Now the E.U are saying if the U.K wants free trade then we must let E.U trawlers use British fishing grounds. Many of these so called E.U counties don’t even have coastlines. As far as I am concerned the fish in the left half of the channel belong to the English and the right the French. Years ago we would have sent our navy out to destroy foreign boats stealing our assets.
We don’t owe the E.U any money. When a company splits apart you divide the assets. The E.U owes us for our share in E.U buildings, art work, wine in cellars and many other things.
We should say we don’t want free trade but tariffs on German and French imports. The E.U puts tariffs on goods made outside the E.U making them far more expensive whilst protecting E.U companies that should have gone to the wall.
Silly politicians like Caroline Lucas of the Watermelon Party say the E.U was formed out of the destruction of World War 2. She does not know her history. The E.U was planned before World War 2 and the onset of war stopped plan being put into action.
It was Count Couldenhove Kalergi who planned the E.U. The Kalergi plan was the destruction of Europe by mass migration from outside the E.U. You can observe this happening in Malmo in Sweden and Belgium and France. I am very anti-communist because under communism you can’t even grow your own food as everything is owned by the state. It is Ironic though that Russia will be the only country that preserves the White European race and its culture. All other European Countries will be Islamic within a century from now.
The E.U was created at a secret meeting of the Bilderburg group and this meeting was chaired by David Rockefeller. The Rockefeller’s helped Hitler during the war and without the help from Standard Oil then Hitler could never have bombed England.
Democracy is an illusion and Politicians are selected and not elected. They are puppets to the real leaders those who control the money supply and mass media.

Why has E.U never been audited?

Why does E.U need 2 parliaments?

Why do M.E.P’s get free credit card for expenses yet never have to reveal what money is spent on?

Why can a MEP just turn up sign register and go home and collect cash for attending?

Why can’t MEP’s make Laws who really is making the laws behind closed doors?


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