In 1905 there was a failed coup in Russia. Many Jews migrated to Germany where they were looked after very well. At the end of WW1 the Germans found the reason why America had joined this was the Balfour agreement. The British stopped Trotsky [this is not his real name] in New York he had millions of dollars in a suitcase. This cash was used to fund the Bolshevik revolution and cash stolen from Russia set up the Federal Reserve in the USA. Jewish Bolsheviks killed millions. Jews were calling for extermination of all Germans before any camps. Nazi Germany had 2 political parties. It was the Zionist party that prevented Jews immigrating to the USA. They could go to Israel or Zionists handed them over to the Nazi’s. Why don’t we ever know about those killed by Jews? Churchill was financed by the Rothschild’s just like Macron. MSM like Reuters is owned by the Rothschild’s. Jews own a lot of media companies and most Hollywood films.
The Bible was written in Latin and Greek. These languages have no letter “J”. We must ask therefore where the words Jesus and Jew originate. This is because Jesus was from Judea which was shortened to Ghu in the Bible. Israel is named after 3 Gods these being Isis, Ra and El. El is the old name for Saturn. A hexagram can be found at the North Pole of Saturn.
Most Jews have no Jewish DNA they originate from Khazaria. King Bulan ruled over a pagan land and changed his religion to Judaism so the rest of his people followed his example. Families like the Rothschild’s originate from Khazaria.

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