Don’t be a victim of fraud

To stop yourself being victim of Push Payment Fraud what you should do is make a token transfer of just £1.

Next ring the person the money is owed to and ask if they have received the £1 test transfer. If not then it is likely account number on email is not genuine.

Banks should not be allowing fraudsters to close down their account and just hand them the cash over the counter. They should insist money is transferred to another bank account; this keeps the audit trail open. Once money is removed from the bank the victim won’t be able to get his money back. They also need to do more security checks before allowing people to open accounts.

I once had someone use my credit card details without knowing the security code on the reverse. They purchased a hotel room via the web site Groupon. Groupon knew where the tickets had been sent and when person would be at the hotel. Groupon would not give me this information as they said it is Data Protection. In my opinion Data Protection is helping crime. They have a moral duty to inform the Police so the fraudsters can be caught. We have fraudsters buying things using other people’s credit cards. Again the website knows where the items were sent and the Police should be informed so they can do a search. Other sites like E-bay are allowing people to sell stolen tools and car parts etc.

Anyone caught doing fraud should have assets seized to pay for the cost of the fraud. We had someone involved in the Grenfell enquiry putting money on a credit card and using it to go on holidays.



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