When Queen Victoria sat on the thrown. Italians came to England to sell ice-cream in our seaside towns. Germans came over to work in hotels in the major cities that had sprung up near the railways. They did not need to be part of an EU.
The EU was formed by a cabal of rich and powerful people mainly banking families. These families got much of their wealth through financing war and are responsible for the deaths of millions on this planet. The EU makes food more expensive for normal people as it put tariffs on all food imports from outside the EU. In a true free trade world then people could buy direct from factories in China and not pay any additional costs.
The EU has killed our manufacturing industries, our steel industry and wiped out our fishing industry. I believe these rich elite will never let the UK leave the EU. When a company parts you divide the assets between the companies involved. The UK has invested in EU buildings, art work, computers, technology and security so we are actually owed money by the EU. Many of our politicians are paid by the EU and are against Brexit but should not be able to take part as a conflict of interest is obvious.
Now we see the EU using third parties like Air bus to try and bully us to get what they want. It is simple if Airbus move production from UK then all Airbus planes should not be able to land in the UK. We also need tariffs on all imported cars. The money raised could be used to re-start manufacturing in the UK. If a German wants to sell cars to us he would need to move factory here or pay tariffs.
We need to get back our fishing rights. The global elite behind the EU also love mass open door immigration as they use it as a weapon to keep wages down and divide people so we can be controlled. When I think that my Granddad fought to stop this country being invaded and yet the politicians have allowed mass immigration on such a scale, especially from outside the EU, my advice would have been don’t bother fighting.
If we leave the EU, our secret services are the best in Europe will these EU countries pay us for the intelligence we send them?

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