Some E-mail providers now mine your personnel e-mails. They use the data they collect to target you with adverts for goods and services.

Search Engine Company’s gather a lot of data about your browsing habits. They can use this data to target you with adverts. They know so much about you they could influence elections by sending you politically biased information.

The internet is no longer the free speech platform it once was. The big fish lets you see what suits their agenda but removes or censors videos that do not.

Even books are now being removed from big web sites if they fall foul of their political dogma.

If you publish truth about an American politician technically you could fall foul of laws of influencing their elections. Yet Jewish lobby groups pay vast amounts of cash to influence the senate in America.

If you upload photographs to some cloud based services. The small print says they own the copyright of your photographs and can use them. Even if you close down the account they still have this right.





If an immigrant comes to live in the UK it will automatically create more jobs. The country will need more food, more cars and more buildings for accommodation, doctors, schools, prisons etc.

Immigration is good for big companies as it helps keep wages down. Is immigration good for our economy? If we divide the GDP by population count we find the answer is no. Immigrants tend to use welfare, the NHS, and their children get free school education. Many come from countries where there is no welfare or free NHS.


Immigration can benefit towns with more new cuisine on offer but do lots of fast food kebab shops enrich an area?

Then we have the negative sides of immigration with some immigrants having links to organised crime, the increase in honour killings and FGM and intolerance to others not of their religious dogma.

Immigration has caused rents to increase for working men. Knife crime is most prolific in areas where immigrants have settled. People can no longer send their children to the nearest school and have to wait to see a Doctor. Our streets are overcrowded and our roads badly polluted leading to serious medical problems for people with breathing problems.

Immigration has reduced our quality of life yet no one ever takes this into account and no one will say what an ideal population limit is for the UK. They say we need immigrants because of our aging population but are immigrant’s special people who never grow old. How will society cope when they too grow old? We live in an age of automation so jobs won’t be as plentiful and with 2 billion people in China those here won’t be able to compete with these people as they will do the same job for much less money.


cell phones






we need an ID card

We have more National Insurance numbers in use than people alive in the UK. In many cities people are claiming welfare using multiple aliases. We have over 1 million illegal migrants. The solution is simple bring out an ID card that stores biometric data like a fingerprint. Even if people then give false information when the database is searched if two identical biometric data is found then fraud can be detected. At the last census in London areas with high numbers of illegal’s never returned the forms. Without a new ID card no one should be able to get welfare or free NHS treatment. The card would stop fraud and save the NHS a fortune. Each card would just have a number but your date of birth and personal details would be encrypted on the chip. Extra information like medical problems diabetes etc could be added if the user wanted it to help medical staff.


The future

With the rise of automation companies won’t need many unskilled workers in the future. When it comes to skilled jobs like I.T workers companies can exploit Tier 2 rules and bring in cheaper labour from countries like India. People used to die at 66 on average but now live to 75. I have worked with some foreign men who have over 40 brothers and sisters. The Government will be unable to get our National debt down and in fact by giving money in Foreign Aid is increasing the debt and the interest owed on it. There will come a time when critical mass is reached when more people are drawing out of the system then paying in. No amount of taxation will stop the debt increasing. Then the welfare system and NHS will both collapse! If you think crime is bad just wait until this happens. The Government won’t be able to afford to build new prisons or pay for the number of criminals. We must remember the poor have already lost the game we live in a world where 99 percent of the wealth is owned by the top 1 percent of the elite. The only hope for the poor is to pollute the planet so badly that these elite have no planet left to pass on to their children.

Ever wondered why skilled I.T staff in UK can’t get a job?

UK workers’ jobs blow as IT firms use loophole to fly in cheaper migrants

IT FIRMS are exploiting a gaping “loophole” in Britain’s border controls to bring in tens of thousands of migrant workers from India and other countries every year, a report warned last night.

The multinationals use rules allowing transfers of employees between sites in different countries to recruit cheap overseas labour, Migration Watch said – meaning British-born IT graduates and professionals are losing out on work opportunities.

Crossbench peer Andrew Green, who chairs Migration Watch, said: “Many people are asking why non-EU migration has not been reduced. Here is part of the answer.

“Either the Government have taken their eye off the ball or they have been too heavily influenced by a small group of companies and have ignored their own advisory committee.”

The Migration Watch report said a small number of IT firms were exploiting an immigration route known as Tier 2 (IntraCompany Transfer), under Home Office rules.

The loophole allows firms to obtain a contract to deliver a project or support services to a UK body, then bring staff from their home countries – typically India – to carry out the work.

The report said: “Tens of thousands of such workers have entered the UK by being sponsored under the Tier 2 route. This route has no cap on numbers and does not require the sponsoring company even to try to source its workforce within the UK. This has enabled companies to undercut British competitors while reducing the opportunities for British computer scientists, graduates and IT professionals to obtain work and develop skills.”

It added: “The Tier 2 (ICT) route has been gradually developed into a significant source of immigration.

“Since 1992 the number issued has increased eightfold and now constitutes over 60 per cent of all work permits. In 2017, 58,000 of 94,000 Tier 2 work visas issued to migrants and their dependants, were via the ICT route.”

Migration Watch said the practice was “very much against the spirit in which the system was originally devised” and ICT visas must be “strictly limited”.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: “In 2017, following recommendations from the Migration Advisory Committee, we implemented reforms to make sure the route did not undercut or displace resident workers.

“These included increasing the minimum salary requirement and making sure individuals leave the UK after five years, unless they earn over £120,000.”

Meanwhile, Britain might have to take in 141 migrants plucked from the Mediterranean because the rescue ship was sailing under the flag of UK territory Gibraltar.

The Aquarius is still at sea after saving the group of mainly Somalis and Eritreans, with 67 unaccompanied minors, on Friday.

The European Commission said as the flag state, the UK could be responsible, but the circumstances of the rescue also had to considered.