The Elephant in the room – Shhh

An Eritrean Asylum seeker said in his own country if a man wants a lady he can take her and not be punished.

In 2015 a young female working with “No Borders” at the Ventimiglia crossing point was gang raped by Sudanese migrants.  The activists said keep quiet but when she reported the crime they said she did so out of spite.

Many Left wing women raped in Europe by migrants concealed the identity of their attackers some lied and said it was German Nationals.

German Anti-Racist groups had pressured the Police into removing racial identifiers from all suspect appeals.

1 in ten rapes are reported in Germany and only 8 percent result in conviction.  In Germany now German women won’t use swimming pools and in Sweden Swedish woman dye their blonde hair black.

Mohammad Daleel carried out Germany’s first suicide bombing. He had been registered in Bulgaria and ordered to return there yet a Left wing Swedish M.P intervened to stop the deportation.

Politicians all over Europe are telling woman to cover their bodies. It won’t make any difference if you have a cult telling its members that anyone not in this cult is worthless especially woman who can be used and abused then it will never end. We estimate 200 million Africans will enter Europe in the next 30 years. Britain has 1 million illegal migrants but only a detention centre that can hold 5000. Once in the UK you are here to stay with full access to welfare, free housing and NHS which you don’t get back home. If a UK citizen leaves his job he won’t get welfare for 26 weeks but a Muslim can go straight onto welfare by just citing religious reasons. To move to Israel you have to pass a DNA test to prove you have Jewish roots, they even pay black African Jews to leave Israel. Yet on islands like Lesbos Jewish Aid is there welcoming the migrants and providing information on how to get to the countries with the best welfare. So how many women and girls across Europe raped and groomed or attacked up to now? Those who support open borders should hang their heads in shame. You hear these feminists winging about Trump but not about British and Sikh girls who have been drugged and gang raped in their thousands.

Authorities in Germany suspect that the wave of alleged sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve which were said to have been committed by migrants from North Africa and the Middle East was part of a “rape game” that is popularly known in Arab countries as “taharush.”

The “game,” which is believed to be particularly widespread in Egypt, entails orchestrated sexual assaults by groups of men in large events attended by masses of people.

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As part of the “game,” a group of men surround their intended victim. A few members of the group proceed to sexually assault their prey, while others in the gang prevent passersby from intervening. In some cases, the incident ends with full-on rape of the woman or mugging.

The logic behind carrying out such an orchestrated attack during a large-scale demonstration is that it is much easier for the assailants to disappear into the massive crowd and avoid identification, thus enabling them to escape punishment.

Perhaps the most infamous case – at least to Western audiences – involving gang rape in a public space was that of television journalist Lara Logan.

Lots of the great unwashed anti-trump idiots demonstating in Londonistan.

Most of those demonstating against President Trump are Left Wing Communist types. A couple of years ago they stopped Nigel Farage giving a talk in my town of Northampton. They act like fascists and often use violence against people with an opposite view point. If you try and debate with them about how many people killed by their Commmunist idols they won’t or don’t seem to know history. Under Communism you are a slave as the state owns everything and you can’t grow your own food. These Left Wing types don’t care as under our system they are given free housing, rents paid and council tax paid. They get to use the NHS for free. Yet they never contribute to society. They are just parastes. We need a Government that will clamp down on this freeloading culture. These demonstators will have cost normal people who work a lot of money paid through our taxes. They call trump a racist but what about all the Americans killed by illegal migrants entering America. Europe is now witnessing a rape epidemic thanks to the open borders these Communists love.


I started work with a new company more than 6 months ago. I have noticed that at least two of the women who hold good jobs within the company are what I call Snow Flakes.

Snow Flake women 1 – Friend had invited her over for a free Chinese take-away meal at her friends house. Yet Snowflake didn’t want to go because she would have to wash up her plate.

What is wrong with people if I was offered a free meal I would be ever so grateful and would help friend not just wash up but do some cleaning of house. This Snowflake had a dishwasher. I don’t have a dishwasher it is me!

Snow Flake women 2 – opened company fridge in canteen and some food had gone mouldy but was contained within a plastic bag.  She looked like she was having kittens and closed fridge door. Was she going to do this de ja vu every day if offending food was still there? I opened fridge grabbed food and put in bin – how hard was that?

When Hasler was a young boy about 10 his mum let him go out on his own often for a whole weekend – he would often take a boat across from Uk to Isle of Wight or tent or do something outdoors. He became leader of the SBS. What hope is there now when parents don’t even let their children play?

We need National Service otherwise these poor cotton wool wrapped snow flakes are going to be everywhere.


Whinging Feminists.


This week was a celebration of so many year since women got the vote!

We had one women on TV saying she has a double whammy being Black and a women.

We had Tesco workers who work on Cashier jobs saying they should get same as warehouse workers and are going to court to sue Tesco for loss of pay.

I spent 5 years studying electronics yet could earn more in a warehouse loading trucks when I finished Polytechnic.

Warehouse work loading 4 or 5 wagons a day is not easy and is only suitable for fit young men. If these Tesco women want more money why not get a job in a warehouse but they know they could not last a week doing hard manual work. This work gives you many problems like back problems as you age.

These Feminists want the nice clean jobs in offices so they can paint their nails but are not prepared to do manual lifting. I have only worked in one place where one women came out to help when we had a delivery most don’t and they don’t like winter when doors are open to elements.

Feminism came out of the School of Frankfurt the ideals of this Marxist school was too make West so corrupt it stunk. They could never understand why communism had not triumphed.

The whole idea of Feminism is to destroy the traditional family. What has it achieved now employers have twice as many people to choose from so wages have fallen by half.

I have seen women come out of University with no experience or qualifications for job they are applying for but simply because they are good looking they get a front facing desk job on over 20K a year. We have other women promoted because they have affairs with bosses within companies. Technology like the car and men and women working together makes this more likely. I personally think this lack of morality and cheating sexually on a partner should be punishable with a 6 month prison term.

Most feminists still expect men to buy them drinks and won’t go out with a man who are not earning what they are! They still chase men with money and so are not independent.

How many women can run as fast as Bolt?

How many feminists want to work down a mine or join the army and fight on the front lines – don’t think so they might get some dirt under their nails.

They already have more equality than men. If a man rings a chat line he has to pay premium rate numbers for service yet women can ring and use service for free. Where is true equality and why does the equality commission only champion women rights?

We need to bring back finishing schools for women that will teach them to be classy and not trashy – most are like blokes now drinking pints and getting tattoos and swearing. They wear crappy clothes in public and have no communication skills to flirt with a man.

Like Arabia Knights Scherazade not the most attractive women in the harem but she kept alive by telling stories to the prince.