Thanks to diversity targets white heterosexual males are now the most discriminated people in the UK. Even if the white male is the best qualified person for the job he won’t get the job. The job will go to Women, Ethnic minorities or Gay, Trans, Bi and disabled folk.

In my working life I have observed in 2 companies women getting promoted just because they had an affair with the boss. I have worked for companies where there is no chance of promotion to the office because you are not related to the family who own the business. I have seen women come straight out of University with no experience or qualifications for the job they get. They get chosen because they are very good looking and thus will look good at the desk.

I have seen teams run by women who will either choose other women for the job or young attractive men.

It is supposed to be illegal to charge men and women different costs for the same service. Yet in most newspapers in this country you will find adverts for phone chat where the women can get the service for free but men pay for the same service. Who is fighting for male rights?

Lately we have seen 2 gay men living together use a surrogate but they could not decide who should be the father. So 2 eggs were implanted using sperm from both males. Even better one egg was chose to be a girl and the other a boy. What next can we choose the eye colour.  I am against this artificial method of creation. In Holland a Sperm Doctor used his own sperm on over 50 occasions. These children could meet each other in the future and have relationships then produce children with genetic defects.

Cultural Marxism always wanted to destroy the tradition family and morality and so far they seem to be winning.



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