Six Gulf Countries: – Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman have granted asylum to zero Syrian refugees by 2016.

Their attitude to refugees from Eritrea, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Pakistan is not even as generous as that. A Kuwaiti official explained on France 24 why Gulf countries took no Syrian refugees.

The Gulf countries are expensive and not suitable he explained.  The cost of living in Lebanon or Turkey is much cheaper thus better to pay refugees to stay there.

You can’t accept people from another place. These are people who suffer from trauma. You just can’t place them in Gulf countries, he explained.

Thus they protect their society from perceived problems they believe immigrants bring.  Europe agrees that Gulf States are fragile yet Europe is malleable. The Syrian boy washed on a beach in Turkey had a father who was working in Turkey yet Europe felt guilt and used this propaganda to support more migration.

Why are pro-diversity people not asking Arab, Asian and African countries to diversify yet expect all white countries to become multi-cultural?

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