Fuck – it – Shiva

In Japan, the Tokyo Electric Power Company has sent another robot into the Fukushima reactor and nothing was found. The official story of a reactor melt down is a lie. The reactors were blown up by atomic weapons placed there by Israeli company Magna BSP. Soon this will be public knowledge as the CIA and Pentagon have decided to expose Fukushima for the P2 directed mass murder attack it was. Source: Benjamin Fulford. 300 tonnes of radioactive waste still leak from Fukushima each day.
Japan as a nation state has been destroyed its waters contaminated. It was suggested that Japan was enriching uranium at the plant for Iran this is why Israel acted. Rothschild Illuminati Zionists don’t care how many die, after all they did 911.

See http://jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima1.html


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