable boaters have had to move on.

We must remeber than in the UK there are more houses than households, many in the north are just boarded up becasue peopel have moved away. We need to get jobs back in these areas. There is also a growth in people living as single people, some down to divorce in later life but many live apart from partners as it is a way to maximise welfare. Many so called single mums, live alone and get theri rents paid, yet the fathers of the children often visit and stop the night. They do this to maximise the welfare they can get. By claiming to be single the welfare system pays all their rent and council tax. If they lived together especially if the partner is working they would be hit by the welfare system and have to pay most of the rent. So the system then needs to provide twice – for two properties.