In Saudi Arabia you could park your car and leave your windows down with your Rolex on the seat. When you come back your Rolex would still be there. There is little crime as criminals know if caught they would have their hand removed. It is FEAR that prevents crime.
Yet in the UK we allow minors to drive around on stolen mopeds often with no number plates. These minors are often involved in drug gangs or stealing to order.
Yet in some countries if you drive a moped you must have a tabard on with the mopeds number plate, if you don’t then the Police can shoot you dead.
We have the Liberals in the UK saying criminals must have landlines in their cells! What for so they can carry on doing their drug business whilst inside? These same Liberals believe prison can reform people yet there are some people so evil they can never be reformed they have no moral compass. We need a 2 strikes and out policy so if you go to prison for a serious crime like murder or rape but come out and do the same again. It is obvious that prison can’t reform you and the only safe option for society is to remove you from society. The best way would be to weld them in a small cage and then hang this cage so they slowly die of starvation this would act as a major deterrent. Drug gang members should be tortured to reveal names of other members and the Kingpins have all assets seized.
One of the major reasons for the knife and crime epidemic in London is London Councils giving free social housing to single mothers and economic migrants. Some of these migrants have links to drug cartels.
If nothing is done to stop the increase of drug gangs and grooming gangs then the future will be that of vigilantes getting revenge.

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