Flight or Fight

Those who believe in integration assume that everyone who migrates to Europe will become Europeans.
Yet many Europeans are unsure if they want to be Europeans. A culture of self doubt is unlikely to persuade others to adopt its culture.
It is unlikely therefore that Europeans will defend their values. There has never been a prosecution for FGM yet thousands of girls have had this done.
Yves Goldstein Chief of Staff in Brussels let something slip. Muslim students aged 17 in Molenbeek and Schaerbeek said student’s views on terrorists who had just bombed his city : 90 percent thought they were heroes and many danced when the attacks took place.
20 percent of British Muslims respected Osama Bin Laden.
When Lee Rigby was killed a letter found on Adebolojo said ”know that to fight Allah’s enemies is an obligation!”
In 2016 the European commission admitted that most people taken in the previous year had no right to claim asylum in the EU. Yet they came up with a quota scheme that was rejected by Eastern EU Countries who wanted to keep their Christian culture. These people should have been sent back they are economic migrants and any of them could be a member of a terrorist cell.


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