One xmas advert showed Seikh’s pulling Christmas crackers and Muslims exchanging gifts on xmas day. These religions don’t do Christmas.

Then cut to the family we have the black man with his white wife and the mutant half breed KALRGI CHILDREN.

I am surprised we don’t have a gay man with his husband and children – then cut to the turker baster and lesbian who used turkey baster to inject his seed into her.

It is a joke.

Then investigate advertising companies behind this crap! They are all jewish.

We don’t see Israel opening its borders to Africans and all people of all religions. Yet Jews want to wipe out Western White people and culture. The Bolsheviks financed by the Rothschild’s were not Russian and they wiped out 50 million Christians in Russia. Trotsky, Stalin and Lenin were all Jews. Rothschild’s helped Hitler as did Rockefeller’s and Ford, AT&T, IBM, Standard Oil. Germany had no oil they needed to get it from coal. Even Shell supplied Hitler with petrol. See Solzentitsyn Noble Prize winner on bigger Holocaust world does not know about as media in hands of the perpetrators.

Israel ia a Zionist Feudal land, City of London owned by Zionists as is Washington D.C. Vatican money invested in Rothschild’s banks. World controlled by Black pope who gets his instructions from Jesuits / Knights of Malta. Illuminati used a Jesuit to set up the plan for a New World Order with a long term plan in 1776. see date on USA dollar. They control Freemasons and other secret societies.

see my book on how Satanists control this planet. Rockefeller’s even changed 432 Hertz music tuning a good frequency for health to 440 Hertz.


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