Child Migration

The cry of the open borders movement has been build bridges not walls. Now in 2017 all of London’s bridges are covered in walls!

A British man attacked Finsbury Park mosque using his van. Don’t look back in anger was not the theme that was adopted here. In fact the mainstream media were allowed to spread the blame.

A day after the Barcelona attack, two Finnish women were stabbed to death by man shouting Allahu Akbar. The man came from the largest contingent of recent arrivals to the EU.

Abderrahman Bouanne had arrived in Finland 2016 using a false name, claimed to be a child refugee but was a 22 year old from the peaceful country of Morocco. He was never removed from Finland.

In Sweden checks on 8,000 child refugees showed that more than 80 percent were older than 18. Yet all were allowed to stay. Once in the EU even if you have lied you can stay.

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