Blair /Merkel and Soros evil

Politicians like Blair and Markel and George Soros are champions of open borders. They are responsible for turning Europe into a war zone. Both Blair and Markel won the Kalergi Prize awarded to those who help the genocide of white Europeans. Thousands of women and girls have been raped across Europe. Now Patriots in those countries are forming vigilante groups to defend their women from the attacks from these economic migrants many who them believe in Jihad. The girl who went to Syria to join ISIS named her baby after a Jihadi war lord who killed thousands of people. Yet the Liberals want us to take her back. How many do the secret services have to watch at the moment? We can’t blame economic migrants for wanting a better life, free housing, free NHS and child benefits and welfare. We are even allowing our future destruction and the civil war that will come as these Jihadists can breed large families and soon will outnumber us. If you think it is bad now just wait and see.

Most of the victims of knife crimes are children of economic migrants. These people should never have been allowed in our country in the first place. Cultural Marxism main goal was to destroy Christianity and thus the morality of youth and eventually destroy the West. See the School of Frankfurt’s plans.

It is not Prison that stops crime but FEAR. There are people in prison because they killed someone looting their shop. People should have the right to defend their property and kill burglars. Tony Martin should never have gone to prison the thieves targeted his farm 4 times. The Police should be able to catch drug gang members and put them on the rack and torture them to give names of other members. The Kingpins should be executed. They do this in China. Anyone who kills another with a knife should also face a death sentence. They could be welded in a cage and hung up in their neighbourhoods to slowly die of starvation. We need a deterrent to stop these gangs. Better still if Politicians stopped allowing economic migrants and Jihadists into our country. How many more women and girls will be raped?


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the destruction of the west

Hate Speech?

The ADL has condemned European Americans, such as the administrators of Bob Jones University, who oppose racial intermarriage. Yet the ADL supports Israel, a nation that does not even recognise as a legal union marriage between a Jew and a Gentile.
The Talmud teaches Jews that Jesus is an idol and thus Christians are idol worshippers. The Talmud instructs Jews to behead idol worshippers.
The Talmud states in Rosh Hasanah that Christians will burn forever in hell.
Talmud: Baba Mezia 114b states the Jews are human beings, but non-Jews are not human. They are beasts.
Sepher Ikarim iric^25 : it is permitted to take the life of a non-Jew.
Jews still celebrate the Feast of Purim that celebrates the deaths of 75,000 Persians.

The Holy Koran also says that al Muslims should kill the Infidels [Non-Muslims]

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I have no objection to anyone coming to the UK to live. The caveat being they should be financially able to support themselves. They should not be able to use the NHS, get welfare, social housing or free education for their children. Once they have paid enough in taxation then these should become available.
The English created most of our wealth by inventing things yet we give money away to foreign lands without asking the question why they can’t create their own wealth? Some of the countries we give money to spend lots of money on space or military programs. Foreign Aid also damages the local economy in some of these countries as it lowers the price of local food. Also aid food is often stolen or dictators create more chaos to get more aid.
I am fed up with the UK giving free social hosing to the work shy, they also get to use the NHS for free. When I was made redundant and had to sell my flat, I then could not get any welfare or help with council tax as I had money in the bank due to having to sell my flat.
I am against asylum because in my opinion it is an economic choice. There are safer lands closer to the country of origin of the so called refugee. If there is war in these lands then why are the young men of fighting age not fighting. Can you imagine if all the English during World War 2 just went to Ireland and claimed asylum?
Why do rich lands like Saudi Arabia never host these asylum seekers they have plenty of tents in the desert that are not used. Also Israel has been involved in a lot of wars and should take its share of asylum seekers.