The amount I pay in council tax each year costs me full months take home wages. The council also make money from us from recycling the rubbish we give them.

Recently I asked the Council if they would take away an old mattress of mine. They said they offer the service for a £25 charge. It is no wonder the countryside near where I live is covered in old fridges etc. Northampton council lost £10 million, a loan to the local football team. No one can trace where this money went!

My council seem to give priority council housing to people who never work. When I was made redundant and had to sell my flat I was barred from applying for social housing due to having money in the bank.

The Government give money to the councils. This money is then paid from one council department to another to pay the rent money on the free loaders living in a free home provided by the council. These freeloaders will get the same state pension as me. They can use the NHS for free and get free dental treatment and eye tests yet they are not paying into the system. The money the councils get from the Government is taken from tax payers. Nearly a quarter of income tax goes on our welfare bill. I am sure if councils had to pay this rent money themselves then they might think about giving free housing to those who never work. If they provided housing to just working people then they would have real income coming in from rents to build more social housing. We need a big shake up of welfare so only working people are given social housing and child benefits are stopped. We should also look at why people who can afford luxury cars are given social housing. Also all unemployed should be made to attend job clubs from 9am until 5pm every day. Working people have to be out of the house during these hours so why should freeloaders be able just to stay in bed?

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